Letters To The Editors, 25th, April, 2018

Political manifestoes Wise Muavono, Balawa, Lautoka It won’t be long now when the political parties start coming out with their mani­festos containing glorious promises. I wonder whether the average voter
25 Apr 2018 13:53
Letters To The Editors, 25th, April, 2018

Political manifestoes

Wise Muavono,

Balawa, Lautoka

It won’t be long now when the political parties start coming out with their mani­festos containing glorious promises.

I wonder whether the average voter even knows about the existence of such texts or understands their implications.

In the Opposition’s anxiety to win, they might just promise us a trip to the moon.

PM among leaders

Amenatave Yaconisau,


I applaud PM Bainimarama for brush­ing shoulders with world leaders at the Commonwealth Heads of Government in London.

He has already met Queen Elizabeth II and PM May, Macron of France, Nar­endra Modi of India and maybe Donald Trump of USA soon.

Maybe he is the saviour of Fijian free­dom and rights.

The creator of a united Fiji.

Everything seems to have changed.

A victory!

Our Fijiana

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,


Our Fiji Airways Fijiana team finished in sixth spot at the HSBC Kitakyushu Sevens in Tokyo, Japan, on Sunday and sit on 10th spot in the HSBC World Rugby Women’s Sevens Series.

We have watched our girls in action and we can say that they have the power and skills set to match the champion Baber-coached side.

Yet they need to be pushed to perform at their peak level and at the same time learn to take the right options and mas­ter the basic skills and rules of the game.

New Zealand took the Commonwealth Games 7s gold in the men’s and women’s division and we have Australia and Eng­land both having a strong women’s 7s side.

So why is it that our girls are not on par with the boy’s side?

Coach Tanivula said he was bound to his current team because he did not have a pool of Fijian women’s 7s players to choose from.

Is it time to change the coach or let it be and pray that the Fijiana team will im­prove going into the Sevens World Cup in August?

We can hold our heads high and call our­selves the King of Sevens Rugby, but we look bad when our queens, our Fiji Air­ways Fijiana team are being walloped by other nations.

Parking spaces

Dewan Chand,


Through your esteemed newspaper I write to commend Simon Hazelman and Norman Yee for raising the issue of lack of parking spaces near government of­fices and hospitals.

It is really a nightmare for the clients to visit government offices and find reason­able parking space.

The planners seem to be least both­ered with the idea of providing parking spaces for clients who seek government services.

I live in Suva and visit CWM Hospital and the Suvavou House on a regular ba­sis and it is frustrating to see the hassle vehicle owners have to go through.

Streets adjacent to Suvavou House do not have ample parking space, so clients are forced to seek parking spaces in the lane between the Holiday Inn Suva and the aforementioned government build­ing.

To make matters even more painful Suva City Council officers gleefully book the offending vehicle owners. Some vehi­cles have even been towed away and the owners have had to pay heavy penalties!

At CWM Hospital the parking spaces have been very badly designed and one can always witness the chaos during the peak hours. Extension Street, adja­cent to the New Wing of CWM, is a very busy place because of the location of Fiji School of Medicine just next door.

The National Diabetes Centre is the most neglected part of CWM because it is housed in an old dilapidated colonial building with very ancient facilities. No one seems to care and the patients simply have to rough it out.

The Physiology Department and the Children’s Wing have a similar story to tell.

In my view CWM Hospital has ample space for building of a modern multi-storey car park, even if it is on “user pay basis”.

Not too long ago we heard that the Health Ministry returned unused $40 million to the Government’s central fund. Why could not the authorities use this money to build a new National Diabetes Centre and much-needed parking space?

We are proud of our achievements un­der the FijiFirst Government, but the na­tional planners will have to get their act together vis-à-vis much-needed parking spaces at all regional hospitals and gov­ernment offices.

Could this be treated as an urgent na­tional cry?

Death penalty

A.Shariff Shah,


If India can bring the above for rape then what is Fiji waiting for?

We should go a step further and include manslaughter or murder.

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out whether crime will increase or not if this happens.

Chinese public holiday

Tukai Lagonilakeba,

Namaka, Nadi

I would like to ask our Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama and Government to please consider a special public holiday for our dear Fijians of Chinese descent in our yearly calendar because I believe it is not fair to them considering their Fijian heritage. It is also against the spirit of our 2013 Constitution.

They have contributed their fair share to the development of our nation with its economy and it discriminates them from those of us who are of the Hindu, Mus­lim and Christian faiths where we are entitled to our own national holidays to commemorate and celebrate our differ­ent faiths.

It may be ideal to announce it during our national budget for 2018-2019 in June.

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