Growth Through Synergy At Accountants Meet

This year’s Fiji Institute of Accountants Con­gress theme is Growth through Synergy: Collabo­ration, Innovation and Resil­ience. The 46th FIA Congress is jointly sponsored by Voda­fone Fiji and Westpac Bank­ing Corporation
16 Apr 2018 12:43
Growth Through Synergy At Accountants Meet
Fiji Institute of Accountants president Finau Nagera and FIA Congress Organising Committee chair Rajeshwar Singh

This year’s Fiji Institute of Accountants Con­gress theme is Growth through Synergy: Collabo­ration, Innovation and Resil­ience.

The 46th FIA Congress is jointly sponsored by Voda­fone Fiji and Westpac Bank­ing Corporation will be held on the 18-19 May at the Shan­gri-La’s Fijian Resort and Spa, Yanuca Island, Nadroga.

Fiji Institute of Account­ants president Finau Nagera stressed it is underscored by the number of speakers FIA had over the years that has led to the enormous support by the sponsors.

Ms Nagera further stressed that it is only through such commitments can FIA con­tinue to host the Congress and provide delegates with the opportunity to share, dis­cuss, learn and participate on all matters relating to all sectors of the Fijian econo­my.

Vodafone Fiji’s Chief Oper­ating officer, Ronald Prasad said: “We are excited to co-sponsor the 2018 Congress and help provide a platform for delegates to learn, net­work, share knowledge and contribute towards the devel­opment of the fraternity’.

Vodafone Fiji’s chief operating officer Ronald Prasad

Vodafone Fiji’s chief operating officer Ronald Prasad

“It is a premier business event that is attended by a wide and varying industry audience and is a great fo­rum to provide exposure to young and upcoming profes­sionals that will become the leaders of tomorrow.”

Vodafone and Westpac

Both Vodafone and Westpac have supported the Congress since 1997, individually as major sponsors or support sponsors.

The co-sponsorship be­tween FIA, Vodafone and Westpac began in 2013.

Over the years other than the financial sponsorship, both organisations have also provided other forms of ad­ministrative and logistical assistance to FIA.

For the 2018 Congress, FIA has received a total of $93,740.00 in sponsorship from both Vodafone and Westpac.

Westpac general manager, Brett Hooker said: “Our com­mitment to the Fiji Institute of Accountants Congress has been a proud and long-stand­ing one.

Westpac general manager Brett Hooker.

Westpac general manager Brett Hooker.

“We’re passionate about providing sustainable busi­ness solutions for the peo­ple of Fiji and the Fijian economy, and supporting the Congress is a significant way we can contribute to the dis­cussion and plans for invest­ment.”

FIA Congress Organising Committee chair Rajeshwar Singh explains that through such sponsorships, FIA is able to prepare for the Con­gress.

“The funds from sponsor­ships received allows the Organising Committee to or­ganise the conference venue including the evening ac­tivities, bring in world class speakers, organise accommo­dation, prepare marketing materials such the congress booklets and co-ordinate all the administration, logistics and media activities.”

Mr Singh affirms that al­though there is still some work to be done, all prepa­rations are well on track for the Congress.


Some of the topics/themes that will be covered during the Congress in­cludes cybercrime, change management, people man­agement, innovation, resil­ience, leadership, conflict resolution, technology and communications.

As more Fijians continue the journey towards digi­talisation, Vodafone Fiji stands committed to deliv­er innovative solutions to help with the transforma­tion.

The rise of social media, unprecedented growth of smartphones, data explo­sion, online markets and cashless economies are amongst challenges and opportunities that con­front every business today.


Vodafone Fiji continues to develop its portfolio of products and solutions to help businesses transform and take advantage of ben­efits brought about by tech­nology evolution.

The introduction of eTransport services, ex­pansion of 4G+ services and Cloud based solutions are just some examples of how Vodafone is trans­forming various indus­tries and verticals, whilst supporting Fiji’s journey towards becoming a mod­ern nation.

Mr Prasad said: “As in­dustry leaders and influ­encers, we must embrace technology, adapt to chang­ing market dynamics and be ready to adopt new ways of doings things.

“We believe with right mix of technologies and platforms we can achieve extraordinary results.

“The future is exciting and we at Vodafone are ready to help Fijian people and businesses transition into the digital era.”

Mr Hooker said: “We’re continuously looking for innovative solutions for our customers and com­munities.

“As strong supporters of digital transformation we have introduced many products and services such as mobile and online banking that have helped changed the way people bank.

“Our latest innovation – tap and go – will change the future of shopping and we’re incredibly excited to be at the forefront of digi­tal transformation in Fiji. By introducing new ser­vices, new technology and new products, we’re helping to build resilience and pre­pare financial services in Fiji for a strong future,” he said.

The FIA Congress has hosted more than 400 del­egates from across the coun­try last year.

These are professionals, industry leaders, ministers, government officials, execu­tives and directors of corpo­rate bodies, business owners, middle managers, junior as­sociates and academics.

To date most of the rooms reserved with the Resort have been taken up.

For more information on the FIA 2018 Congress con­tact the FIA Secretariat or log on to the FIA website for more infor­mation.


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