Letters To The Editor, Sunday 25 February, 2018

March permit Rt Josua Tubu Uluiviti , Suva Felix Anthony and Fiji Trade Union Congress (FTUC) please take your March permit application and give it to Rakiraki and Tavua Town
26 Feb 2018 10:15
Letters To The Editor, Sunday 25 February, 2018

March permit

Rt Josua Tubu Uluiviti , Suva

Felix Anthony and Fiji Trade Union Congress (FTUC) please take your March permit application and give it to Rakiraki and Tavua Town Councils to approve your March from Tavua to Rakiraki and vice versa.

We’re fed up with this politically influ­enced March in Suva.

Try to be the first to influence voters in those areas and Vanua Levu.

We, the members of the FijiFirst Party and the majority of people in Suva and Fiji will not and never be easily swayed by National Federation Party (NFP) or Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODEL­PA) parties for that matter.

Please be informed in advance, that the FijiFirst Party will definitely win this 2018 General Election.

We are more than satisfied and therefore settled, once and for all, with the leader­ship of Voreqe Bainimarama and the Fiji­First Government.

Gravel roads

Bimla Devi, Labasa

I heard an interesting comment from National Federation Party (NFP) Leader Biman Prasad.

He told the people in Labasa that gravel roads are okay as long as a Government focuses on the personal income of citi­zens.

What a load of nonsense.

There is a direct link to infrastructure development and standards of living. Bi­man being an economist knows this very well.

But he is not telling people how better roads lead to economic growth which leads to improved standards of living and increased income levels for farmers.

Being a politician does not mean Biman forgets, deliberately or in his excitement, basic economics.

Feeder Road

ET Smith, Davuilevu

Before we start complaining why our feeder road is yet to be built consider this: Heavily populated areas should be where roads are built first and I am happy that this is what is happening.

Does it not make economic sense that the Nabouwalu stretch in Vanua Levu is fixed first?

Does it not make sense that Sigatoka Val­ley Road is given priority?

This does not mean other places have been ignored.

No. To the contrary, more roads have been fixed around the country under this administration than ever before.

Let’s not be short-sighted and only think about that one road.

Look at the bigger picture and the na­tional impact fellow Fijians.

I don’t doubt that your feeder roads will be built but patience is a virtue.

Billy Graham

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

I lament the untimely death of a well-known evangelist Billy Graham.

The great man had ‘saved’ many people during his time.

He certainly has lived a good life at the ripe old age of 99.

I think many people in Fiji will have similar sentiments of this towering per­son. My commiseration to the people of America who know him.

Road Accidents

Swastika Devi, Labasa

As a frequent road user, I wish to draw the attention of the concerned authority and general public through your daily newspaper towards the issue of increas­ing road accidents.

Road accidents are a frequent feature of newspapers nowadays.

This is something that should not be taken lightly because it involves the life of people.

When an accident happens, we hear dif­ferent excuses and reasons used by the culprit to cover himself up. He does not have any regard for the traffic rules.

Over speeding, jumping red lights, over­taking from the wrong side are common place.

Every year, large numbers of people die in road accidents.

So the time has come to develop a move­ment against reckless driving.

I hope, civic authorities and civilised people will pay heed to my plea.

Face to Face

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva

Early Saturday morning on January 13, 2018 thousands of people in Hawaii were shocked to receive a warning on their mo­bile phones.

It read, “A Ballistic missile threat is in­bound to Hawaii, seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill.”

Thirty minutes later, people received an­other message that there was no attack. Thankfully it was just a human error.

The reality is most people go through life without realising that it might be their last.

While we hope for a long and active life unfortunately there are no guarantees.

We might be physically fit and eat healthy but we have an appointment with God.

The question is whether we are living each day in a way that we are prepared to meet God.

Life will end and this should motivate us to prepare this face to face meeting with our Creator.

7s contract

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

It is great to read that 17 players of the Fiji Airways Fijian 7s team have signed their contracts for the rest of the 2018 sea­son (FS 23/2).

Does this mean that it is only these 17 contracted players who will be represent­ing Fiji in the rest of the 2017/18 HSBC World Sevens Series, Commonwealth Games and the Sevens World Cup?

We are told that some overseas-based players will be brought in for the Com­monwealth Games and Sevens World Cup.

Would they be contracted, as they are al­ready under overseas contracts?

How would you feel if you are contracted by the Fiji Rugby Union to represent Fiji in the game of sevens but are set aside for overseas-based players?

With all the sevens tournaments going on in Fiji, what chances do young and up­coming talented sevens players have when we have a 17 contracted sevens squad?


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