Letters To The Editor 23/04/2018

   Government critics Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi Unity is the only way forward for our country. Fiji lacks in true democratic principles, human rights abuse is rife, job creation must be
23 Apr 2018 15:27
Letters To The Editor 23/04/2018


 Government critics

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

Unity is the only way forward for our country.

Fiji lacks in true democratic principles,

human rights abuse is rife, job creation must be a priority, economic stability is a must, waterways concerns, flash flood­ing’s, divesting of Government shares, public utilities and infrastructure com­plaints, climate change, coastal erosion and the rise in sea levels, barbaric decrees, dictatorship and leadership, the opposi­tion vote of no confidence against our PM, parliamentary boycotts and walkouts by the Opposition, alienation of iTaukei customary qoliqoli and land, 2013 Consti­tution should be reverted to the old 1997 one due to the lack of wide public consul­tations, termination of TELS and Toppers scholarships, we will reverse all the many current Government policies when they will form government in their dreams, there is nothing great Government imple­ments for the nation we will at least hear a word of appreciation from them.

These are some of the many issues those Opposition political parties are now preaching leading up to the 2018 General Election.

Not only does it paint a false and nega­tive picture of the Fijian Government, but reflects badly and realistically on the Opposition critics in their inability to contribute holistically to national develop­ment and our economy.

They were not in government for the past four years and their claims are very ungrateful and reflect their arrogance to the realities stemming from the excellent achievements and inclusive indiscrimi­nate performance of this FijiFirst God-appointed leadership and Government.

The election will be another confirmation of the majority eligible Fijian registered voter’s desire of maintaining consistency in moving forward our country to the next level that will benefit all Fijians irrespec­tive of their political affiliations, religion, colour, race and social standing in society.

The majority of Fijians are fed up with these dirty and gutter level politics as the truth is out there for everyone to attest to. bBt what is intriguing from the makeup of these Opposition parties is that majority of them are past failed politicians with no leadership that can be trusted to move Fiji forward to a prosperous, modern democratic multi-racial peaceful and God fearing nation.

The current opinion polls conducted throughout the country by our media specifically points and indiscriminately conforms to what the result will be after the general election.

I guess it is pointless, a waste of their money, time and resources to contest the election.

Savusavu Town

Shariff Shah, Savusavu

I must congratulate the Savusavu Town Council staff, health inspector, CEO and the Labasa/Savusavu town administrator for a tremendous effort in completing the much-awaited pavilion at Ganilau Park, Savusavu.

They showed wisdom, dedication, unity and determination to complete the above against all odds

The council has set a great example for other councils to follow.

It’s a far cry from those days when specta­tors used to brave rain and sun …standing in the underfoot conditions to enjoy the games.

People must appreciate or learn to.

I am much excited about the future here in Savusavu with big games coming our way.

Savusavu is on the right and bright path with Nawi Resort and Hotsprings in its development phase.

A place to be.


Kalyan Chandra , Canada

Hundreds of people who migrated from Fiji and now live in Canada still love and miss Fiji.

The memories of their childhood years and their happy experience in Fiji con­tinue to dwell in them.

Some names that are never heard in Fiji like Fijiyanka, Fijipreet and Fijineeta are becoming common names of children and grandchildren in the families of many former citizens of Fiji who now live in Canada.

One can take a person out of Fiji but one cannot take Fiji out of a person.

Too late

Amenatave Yaconisau, Lami

It was too late for Petero Veitaqomaki’s entry into the Marist 4×400 relay team.

He couldn’t save his quartet from going down to a brilliant RKS four, giving vic­tory to the RKS team after a long drought.

It was never to be no matter how good you are.

It was not God’s will!

Coke Games

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

The Coca-Cola Games 2018 on the closing day became a comical affair.

Sad eh?

Fiji Finals

Dhirendra Prasad, Lautoka

The games are over at last.

After much hype, preparation and cyclonic experiences, our athletes are free for a while.

It is time to balance the books which contain financial records.

Where did all the money come from?

What were the total costs involved per school?

My salute to all those who must have sacrificed to ensure these athletes reach the field on the date and time set by the organisers.

What will happen to the athletes?

Will they be supported from here onward by the authorities that may be?

It’s back to books and curriculum matters now.

Will people collect funds to assist them in extra tuition, which I am sure they would need for losing time before, during and even after the games?

Easy for the organisers to use schools as a platform but very challenging for teach­ers now to get them back into the mood of studies for a while, which would earn them their bread and butter.

I salute the teachers and students for a wonderful show of sportsmanship.

Stay fit, workout regularly and get back to basics – your academic attainment needs.

Winning medals is not the only factor here but winning rightfully is the real sports competition.

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