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  The inaugural High Commission of India business meeting was a success. The meeting attracted a lot of business leaders and executives at the Holiday Inn on Friday night. Chief
25 Mar 2018 16:08
India Forges Link
High Commissioner of India to Fiji, Vishvas Sapkal (eighth from left) with business leaders and executives during the inaugural High Commission of India Business Meeting last Friday night at Holiday Inn, Suva.


The inaugural High Commission of India business meeting was a success.

The meeting attracted a lot of business leaders and executives at the Holiday Inn on Friday night.

Chief guest at the event, Minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism, Land and Mineral Resources, Faiyaz Koya applauded the High Commission of India for initiating the idea.

The initiative of the business meeting was to inform Fijian businesses about India’s development of micro, small and medium enterprises, bilateral trade and economic relations, tourism and health co-operation and investment potential that they could tap into for further growth.

Mr Koya said India and Fiji’s bilateral foreign relations still continue since 1948 and have been trading for a number of years and still remain strong.

Trade and investment relations with India, he stated will generate mutual benefits for the people of both countries.

“Fijian Government is working towards the transformation of Fiji into a dynamic, internationally competitive economy serving as the trade and investment hub of the Pacific.

“In this connection, a number of improvements and reforms have been made, including improvements and reforms of our trade facilitation agencies, sea and air ports.

“These reforms are aimed at achieving the set objectives of becoming a trading and investment hub.”

However, he said there are potential areas to explore further, to promote inclusive development and encourage the building of systems of fair, reasonable and transparent global trade and investment rules.

“The provision of efficient Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure is essential for a modern internationally competitive economy.

“The Fijian Government is gradually undertaking ICT reforms.

“In this regard, Government has emphasised on investment in appropriate technology, efficient regulation, foreign investment and skills development programmes commensurate with the Trade Policy Framework objectives of international competitiveness and establishment and maintenance of Fiji’s position as “hub of the Pacific”.

“The Fijian Government invites the Indian Government to partake reforms and improve ICT infrastructure, given that India.”

With investment, Mr Koya said in the last three years, a total of 38 projects were registered and implemented with a value of $13,768, 000 and creating 419 new employment opportunities.

“The Fijian Government is inviting Indian investors to invest solely or through joint-ventures in the following sectors: Information Technology industry.

“Manufacturing-such as food processing, light manufacturing industry including furniture, rubber plastic and steel-based products, shipbuilding, vehicle manufacturing including buses (environmental friendly);Tourism – hotel and accommodation; Renewable energy project; Pharmaceutical and medical devices; Audio Visual; Textile, clothing and footwear and Construction industry.”

High Commissioner of India to Fiji, Vishvas Sapkal said India and Fiji share special relations with strong and committed development partner.

“In time of crisis the aftermath Tropical cyclone Winston, India was the first country reaching Fiji’s shores for assistance.

“We strongly feel that this needs to be translated into harnessing our business potential which is far below the desired level.”

Mr Sapkal said India will become third largest consumer market in the world by 2025.

With that to happen, he stated India is fully prepared with its financial system for digital transaction.



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