Letters To The Editor, 23rd February 2018

Police 7s flyer Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva From the write ups in both dailies regarding the Police 7s flyer, Sakeo Railoa, most of us were expecting his name to be included
23 Feb 2018 15:36
Letters To The Editor, 23rd February 2018
Isake Katonibau

Police 7s flyer

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

From the write ups in both dailies regarding the Police 7s flyer, Sakeo Railoa, most of us were expecting his name to be included in the selected Fiji Airways Fijian 7s team to USA and Canada.

We were told that Army flyer, Alosio Naduva, won us the Hamilton Cup and maybe this time around it would be the Police flyer.

Also we were told that Eroni Sau would combine well with Sakeo Railoa, as they are both fast and straight runners, bulldozing their way through.

Coach Gareth Baber has the final say and we all wish our boys well, hoping they will remain consistent, be on top of their game and if possible, win both tournaments.

Go Fiji, go!

Baber’s call

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

Fiji Airways Fijian 7s head coach Gareth Baber has selected, what I believe, is most appropriate that will bring us victory.

Maybe Katonibau and Sakeo didn’t prove themselves in the training, and maybe the Mecca of rugby 7s rugby Hong Kong will await them.

Nacuqu has made it once again and he will be electrifying speedsters in our backline. As I have always pleaded that whatever happens and whoever is selected our prayers and support will be greatly in need for these boys.

With Nasoko returning from Holy “Lakosivia” celebrations at his home island of Waya, there will surely be some magical display.

But Baber has made the call and everyone has to respect and honour that. With the Hamilton 7s still fresh in everyone’s mind who would want any of those boys dropped?

Our supporters in the US will be out in numbers with this selection and will be there for a treat.

Remebering Cyclone Gita victims and honouring the anniversary of Cyclone Winston hopefully the boys will keep that in mind. Go Fiji, go!

Dog problems

Narayan Reddy, Lautoka

I request the Fijian Government if some kind of funding can be provided for animal care in the next budget.

Almost all towns and cities have a stray dog problem and if the stray dogs are spayed for free I am  sure it will help with the stray population.

It’s just a request!

Work, stress, productivity

Arien Vikash Kumar, Lautoka

Our performance and productivity at our workplaces is now being used to determine our promotions and job tenure both in the Public and Private sectors.

Our eating, drinking, smoking, sleeping and exercising habits are said to be the major cause of rising NCD’s among us.

Don’t you think we are missing something? Something that many of us may be going through which not only affects our productivity but also is a major cause of  NCD’s in our workforce.

“The silent killer of Organisational Productivity and causes of NCD’s in our workforce is Work Stress”.

Our government through the Ministry of Health is trying its best to combat the rising NCD’s among our people. Likewise through the Ministry of Labour, it’s trying to enforce ERP bill to the fullest in order to increase productivity in both the Public and Private sector.

Without any serious consideration of Work Stress in our labour force, the awareness and alarms raised by the Health Ministry to fight against NCD’s will only be of little value.

Similarly, the training and development given to the workforce in order to increase productivity will only be prolific if work stress is addressed first in organisations.

A friend of mine who was a non-smoker has started smoking recently due to work stress.

He feels smoking is a better option than losing a life due to immense work pressure.

There are many others who are going through the same experience of this silent killer .

$5 an hour wage rate will not increase productivity if our labour force are going through work stress.

The productivity equation now should be, “happy work force with less work stress will have high productivity”.

Work stress cannot be eliminated completely but can be controlled.

Can our government implement work stress monitoring systems for our workforce in full force please.

Otherwise the party that highlights this in their manifesto will surely sway many voters in the next general election.

Trump administration

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

I thought if you are elected, you can run the country but it seems a distant possibility as President Donald Trump’s administration is sued by a New York civil rights group (Reuters).

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