Letters To The Editor , 27th March 2018

NBF Scandal Simon Hazelman , Rava Estate, Savusavu Why hasn’t the National Bank of Fiji (NBF) financial scandal ever been exposed in its entirety? It is absolutely important that it
27 Mar 2018 13:58
Letters To The Editor , 27th March 2018

NBF Scandal

Simon Hazelman , Rava Estate, Savusavu

Why hasn’t the National Bank of Fiji (NBF) financial scandal ever been exposed in its entirety?

It is absolutely important that it gets exposed to the nation so as to prevent corruption as such!

Unchecked and unexposed corruption in the public sector can cause serious damage for the country, with the NBF scandal as a great example.

The consequences of such corruption are detrimental to the nation as a whole.

Since 2014 the FijiFirst Government has taken a number of initiatives to address corruption and while it has found and charged other corrupt offences through the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC), we have yet to see the NBF perpetrators put to trial?

As the Government of the day, one would expect the current FijiFirst Government to oblige?

NBF crashed in the late 1900s and its now 2018?

The question is why not?


Doing Good

Spencer Robinson, Suva

Someone once said ‘believe there is still good in the world’.

Another powerful sentiment was shared by the late Mahatma Gandhi saying ‘be the change that you wish to see in the world’.

Therefore, one way in making a world a better place is to ‘be the good,’ first with ourselves and this will inspire those around us to do the same.

After all what worth do we get in doing bad? Absolutely nothing of any value to us or the planet we live in today.

Make a difference and be an inspiration today by helping and supporting others around you in one way or the other.

Have a blessed week folks!


Ram Navami

Dewan Chand , Namadi Heights, Suva

Ram Navami, the Hindu festival marking the birth of Lord Ram reached its climax on Monday, March 26, 2018, and Hindus celebrated it in style.

Nine days of fasting, singing of hymns and recital from the holy book Ramayan (Ram Charitra Manas) was held in all towns, cities and villages where Hindus reside.

Hindu schools closed on Monday to mark this special day of celebrations and to allow the children to soak into the divine festivities.

Ram Navami is one of the most important occasions, falling on the ninth day of Sukla Paksha (bright phase) of the Lunar month in the month of Chaitra (March-April).

This marks the birthday of the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the form of Ram in Treta Yuga (the cosmic time span).

Ram is the protagonist in the Hindu holy book Ramayana and is a very popular deity among all sects of Hindu population in India and abroad.

He was born as the eldest son of King Dasaratha of Ajodhya to establish the rule of law and dharma (religion).

He is referred to as Maryada Purushotam.

His life exemplifies the ideal son, ideal husband and the ideal ruler who established Ram Rajya where justice, fair play and equal treatment for all prevailed.

People were very contented during Ram’s reign. Ram spoke sweetly and once only with authority and finality.

His symbol of authority was his bow and arrows always slung on his shoulder.

He had taken the vow to have only one wife, contrary to the royal tradition of the day.

Thus his total fidelity, decisiveness and approachability made him a very popular ruler.

The main purpose of Ram’s incarnation was to destroy evil in the form of Ravana, the king of Shri Lanka and other demons who terrorised the sadhus (saints) in their worship.

Tadka, Subahu and Mareech are very good examples of these.

During Ram’s 14 years of exile he was able to destroy all evil doers, including Baali, and re-established dharma or the rule of law.

The climax of Ram’s exile comes as he goes in search of his wife Sita who was kidnapped by Ravana.

Helped by Hanuman, Sugrive and other monkey soldiers he builds setu (bridge) to Shri Lanka and vanquishes Ravana, gives the kingdom of Shri Lanka to Bhibhisana, Rawana’s brother.

He returns to Ajodhya triumphant. He is warmly received by the royal house and the people of Ajodhya.

I was delighted to see that Hindus celebrated Ram Navami on a grand scale. Among the invited guests were some non-Hindus such as Hononourable Koya and Hononourable Sayed-Khaiyum who very much participated in this Hindu festival.

It was so heartening to see Hononourable Koya take mangal arti and tikka during the puja (prayers).

This speaks volumes about the race relations in Fiji. May the blessings of Ram Navami be upon the peoples of Fiji and our beloved nation.


Unethical Behaviour

Nanise Berabi, Lautoka

I am writing as a concerned citizen on the behaviour by students who caused property damage on the Nasese bus (Fiji Sun – 21/03/18).

Speaking on the 6pm Fiji One News, the Nasese Bus company general manager said, “it is an inappropriate behaviour done by the students that have caused a lot of damage for the company.

It was not the first time that the incident happened”.

I urge the concerned authorities to look into the matter and to raise awareness in the schools on the topic of vandalism and student behaviour.

And also, it applies to every bus driver to be vigilant with the speed limit.

In my opinion, I would like to suggest if it is possible for bus drivers to lower the volume of music and to be considerate of other passengers travelling in the same bus.

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