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Letters To The Editor, 9th March, 2018

Letters To The Editor, 9th March, 2018
March 09
10:19 2018

Upgraded roads

Julius Kamali, Nadi

It’s very pleasing to see Nadi’s upgraded roads system especially since the first impression made for our visitors and tourists is important.

I thank the authorities for making this possible. Just a few suggestions I’d like to share regarding maintenance, drainage and traffic.

Weeds growing in some of the roadside drains and in between the highway dividers do not bode well for these developments. Wood chips or even saw dust fill is a good low maintenance measure that can also maintain moisture especially during the dry season.

Proper drainage needs to be consistent beyond this network to ease traffic and also minimise unnecessary costs for rework.

The traffic bottlenecks both at Nawaka junction from the airport and into Nadi Town from Sigatoka form during peak hours in the morning. This is an ongoing concern, possibly without a long term solution.   

For the interim, in case this hasn’t been trialed before, I suggest making better use of the four lane by-pass which runs past the new fire station.

Traffic Police could direct traffic from the airport at Nawaka junction to continue without turning here into town past the new hospital.

Similarly traffic Police at the end of Nadi tTown could direct traffic from Sigatoka to continue without turning into town and using the by-pass instead to access the town area. This may ease traffic and not only benefit our tourists travelling to and from the airport, but also our local residents trying to get to and from work.    

Nausori Market

Ashwini Basant, Nausori

The new Nausori Market is so convenient for all. Nonetheless parking spaces are being utilised by vendors sitting or either piling up their vegetables.

So where are we supposed to be parking? Can the authorities get these things sorted, if parking spots are meant for parking or lining up produce?

TLTB surveyors

Narayan Reddy, Lautoka

I found out that the iTaukei Land Trust Board (TLTB) has a panel of surveyors who are the only ones to carry out all the land surveying for TLTB.

I dealt with some of these surveyors on the panel before they were nominated to the TLTB and the charges were between $2000 and $3000.

After the surveyors became TLTB panel members, the surveying price has jumped to $5000 for the same land mass. The same thing happened when building engineers were chosen to be in a panel for house engineering certificate. The charges doubled.

It’s about time the Government regulate these types of things.

Our identity

MS Kaleca, Nakasi

We as Fijian citizens are a unique mixture of people. What makes us unique is our individual ethnicity, customs, cultures and preferences.

It is something that we did not choose, but were born into it through predestination. It is our God given right and no one can take that away from us. Our different ethnicity must not divide us but unite us. The next time you see a ‘Rainbow’ take a good look at it.

You will notice that the reason why it is so beautiful is that all the individual colours complement each other well.

It is my hope that this will manifest in our communities and that people will learn to appreciate and accept our differences and live together in harmony. Nothing is impossible if we try!

Poor debates

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva

SODELPA and NFP’s continual disruptions in Parliament is not only annoying, but sounds rather childish and their contributions are just to oppose everything.

It is sad that the Opposition on one hand wants questions to be answered and clarified, yet they are not prepared to listen. They are happy just to make interjections.

The people of Fiji, deserve better debates to make informative decisions.


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