Analysis: Impatience Increases Accident Risks, Studies Have Shown

What was going on in the mind of the driver of the car in the photo on this page? He was lucky no other vehicle was travelling in the opposite
08 Apr 2018 12:19
Analysis: Impatience Increases Accident Risks, Studies Have Shown
This car is driving on the wrong side. The impatient driver ignores other motorists and carries on merrily as if it is okay to do it on April 07, 2018. Photo: Sovaia Yacakuru

What was going on in the mind of the driver of the car in the photo on this page?

He was lucky no other vehicle was travelling in the opposite direction.

The stakes were high in this silly gamble for his life and the lives of others.

He got away okay, but it raised a question of patience on our roads. Impatience, multiple studies have shown, increases the risks of accidents.

When people are late getting to their destination, impatience sets in.

One study says impatience itself can be a distraction, you fail to notice other motorists.

That silly driver on Friday ignored other motorists. He was never shameful of his act because he was consumed with getting to his destination on time – never mind what other people thought or said.

This is a summary of what can happen when a driver is impatient, studies reveal:

  •  Speeding. If  people are impatient they tend to press on the accelerator to reach their destination on time. Sadly it contributes to many fatalities on roads.

When you are travelling at high speed, you can lose control of your vehicle.

  •  Running red lights: Some people run the red lights because they are impatient. They cannot wait for the light to turn green.
  •  Weaving in and out of traffic: Some impatient drivers sometimes weave in and out of traffic, increasing the risk of an accident.
  •  Going around traffic that has stopped for pedestrians: A common habit by some impatient drivers that can also cause an accident.
  •  Tailgating: This practice by some is strongly discouraged because it is dangerous. You should leave enough room with the vehicle ahead that if it suddenly breaks, you can still apply your breaks safely.
  •  Texting or talking on a mobile device while driving: This should be a no-no. Drivers should pull to the side, stop and park the car, before texting or talking to people by phone. Again impatience is the culprit.
  •  Drunk Driving: It’s a dangerous thing to do because you lose your ability to think carefully and speak coherently
  •  Reckless Driving:  Reckless drivers are impatient and one of the reasons for road accidents.
  •  Rain: If it rains like we are facing at the moment, drivers should be extra careful,  because of slippery and flooded roads.
  •  Running Stop Signs: Some motorists ignore them. They are asking for trouble when they do.
  •  Night Driving:  Be careful when you drive at night. Impatient drivers ignore the warning.
  •  Unsafe Lane Changes:  When you are changing lanes please make sure you have applied the necessary safety rules. Impatient drivers ignore them.
  •  Wrong-Way Driving: Some deliberately drive the wrong way just to get to their destination quickly.
  •  Improper Turns: Follow the signs and obey the rules. Impatient drivers don’t do it.
  •  Road Rage: Impatient drivers usually erupt into road rage.
  •  Animal Crossings: Be always on a lookout for animals crossing. Impatient drivers will try and avoid them
  •  Street Racing: It is prohibited. But some drivers still attempt to do it because it gives them a thrill.

If you are doing all these  or some of them, then you probably should not be on the road.

Edited by Percy Kean


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