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Flying School Owner Leads Delegation In Presentation Of Reguregu Ceremony To Merelesita Lutu’s Family

Flying School Owner Leads Delegation In Presentation Of Reguregu Ceremony To Merelesita Lutu’s Family
Merelesita Lutu’s father Emosi Lutu (left) speaking with the Manager of the Pacific Flying School Paul Hilton (middle) and Pacific Flying School owner Tim Joyce at their Tamavua residence in Suva. Photo: Simione Haravanua.
March 08
10:20 2018

A delegation from the Pacific Flying School (PFS), led by its owner Tim Joyce,  presented its reguregu (traditional condolence) to the family of the late trainee pilot, Merelesita Lutu, yesterday.

The delegation was made up of about 35 staff members and students. The 20-year-old had spent the last two years of her life as a student.

While presenting their kamunaga ni reguregu (whale’s tooth) to Ms Lutu’s family, a spokesperson for the school said their appearance was symbolic of the tears of the PFS community.

“Na i lakolako kei na kena magiti kei na kena i coi sa i vakaraitaki tiko ni wainimatadra na i lakolako gole tiko mai kina na i taukei ni koronivuli e na vanua levu ko Australia vua na kena i taukei,” he said.

(The delegation headed by its Australian owner, and what they brought in gifts of food and traditional iTaukei items like mats is symbolic of the sadness with which the flying school community perceived their passing.)

“Na i lakolako talega e gole tu mai kina na kena manidia, oira na kena qasenivuli, kei na kena dau ni veiqaravi, bau kina ko ira na nona i tokani caba vakavuli ka ra veimositi tiko mai e na loma ni rua vakacaca na yabaki sa oti me yacova tiko mai na nona sa gole.”

(The delegation comprises the flying school manager, members of the staff and fellow students who had been part of the flying school for the past two years.)

He said the delegation came with a heavy heart as the events leading to the death of the two aviators were not part of the school calendar.

“E a sega ni bau vakanananutaki tu ni na yaco e dua na gauna me na mai vakaliligi vaka oqo e dua na kena kamunaga.”

“E kamunaga tiko ni reguregu, e kamunaga tiko ni lolosi kei na rarawa ena vuku ni nona sa mai takali e dua na tacidra, e dua na tuakadra, e dua na ganedra ka ra sega ni vakasamataka rawa ni na mai yaco.”

(We never dreamed that a presentation of a kamunaga (whales tooth) to portray our condolences would take place.

“The kamunaga is to show that we are deeply saddened that our sister was taken away from our midst in such sad circumstances.)”

“Tekivu na yabaki na yabaki ko rua na udolu tinikawalu eda vei vakanuinui vinakataki jiko kina. Vakanuinui vinaka tiko na cakacaka, vakanuinui vinaka tiko na vuli, vakanuinui vinaka tiko na vuvale ni na yabaki vinaka vei keda na yabaki qo.”

“Ia da sega ni tarova na nona i tuvatuva na Kalou. Ni dau mai basika eso na ka vaqo e vaka e mai vagolea tani na noda vakanananu kei na noda i tuvatuva ia da vakavinavinaka ni bula tiko na Kalou koya e kila na veikakecega.”

(At the beginning of this year we all wished each other well in our jobs, studies and families. But we cannot interfere with what is in store for each one of us by God almighty. It is natural to think differently from divine guidance when something catastrophic happens. But it is good to know that God is in control.)

In response, Ms Lutu’s family said despite what has happened they were thankful to the flying school for mentoring their daughter.

Traditional reguregu protocol will continue today at the Lutu residence at Narain Place in Tamavua and the funeral service will be held at the Centenary Methodist Church in Suva tomorrow at 9:30am. The bodies of Ms Lutu and Mr Tawalo will arrive today at Nausori Airport at 8am Edited by Percy Kean

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