Letters To The Editor, 22nd February 2018

Facebooking issues Herleen Emily, Nadi I am an ardent Facebook user, however it irritates me when I see people post on Facebook their issues relating to the Government system and
22 Feb 2018 14:53
Letters To The Editor, 22nd February 2018

Facebooking issues

Herleen Emily, Nadi

I am an ardent Facebook user, however it irritates me when I see people post on Facebook their issues relating to the Government system and swearing at other people.

I don’t understand why people are using Facebook as a platform to write about the issues relating to the nation and in particular, politics.

Facebook is a means of communicating with your friends and family, of course posting pictures, so that your family and friends can view it.

But, I personally believe that today, people have taken Facebook to a different level.

And these issues are:

1. Swearing at people you don’t like, for instance politicians or people who support a political party. If you have an issue, report it to the relevant authorities. Will swearing solve the problem?

2. Making negative remarks on different forms of media (television, newspaper, etc). Everyone is entitled to their opinions!

3. Posting the very personal life of yours. (The reasons of being sad) Well, who wants to know? Maybe this is the reason why people get involved in cyber bullying.

4. Mixing politics with religion. We are in the 21st century and everyone is equal regardless of age, gender, religion and background. Yes, we do follow different religious beliefs, but as a human being we do have a responsibility and a role to perform towards others, and that is to ‘respect’.

By writing negatively about others and your country only makes you a person to look down upon.

No country is perfect but every country can be peaceful, if the people living in it make it peaceful.

What better platform is there to raise your issues?

Writing letters to the editor will be a remarkable platform to use and improve your writing and language skills.

As we know, literature and language has begun to deteriorate in our country.

Writing can just be a method to improve it.

Writing on social media platforms has only encouraged people to write in abbreviations and shorthand.

So, as a youth, I would personally encourage people to not make Facebook a platform to swear and write negative comments on about other people or the Government itself.

Buses and trains

Narayan Reddy, Lautoka

According to our Attorney-General Fiji will have passenger trains very soon.

I am sure the bus industry will have a lot to say about it.

I hope the train will help solve the traffic problems.

Government help

John Brown, Lautoka

As a person on the ground I found out that some recipients of the small and micro business Government grants are abusing the system.

The husband received it, wife received it and now the children are applying for the same grant.

The Government should put in place a system where people cannot abuse the system. This is double dipping.

Sigatoka River

Edwin Sandys, Namadi

I was reading social media the other day and saw the dumping ground at the mouth of the Sigatoka River.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attach the photos but heavy metal was evidently dumped there by a certain company that was supposedly dredging the Sigatoka River. They dredged and at the same time dumped their rubbish there.

Can the authorities concerned look into the matter and have this mess cleaned up as soon as is possible?

Surely, someone in authority would have seen this dump and remained quiet about it? By not cleaning this mess has brought about shame and embarrassment to our efforts to keep Fiji clean.

As leaders of COP23 we are not setting a good example here.

It is embarrassing that we are asking all not to litter but some so-called private contractors do it at will and nothing has been done to them.

Could someone please look into cleaning it up?

Political choices

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

There is a belief that politicians are the only people who have to make hard political choices. Wrong!

The hardest political choice to be made, and the one with the greatest political consequences are made by every individual voter on the placing of ticks beside numbers on the ballot paper.

We get the politicians we deserve. Nobody else puts them there.

Traffic jam from Malolo


Aman Prasad, Suva

This is in regards to the traffic jam from the Malolo, Superfoods Supermarket to Nadi Town every morning. The situation is disgusting; an individual has to spend one hour and 15 minutes, sometimes more stuck in traffic.

This is a serious matter for those people who are going to work, who will face difficulties at work for not being excused for traffic jams.

The problem gets worse if it occurs twice or thrice.

To add on, there are no Police officers where there are severe traffic jams, which are the Nakai Junction, Malolo Junction, Navo Junction, Togomasi Junction including all the crossings and roundabouts.

I request if the Police can kindly see to it that the traffic gets better organised.

Hoping to see some drastic action being taken to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj

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