Letters To The Editor 16/04/2018

   Netball vs soccer A Sharif Shah, Savusavu Our Pearls are ranked 12th in the world. Mr Simon Hazelman is fuming. What can you say, sir, about our national soccer
16 Apr 2018 13:07
Letters To The Editor 16/04/2018
Letters To The Editor


 Netball vs soccer

A Sharif Shah,


Our Pearls are ranked 12th in the world.

Mr Simon Hazelman is fuming.

What can you say, sir, about our national soccer team ranked 172?

ID card

Spencer Robinson,


The joint FRCS and FNPF identification card is perhaps one of the most powerful and recognised identification means, es­pecially for financial institutions.

Is it because our Tax Identification num­ber (TIN) is clearly printed on it along with our names?

A colleague of mine said that our FNPF number is invisible to the naked eye, but somehow embedded in the joint card.

Wow is this some kind of magical expla­nation!

Regardless, I am wondering why our FNPF number is not visibly printed on the joint card as well?

God’s word

Dharmendra Kumar,


The Bible has all the information God knows we need to live according to his purpose.

Yet we Christians have a very casual re­lationship with the Bible. It is carried to church and throughout the week it gath­ers dust until we go back to church.

There needs to be more Bible reading, more Bible studying and more bible med­itation in our lives.

Nothing is more important to our spir­itual health then the Bible. It is our spir­itual food, strength and comfort.

If the Bible does not fill our hearts and mind, we will not walk in holiness and obedience.

“A Bible that is falling apart usually be­longs to someone that isn’t”.

High voltage

Sukha Singh,


Could someone from FEA tell the public how safe is it to play in floodwaters below which lie high tension cables?

So far nothing has happened to anyone, but you never know if your cable protec­tions fail.

Developing ourselves

Hassan Ali,


Psychology tells us that we use a very small percentage, only 10 per cent of our available brain power.

This shows the need to develop more brain potential until we are fully devel­oped.

How many of us are doing something about this?

We will find that as we progress to achieve this, life starts to get better and better.

Our intelligence grows with it as well as our consciousness and happiness, in­cluding knowledge because knowledge is structured in consciousness and con­sciousness is the container of all knowl­edge.

We need higher consciousness and in­creased intelligence so we can take more care of ourselves as well as the environ­ment and live more harmoniously with those around us.

This would then be real paradise for all of us.

Don’t you think so?

Waterways management

Dhirendra Prasad,


I suggest that we have an officer or a group of officers who should be allocated all the waterways in the various districts. They should have the authority to in­spect these waterways and make recom­mendations for improvement works to be carried out within their ministry.

They should be the ones responsible for collating data on the effectiveness of the waterways.

They should be questioned about any flooding in their respective areas. It would be interesting to see the effective­ness of such a system of operation in managing our waterways.

They should also be employing officers who monitor pollution by people, such as rubbish disposal, poor farming practices, poor development work etc.

It is time now to take such measures to prevent innocent people from suffering from something that is not of their do­ing, but by other unscrupulous people in our society. Managing our waterways must be continuous and I salute the Gov­ernment for initiating and maintaining a Ministry of Waterways, which is a very significant and worthwhile ministry.

A lot of lives rely on the effectiveness of our waterways.

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