Letters to the Editor, 7th April, 2018

Monday morning quarterbacks Arvind Mani, Nadi A Monday morning quarterback is a person who criticises or suggests alternative courses of action from a position of hindsight after the event in
07 Apr 2018 11:55
Letters to the Editor, 7th April, 2018

Monday morning quarterbacks

Arvind Mani, Nadi

A Monday morning quarterback is a person who criticises or suggests alternative courses of action from a position of hindsight after the event in question.

American football is played mostly on Sunday.  The next morning, the sports commentators will give a scathing criticism of how the players performed – especially the quarterback who makes all the plays.

There were many Monday morning quarterbacks after TC Josie – not surprisingly the Opposition politicians – who will say or do anything to get a vote.

And their comments reveal they do not have the interest of the victims but just want to delude the voters with their inane observations.

I am sure the voters are savvy enough to see through the ruse.

The SODELPA leader and NFP leaders said there was no excuse for the delay in providing aid for the flood victims.

  There must be a genius in the FLP who made the profound observation that immediate help was needed.

I thought, WOW, these guys are smart to figure that out.

People who spend a lot of time on social media have empty, unhappy and unfulfilling lives.

Consequently, they have a very jaded and negative perspective of the world.  These losers have nothing better to do than to whine.

If they spent the same amount of time doing something to improve their own lives, it will do them a world of good and perhaps make them realise how dumb and worthless their whining is.

The fact of the matter is that the Government is doing a sterling job in providing timely help to the flood victims as substantiated by the grateful victims themselves.

Of course, the Opposition will characterise all the help the Government is providing as a ploy to get votes as they are prone to say whenever the Government does anything to benefit us – and they have been doing a lot.

Our PM has rightly said that instead of complaining, they should take a pot of dhal and rice to those in need.

It will be good for their soul – and heck, they might get a vote out of it.

PS:  May I suggest that everyone Google and read the poem, Lord, Forgive Me, When I Whine.  The world will be a better place for it.

Too many bosses

Spencer Robinson,  Suva

While surfing the net I came across a very powerful motivational picture that clearly shows an employee working alone on an excavation site while a supervisor, engineer, senior officers, specialist, operations manager, executive, HOD, and CEO look on.

The caption reads: “Hiring so many managers will not resolve your problems. It will just slow things down and confuse the only one person that is really doing the job.”

Come to think of it, is this really the general situation in most organisations globally?

An associate once said that employee empowerment will indeed enable excellence. I truly support this statement.

I leave the rest to you for your most valuable comments!

Rain rain rain

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

It does not seem to stop and with the forecast predicting more rain we have to brace ourselves from getting into another disaster.

Hopefully the West and the North are well prepared again to get through another ordeal.

But we need to check our drainage system and the guttering of our roofs that they are all in order.

For the tourism industry hopefully indoor activities are in place for our visitors who happen to be holidaying in Fiji at this very moment.

Tourists tend to leave if nothing is in place for them to do.

As it has been often advised, parents are to be vigilant of their children as they are usually playing wherever water is. Especially from strong flowing creeks and drains.

Please parents, let us prevent accidents from happening .

And, there are those who try and get around for a baby mix in the evening with this rain. I would advise you to have your own grog session at your home.

As, for water, please store as much water as possible and have your lamps ready in case of water and power shutdown. Get as much basic food items as possible to be stored but most important of all keep yourselves safe.

Senior citizen card

Premila Kumar,  Consumer Council of Fiji, Suva

Reference is made to Vijay Madhavan’s letter titled “Senior Citizen” published in the Fiji Sun on 31/03/18.

Mr. Madhavan raised his concern that he was denied to use his discount eligibility to watch a movie at Damodar Cinemas on a public holiday.

In this regard the council sought clarification from Damodar Cinemas and was provided with the senior citizens application form that lists the full terms and conditions of the discount card.

One of the conditions clearly stated on the application form was that the discount card is not valid during public holidays.

However, the council noted that the discount card issued by Damodar Cinemas to senior citizens did not include the above-mentioned condition on the card. They stated that this was due to lack of space on the card.

As far as the senior citizen is concerned, he/she has access to the terms and conditions stated on the discount card, which they rely on for easy reference. If the terms and conditions are listed on the card then shouldn’t this specific condition relating to public holidays be on the card as well?

Damodar Cinemas must honour the discount card and allow senior citizens to watch movies during public holidays on a discounted price until the card is changed to include the above condition.

Senior citizens should not be required to fully remember and recall all the terms and conditions to determine when and how they qualify for a movie discount if it’s not stated on the Damodar Cinemas senior citizen discount card.

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