Portion Pak Fiji’s New Skin And Hair Care Range

A Nadi-based company has bottled the essence of a Pacific Island holiday as inspiration for a range of made-in-Fiji skin and hair care products. Portion Pak’s PACIFICS range has launched
09 Apr 2018 14:22
Portion Pak Fiji’s New Skin And Hair Care Range
A collection of conditioners, soap and shampoos sold by Nadi-based company Portion Pak.

A Nadi-based company has bottled the essence of a Pacific Island holiday as inspiration for a range of made-in-Fiji skin and hair care products.

Portion Pak’s PACIFICS range has launched the Pina Colada Collection that combines Fijian-sourced ingredients such as organic coconut oil from Savusavu and antioxidant- rich pineapple extract to reflect the sensory impact of a tropical holiday.

Portion Pak, a subsidiary of New Zealand company Health Pak Limited (NZ), is already a Fijian business success story.

Last year, after a $250,000 upgrade to its purpose-built factory on Queens Road, Nadi, launched an island- first: its Fiji Soap Co range of botanical skincare.

The company employs 10 staff.

PACIFICS Pina Colada Collection continues the company’s investment in promoting authentic, locally-made products.

This comes on the back of further investment in another soap-making machine and the addition of more employees to ensure that it can be specifically signed off as Fijian-made by the government.

General Manager sales and marketing Jimi Kennedy-Grant said the purpose of the new range was to find a blend of fragrances and ingredients that sang of Pacific holidays.

“We asked ourselves ‘what do you really want a holiday to smell like?’ – and the answer came straight back: pina coladas,” Mr Kennedy-Grant said.

“We knew right away that the two main botanicals, organic coconut oil and pineapple extract, would come from Fiji so we could trust the quality and the provenance.

“And, what’s more, both ingredients are wonderful for cosmetics – pineapple for its vitamin C and coconut for its lauric acid – so we know our perfumer is creating not only a wonderfully fragrant range but also a quality therapeutic range.”

With more than 800,000 annual visitors, Fiji’s hotel and hospitality industries thrive off providing an authentic island experience, something that can only come from providing guests with Fijian-made amenities.

“For Fiji and for us as a company, it’s extremely important for us to continue to grow our business through manufacturing,”  Mr Kennedy-Grant added.

“Anyone can import products but when you manufacture a range such as PACIFICS Pina Colada Collection in Fiji you know you can keep control of quality as well as employing people locally who understand the importance of creating a great product that’s evocative of the island.

“And, certainly, if you’re a visitor to such an amazing place as Fiji, don’t you want to know you’re using products that have been made here rather than brought in from China?”

As well as the comprehensive range of branded guest amenities that includes shampoo, conditioner, conditioning shampoo, body wash, body balm, three sizes of soap and the presentation-boxed shower cap, sanitary bag and dental, sewing and vanity kits, PACIFICS Pina Colada Collection will also include 300 milliletre versions of its formulations as a retail range.

“We’re frequently contacted by people who have tried our products while they’ve been on holiday and want to know how to buy them when they get home so they can use them in their own bathrooms,” Mr Kennedy-Grant said.

“Fragrance has such an immediate effect on the memory that there’s no better way of having that constant recollection of a wonderful Pacific holiday, than by having the chance to buy the same smells and sensations that remind you of relaxing days by the pool or long, warm, tropical nights in your accommodation.”

PACIFICS Pina Colada Collection also carries Portion Pak’s environmental commitment to support hotels that use Fijian-made productsbecause it is good for the country and better for the planet, he said.

 He said all manufactured soaps are formulated using 100% RSPO certified sustainable palm oil base.

 Moreover, all hair care products are paraben-free and are made using biodegradable formulations from a 100 per cent vegetable base he said.

 “All formulations are tested on humans, not animals and all caps and bottles are fully recyclable and all cardboard boxes are made from 100 per cent recycled, oxygen-bleached carton board.”

In addition, the PACIFICS Pina Colada Collection will also be manufactured by Portion Pak’s sister company Health Pak in New Zealand for the New Zealand and Australian markets, Mr Kennedy-Grant added.




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