National Commitment To Improve Productivity

  It takes a national commitment to build a nation, and improving national productivity is no different. This was the message by the President Major General (Ret’d) Jioji Konrote at
01 Mar 2018 14:11
National Commitment To Improve Productivity
From left: Director of the National Training & Productivity Centre, Isimeli Tagicakiverata, Vice-Chancellor of the Fiji National University, Professor Nigel Healey, Permanent Secretary for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Salaseini Daunabuna, President retired Major-General Jioji Konrote, Secretary-General of the Asian Productivity Organisation Dr Santhi Kanoktanaporn, Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Jone Usamate and Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates and former Director of FNU-NTPC (former TPAF) Kamlesh Prakash on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 Photo: DEPTFO News


It takes a national commitment to build a nation, and improving national productivity is no different.

This was the message by the President Major General (Ret’d) Jioji Konrote at the Fiji Business Excellence Awards (FBEA) 20th Year Launch on Tuesday at the  Grand Pacific Hotel.

“All of us – producers, retailers and wholesalers, government, labor, the financial community, the business community, employee organisations, the education sector, trade unions and consumers – have to be fully engaged in the effort.

“And all nations irrespective of size, location and endowments share the dream of creating more wealth and improving the socio-economic conditions of their people.

“By striving for self-improvement and recognition, any business that applies for these awards is a winner.

“By striving for growth and success, you are bettering not only yourselves and your businesses, you are bettering Fiji.

“I congratulate the National Training and Productivity Center on its milestone achievement in reaching the 20th Year of the Fiji Business Excellence Awards.

“Being able to effectively and efficiently sustain the FBEA process is an achievement in itself.

“I would like to acknowledge the Awards Secretariat for their untiring efforts in effectively managing the Awards process.

“On the same note, I would like to acknowledge the support and contributions from the Panel of Review members, who continue to add value to the process.

“I also wish the stakeholders of the Fiji Business Excellence Awards all the best in their business excellence journey, and encourage other organisations to come on board and be part of this effort of nation building.”

He said let us all work together to make a difference to our country and create a strong economic platform for growth in Fiji.


FBEA new logo

“To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Fiji Business Excellence Awards, I am honoured to launch the new logo.

“I am advised that the new logo portrays a new rounded shape on the edge of the FBEA logo and this circle sends a positive emotional message of harmony and protection.

“The symbol on the circle is used in the logo to represent unity, commitment, love or community.

“It also shows that it is a never-ending journey.

“The gold represents the new era and a new dimension of innovation and excellence.

“It is now my pleasure to launch the new Fiji Business Excellence Awards Logo and in the process, start the celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the FBEA.”


Asian Productivity Organisation

Asian Productivity Organisation Secretary General Dr Santhi Kanoktanaporn said this was a significant year in the history of the FBEA.」

“Twenty years ago, the idea for the awards was developed to encourage the use of best practices and improvement tools in a wide range of organisations in Fiji.」

“I am delighted to note that the FBEA is a tool that has grown from strength to strength over the years.」

“The FBEA is a set of prestigious national awards designed to improve productivity and quality in enterprises throughout Fiji.」

They promote business excellence by providing a framework for assessment based on principles similar to those of quality award systems used in other parts of the world.」

The business excellence framework systematically identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement and uses other tools to build on strengths, improve performance to create value for stakeholders, and achieve superior business results.」

The APO was established in 1961 as a regional intergovernmental organisation with the mission of contributing to the socioeconomic development of the Asia-Pacific through productivity promotion.」

The current membership comprises 20 economies.」

“We will soon welcome our 21st member as we are in the process of formally approving the membership of the Republic of Turkey.」

Fiji became a member of the APO on 1 January, 1984, when the country began to recognise the importance of productivity to sustain economic growth.」

“The NTPC, as Fiji’s NPO, plays critical rolesindriving productivity initiatives and building capacities in productivity skills and knowledge.」

The APO supports its member countries through institutional-building, research, policy advice, and advanced strategic planning using strategic foresight tools to enhance productivity of member

economies and help shape their own futures.」

“To achieve the APO Vision 2020, we focus our initiatives on smart industry, smart services, smart agriculture and smart public sector.

Member countries can request country-specific projects based on their current productivity needs particularly through the recently created Specific National Programme which is aimed at meeting the needs and expectations of individual countries.」

“I appreciate the presence and support of the many leaders and executives of enterprises here tonight.

“I urge you to regard business excellence holistically, remembering that it is less about recognition and more about the improvement of processes and systems within organisations to improve performance.”

The contributions of the FBEA assessors, must be commended.」

“I hope that the FBEA Panel of Review members and Secretariat who have overseen the award process for the past 19 years will sustain the BE journey in Fiji.」

“Without their dedication and commitment, the FBEA would not have made such significant contributions to the performance improvement of so many enterprises.」

The NTPC of Fiji National University is also to be commended for its support for and promotion of BE and productivity in Fiji.」

As the parent body of the NTPC, the FNU offers training and promotion in all quality- and productivity-related topics.」

“It has made its mark not only nationally and regionally, but also internationally.」On behalf of the APO; I thank the Vice Chancellor and his FNU team for their leadership.」

“Congratulations to the NTPC on its 20 years of sustaining business excellence efforts nationwide.」

“Among the APO membership, Fiji and Singapore have the longest BE histories, and I hope that they reach many more milestones.”

FNU vice chancellor Professor Nigel Healey said over the last 19 years, 238 awards were presented to 116 applicants.



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