Letters To The Editor 12/03/2018

HIV Stigma Natasha Jaduram , Labasa As a concerned citizen of our society, it is overwhelming to read of discrimination against People Living with HIV (PLHIV). This was presented at
12 Mar 2018 12:12
Letters To The Editor 12/03/2018

HIV Stigma

Natasha Jaduram , Labasa

As a concerned citizen of our society, it is overwhelming to read of discrimination against People Living with HIV (PLHIV).

This was presented at a launch by Jokapeci Tuberi Cati, at Holiday Inn, in Suva, on 1 March, 2018. On this date Fiji marked a Zero Discrimination Day.

The launch, backed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Fiji’s Network of PLHIV presented important information on real experiences.

Most people would see them as a contributing factor to our national HIV statistic. Discriminated and shunned by professionals or family members. Reports from a PLHIV study showed in the previous 12 months, 22 per cent were suicidal from experiences such as professional hospital staff branding patients for a mere collection of their medication, or a ward assistant labelling a child’s utensils to avoid infecting other children.

I believe that our HIV legislation has the potential to safeguard individuals living with HIV. We would like to see more education at grassroots level, in the classrooms and most importantly within our workforce on various issues contributing to stigma among our people.

I would urge the people of our nation to continue to support our NGOs which stand and fight against the negative mindset of disgracing our PLHIV.

I as a parent and citizen I would urge the relevant organisations to take into consideration the strengthening of specific HIV policies and laws that create a safety net for solitude, health and the general well-being of PLHIV.

MP Vacancy

Amenatave Yaconisau, Suva

I refer to Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa’s response to MP Mere Samisoni on the above subject (FS 10/3).

I hope our MPs are informed of Section 63 of our Constitution which specifies the vacation of seats in Parliament.

Not aware is no excuse nor is any emotional diatribe in Parliament.

Waterlogged Roads

Suresh Chand, Nadi

Several roads, especially the ones in low-lying areas which are known to the authorities to be regularly flooding after rains, should be permanently fixed for the benefit of all concerned.

People suffer because their movement is restricted by the flooded roads. As a matter of fact, all plans and activities are ruined because of this situation.

I am sure the authorities know how to fix the problem. Thankfully we now have a Minister for Waterways who can look at this pressing issue which causes commuters inconvenience.

Sometimes out of sheer desperation motorists take the risk and drive through the flooded waters. To end the commuters’ nightmare let us repair and maintain our roads.

I would like to request our town councils to address the drainage problem which is causing water stagnation in front of my house on Andrews Road in Nadi Town.

Just a spell of rain and this spot is under water. Although the council acknowledges my concern which I registered last year, it has done nothing to solve the problem to date.

It is sad to see the pedestrians, including school children struggling to cross the water-logged road amid speeding vehicles.

Cheap Shot

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

I consider it a cheap shot for any Opposition MP to say to the Minister for Waterways to be ashamed of himself for standing up and saying things in Parliament, when all the time there was flooding in the country.

First, all MPs are there in Parliament because the voters voted them in and they have every right to speak and raise issues on people’s behalf.

Secondly, we all know that the Minister had a new portfolio created for him just a couple of months ago, and it would be childish to blame him for the hot weather and heavy rains, resulting in floods.

Thirdly, there are areas in Fiji that are prone to flooding and over the years all efforts to make it flood-free have not worked.

Give the minister and his ministry time and funding and, I believe that within the next 24 months, areas prone to flooding will not flood any more.

Telecom Service

  1. Shariff Shah, Savusavu

Every time I lift my landline phone to dial out, it gives the engaged tone. Then I have to dial my landline number from my mobile phone. It works. I cut it off. Then I can dial out as it won’t give me the engaged tone.

This happens three to four times daily. Is it only happening to my line?

I don’t think so.

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