Letters To The Editor, February 27, 2018

  Education Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi I agree with Nemani Delaibatiki in his ‘My Say’ article on education (FS 26/2). Education is a catalyst for change and parents and guardians have
27 Feb 2018 11:03
Letters To The Editor, February 27, 2018



Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

I agree with Nemani Delaibatiki in his ‘My Say’ article on education (FS 26/2).

Education is a catalyst for change and parents and guardians have an im­plicit responsibility to their children to that effect.

The educational system inculcates the right political attitudes, especially religious institutions.

Children must have loyalties and pas­sive attitude towards the present sys­tem and be socialised.

I’m not promoting indoctrination but having the right values and loyalties.

No opposition

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

Whichever way you look at it, Fiji­First is the overwhelming favourite to win the upcoming General Election!

This absolute power requires an ef­fective opposition to provide a check and balances in government.

It is necessary for democracy and it has to be constructive and strong enough to check FijiFirst’s actions and policies.

Without an effective opposition, Fiji­First can become dictatorial and unac­countable and do as they please.

So far no political party can provide a strong enough or smart enough op­position to Voreqe Bainimarama’s Government, and it already seems like nothing will change after this year’s elections.

This is where the concern is!

This weak opposition is making Fiji look like a one-party system!

I believe it is still possible for a coun­try to have a perfect governance sys­tem that is fair, progressive, account­able and responsible, to have a perfect society that is just, peaceful, equal and prosperous, without opposition, and even without democracy.

A dictatorship is not bad either.

I believe it is also possible to have a benevolent dictator who can be good for the nation.

In fact, a benevolent and wise dicta­tor is preferable to a corrupted, foolish and stupid leader.

This political vacuum of not having a functioning opposition is a subject to be thought about!

Agriculture officers’ wages

Amrit Singh, Nausori

Fiji thrives on agriculture as said by the Government for many years.

Well, that’s true. Without agriculture we will not have any raw materials for manufacturing goods.

I want to ask the Minister for Agricul­ture why is the wage rate of agricul­tural officers low?

Teachers, Police officers and other civil servants are paid better wages, but a degree student joining Ministry of Agriculture for the post of Senior Technical Assistant or another rel­evant position is paid only $14,000 per year.

Teachers are paid higher but our ag­riculture officials are underpaid?

Through agriculture, so many things happen and I don’t have to tell you that.

At Koronivia research station, the building and sheds are ancient.

The same goes for the Naduruloulou Research Station and Sigatoka Re­search Station

Why isn’t the Government renovat­ing or building new agricultural build­ings?

I am dejected to see what’s happening.

Teachers get a pay rise then why can’t the agricultural officials get the same.

Pay rise please and improve agricul­tural buildings.

If a cyclone strikes Fiji, it will cost a lot to repair these buildings. Start now and act.

I hope our PM visits these places and sees the environment facing these workers.

Fiji Water

Vili Yaranamua, Nadi

Did you see what I saw during the last bout of the boxing event on Sunday night on FBC TV (25/2)?

Yes, you will smile and be proud of what you saw.

Yes, it’s our Fiji Water.

The two corners were using our Fiji Water to quench the thirst of their boxers, pouring it over their head and body to cool them down.

Keep an eye on the Parker/Joshua fight.

Maybe our Fiji Water is shown live again.

Thank you, Fiji Water and FBC TV.

Dengue outbreak

Gyanendra Prasad, Nasinu

There are large parcels of residential land areas in Suva- Nausori corridor which are breeding grounds for mos­quitoes and hotspots for illegal activi­ties. There is a dengue outbreak in Fiji and such unkempt properties contrib­ute to mosquito breeding sites.

I urge local town councils, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Environ­ment to institute strong fines to the owners of these properties for neglect of the environment.

The least they can do is to cut the grass and keep drains clean to avoid creation of mosquito breeding places.

Let’s do something about the out­break.

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