Transformation- the Need to Change for the Better Towards the Best

The third alphabet of the word AC­TOR is ‘T’ and it represents the term ‘Transformation’. A word that plays a significant role in the process of growth and success through
17 Mar 2018 11:00
Transformation- the Need to Change for the Better Towards the Best
Mayur Kalbag

The third alphabet of the word AC­TOR is ‘T’ and it represents the term ‘Transformation’. A word that plays a significant role in the process of growth and success through the passage of ‘flowing’ time!

What is the most fundamental meaning of this term known as ‘Transformation’?

In simple words Transformation means ‘Change and specifically a change towards­becoming better and then the best’ and this ‘change or transformation’ therefore becomes extremely relevant not just for a ‘working professional’ but for the entire or­ganization as well!


Through this column I would like to focus upon the importance of transformation for a person who is working in an organisation.

At the outset I wish to say that if you are working in any organisation and have a sin­cere desire or ambition to acquire a promo­tion then it is imperative that you focus on Self-Transformation and for this to happen the first and fundamental process is called the R&R Process.

The two R’s represent Recognition and Re­sponse respectively!

I wish to explain this through a real-life example which I believe you will be able to ‘positively’ relate to.

Amaresh had recently joined a very reputed organization that dealt in selling high –end cars to the customers.

He had joined as a Manager and was leading a team of fifteen professionals. In his earlier organisation he was working as a sales exec­utive and had achieved tremendous success in that particular.

In fact it was his series of successful ac­complishments in his previous organization that had earned him the present position of a manager that too in such a highly successful and reputed organisation.

Having said this, the situation for Amaresh was a bit differentwhile he was working in his previous organisationcompared to his present one and this difference was the change in his Position.

He was now a Manager and had a team to lead and this therefore required him to bring an immense and a positive ‘transformation’ or change within himself.

Amaresh was not anymore a sales executive who would go to the prospective customers and sell the cars.

He was a manager and his main role was to get more cars sold through his team and this required a different set of People –Manage­ment Skills, something that Amaresh was finding difficult to execute.

This is where he was required to transform himself from a sales executive into a Sales Manager.

Realising this Amaresh smartly bought a book that was titled ‘From an Executive to a Manager’.

He began reading the book with keen intent to learn as much as he could.

Along with reading the book Amaresh also started interacting with some of his seniors with the aim of learning from them the most effective ways and techniques toward manag­ing their respective teams.

For almost three months he was inter­acting with his seniors and learning from them and simultaneously he was also read­ing the book and making specific notes about the various useful and implementa­ble ‘learning aspects’ towards helping him to manage his team most successfully.

After almost a year there was a perfor­mance evaluation process done for all the executives and also the managers across all the departments and to the pleasant sur­prise of the employees it was none other than Amaresh who was adjudged as the most successful Manager to lead a team most positively and most effectively.

Honestly, within just a period of three months Amaresh not only had grasped the various tips and techniques to become a better a manager but also had worked upon his Attitude towards dealing with his vari­ous team members.

Through the reading of the book he un­derstood the difference between doing things himself and getting things done through the ‘art of DELEGATION’.

He also learnt to manage subordinates and juniors more effectively.

By talking to his seniors he was able to un­derstand the significance of the art and the function of MENTORING along with Motiva­tion.

Amaresh’s keen desire to learn and trans­form himself as an amazing manager had led him towards absorbing and the best and the most effective techniques through his sin­cere ‘Book reading activity as well as learn­ing through ‘LISTENING’ to his seniors.

“What an amazing transformation Am­aresh! Three months ago what you were and today the change and improvement I see in you is truly and highly commendable”

These were the words of the group General Manager, Aruj Patel!

In some sense, Amaresh had become an inspiring example of ‘Positive Transforma­tion’ to all his other colleagues as well as his subordinates.

Today, Amaresh has risen towards becom­ing the CEO or Chief Executive Officer of one of the largest Car –Dealership organiza­tions in Fiji!

Well friends, isn’t there something specific and special to learn from the rise of Amaresh from being a sales executive towards achiev­ing the position of a CEO?

The ANSWER to this is his attitude to make a complete and positive ‘TRANSFORMA­TION OR CHANGE’ within himself.

We too must develop the positive attitude to change or transform ourselves whenever the need arises.

If a situation demands that we must bring about a change then that is exactly what we must do and that too in a fairly quick time. Remember we must that even a Mango or pa­paya tree first began as a seed and then start­ed transforming itself into a sapling, then a plant and the eventually a fruit-giving tree. Just as a tree we too must open ourselves to transformation however easy or difficult the process may be.

All I can finally say is that with the chang­ing times what we must do is open up our at­titude and start the process of Transforma­tion by adding new and positive skills as well as transforming our attitude and our general outlook toward ‘LIFE’


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