Letters To The Editors, 24th, April, 2018

Elusive dreams  Vili Yaranamua, Nadi Another four years of soul searching. Another four years of going back to the drawing board. Another four years of choosing the right combination and
24 Apr 2018 11:00
Letters To The Editors, 24th, April, 2018

Elusive dreams 

Vili Yaranamua,


Another four years of soul searching.

Another four years of going back to the drawing board.

Another four years of choosing the right combination and another four years of waiting come 2022.

Dear oh dear!

The gold that has been eluding our sev­ens gladiators will take a bit longer to win.

We can dream on for the next four years.

Maybe our elusive dreams will change and our wishful thinking come true.

Birmingham be prepared, we are com­ing to get the gold.

It’s now or never.

Go Fiji go!

Coke Games

Dhirendra Prasad,


The games are over at last.

After much hype, preparation and cy­clonic experiences our athletes are free for a while.

It is time to balance the books which contain financial records. Where did all the money come?

What were the total costs involved per school?

My salute to all those who must have sacrificed to ensure these athletes reached the field on the date and time set by the organisers.

What will happen to the athletes?

Will they be supported from here on­ward?

It’s back to books and curriculum mat­ters now.

Will people collect funds to assist them in extra tuition, which I am sure they will need for the loss of time before, dur­ing and even after the games?

Very easy for the organisers to use schools as a platform, but very challeng­ing for teachers now to get them back into the mood of studies, which will earn them their bread and butter, for a while.

I salute the teachers and students for a wonderful show of sportsmanship.

Stay fit, work out regularly and get back to basics – your academic attainment needs.

Winning medals is not the only factor here, but winning rightfully is the real sports in competition.


Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,


Two letters printed in this column on April 20, 2018, deserve to be addressed and warrant a response.

First is the letter by Amenatave Yaconi­sau where he said, “We must thank the sponsor Coca-Cola Amatil for gearing its sugarless product to health benefits of children.”

Could we all be informed of the health benefits of Coca-Cola to our children, be­fore and after the removal of sugar in the drink?

Accident compensation

Sukha Singh,


I refer to your report “$75k ‘historic’ ac­cident compensation” and am surprised with the quickness the compensation was paid out to the little boy’s mother.

I’d like to thank the Leader of the Op­position for attending the presentation by the Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

Her presence shows that the Govern­ment has come up with something better than we had before.

Power cuts

Narayan Reddy,


From FEA to ELF, that name change doesn’t help with the frequent power cuts!

Quality education

  1. Shariff Shah,


I salute our good A-G for praising the management and staff of Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort for complementing Govern­ment’s efforts in ensuring Fijian students have access to quality education.

Please sir do the same because all the resorts and some business houses here in Savusavu have been doing the same for ages. It’s a delight to see you, sir, with your cute kids walking hand in hand. It speaks volumes.

It shows you are not only the best thing that has ever happened to Fiji politics, but also a caring and very loving dad.

The whole nation’s prayers are with you and your loving family.

We look up to you every day.

Joint card

Wise Muavono,

Balawa, Lautoka

It would have been ideal for the new joint card (FNPF & TIN) to include dates of birth.

Similar to a driving licence and voter’s card.

Carrying a birth certificate as proof of identification is a thing of the past.

The year is 2018, not 1980.

A big thank you

Taitusi Sokiveta,

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

I just want to thank everyone for the re­newal of my Fijian passport.

A special thank you to Madam Speaker Jiko Luveni.

If it wasn’t for her help and involvement I would not have been able to obtain my Fiji passport and birth certificate from the Fiji Registrar General’s office.

A big vinaka vakalevu sara and thank you all so much to everyone involved, namely Kelera Sotutu (Justice Depart­ment Fiji Registrar General) and Yo­gendra Kumar (Fiji Immigration Depart­ment). Bahut dhanyabaad!

Special thanks to all Fiji Immigration Department employees for all their dedi­cation and hard work for Fijian citizens in Fiji and abroad, for without you guys Fijians living in Fiji and abroad cannot leave or enter the country again.

A big vinaka vakalevu to you all for helping me obtain my new Fijian pass­port and birth certificate.

Thank you all and may God bless you.

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