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Thrifty Shopper Keeps Children Informed

Labasa widow Kasiana Radua is familiar with the layout of NewWorld super­market that even at a new loca­tion nothing much has changed. While many supermarkets have recently sprung up in
06 Apr 2018 11:00
Thrifty Shopper Keeps Children Informed
Kasiana Radua shopping at New World Supermarket in Labasa on March 4, 2018. Photo: Shratika Naidu

Labasa widow Kasiana Radua is familiar with the layout of NewWorld super­market that even at a new loca­tion nothing much has changed.

While many supermarkets have recently sprung up in the highly populated north town Ms Radua still prefers NewWorld Labasa.

“The prices are good and the selection is just like shopping in Suva,” Ms Radua said.

Her husband died a few years ago and she has continued look­ing after their cane farm for the sake of their children.

“It is not easy bringing up four children on my own but I have managed because I involve my children in everything I do,” she said.

The mother of four from Bucalevu, Labasa said she open­ly discussed family matters and issues with her children.

This relationship has benefit­ted everyone in a big way as her children have not uttered a com­plaint since their father passed away.

“Struggling has been part of my life since I was growing up; it has made me a miser.

“This is reality – it we want to survive we need to re-strategize and re-organise ourselves.

“We also need to be strong – for anything to happen there is a reason.

“For me is my children I want them to get the best and be able to survive on their own.

“I just can’t afford to be leni­ent with money as they say, no money no funny.

Ms Radua puts aside $50 for her weekly shopping because as a sugar cane farmer she plants her all her root crops and veg­etables.

“I buy basic food items only.

I am a sugarcane farmer and at home I do backyard vegetable farming.

“This strength came in me af­ter I dropped out from Muslim College, when I was in Year 11.

My parents faced financial problems and being the eldest of four siblings in the family I felt the responsibility to sacrifice my desire for education.

The morale from my parents has taught me to pass on my wisdom and knowledge to my children and importantly learn to be content with whatever you have.

“I can say I am a wise mother and smart shopper,” she added with laughter.

“I don’t prepare a list because I know what we actually in need.

“And the best part of shopping in NewWorld supermarket is that I know where exactly the items are placed on the shelves.”

It only takes her ten minutes to do her shopping.

Ms Radua believes that the more time spent on shopping tends to encourage unnecessary spending.

“Although this supermarket changed its location last year I still continue to be loyal be­cause of the best service they provide.

If anyone of you is thinking where to do shopping then you must choose this supermarket.”


n1⁄2 lb halibut or 1⁄2 lb cod

n1 tablespoon canola oilor 1 table­spoon olive oil

n1 onion, chopped

n4 garlic cloves, minced

n1 fresh serrano chili, chopped (optional)

n1 (400 ml) can coconut milk

nSalt and pepper

n1 tablespoon fresh basil, corrian­der

nCassava taro root (dalo) or rice.


nFor casava or dalo. Peel the skins cut into 1 inch thick slices.

nBoil in salted water until soft. Test by poking with a fork, it should be soft yet firm, not too soft.

nDrain water and steam on low heat for 5 to 7 minutes.

For main dish:

nHeat oil in sauce pan.

nAdd chopped onion, garlic, chili.

nSautee until onions are translu­cent, do not brown.

nSeason fish with Salt and pepper.

nAdd fish to pan, stir for a few minutes.

nAdd coconut milk.

nBring to boil then turn the heat low and simmer for 10 minutes.

nAdd salt and pepper to taste, top with herb (basil, corriander ).

nServe with Casava, taro root or over rice.

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