Letters To The Editors, 27th, April, 2018

Student’s behaviour Iniasi Kaloucava Senikuta, Rewa The behaviour of students at the bus station after school hours is shocking. School hours go until 4pm and even if there are extra-curricular
27 Apr 2018 11:10
Letters To The Editors, 27th, April, 2018

Student’s behaviour

Iniasi Kaloucava Senikuta, Rewa

The behaviour of students at the bus station after school hours is shocking.

School hours go until 4pm and even if there are extra-curricular activities arranged in schools, they do not continue until 6pm.

Student’s attitude, the tone of their voices, vulgar language used in public places is a matter of concern.

There is no sense of respect and consideration towards their elders as they run along the bus station and bump onto the bystanders.

Attitude moulds behaviour and behaviour develops  character.

Parents need to be vigilant about their children’s whereabouts and know of the changes in their behaviour as we are in an era of technology.

When children are still in town in their uniforms in the late hours of the night we need to ask why?

As parents and guardians, we need to ensure that the safety and well–being of our children is our priority.  The actions and behaviour of children reflect that of their parents or guardians.


Amenatave Yaconisau, Lami

It’s ungrateful if Tourism Fiji has apologised about the video being wrongly posted on Instagram but people are still unforgiving. The video has been removed.

What about temples that had been robbed?

Remember, if you don’t forgive, you are not forgiven. Forgiveness is very important.

Move on!

Airport announcement

Roneel Chand, Suva

Having travelled a few times recently one has to stretch his or her ears to listen to the airport announcements including for boarding calls.

Either the intercom is not set up properly, the volume is inadequate or the people at the other end are not speaking up.

Whatever it is, they need to improve.

Coconut trees

Norman Yee, Nadi

I plead with the staff of Energy Fiji Limited on the ground to be more considerate of the population they serve.

When questioned they gave feeble excuses.

For example, once they had a scheduled maintenance on our street on the weekend.

Water Authority of Fiji had advertised they will cut the water in the west due to major works.

Just imagine no water and then no power to drive our water pump! Now the latest takes the cake.

They had recently run high powered lines right along the APT school at the Nadi back Road and now threatened to cut all the coconut trees along the APT property.

They claim these trees would affect their lines. Energy Fiji Limited workers why did you put your lines alongside APT when it could be on the other side of the road among the cane fields?

In fact, just after APT, the EFL lines do cross the road!

How inconsiderate can one get!

Please, Mr Patel, look into this matter as it seems that your men are abusing their powers and order them to reroute the lines!

The coconut trees have been there for 20 years and after putting the lines beside them Energy Fiji Limited now wants to cut the trees!


Simeli Drodroveivali, Kadavu

A New York subway ad shows teenagers happily playing volleyball, with an inflated condom.

“You can play with them,” the ad reads. “Don’t play around them.”

The campaign now is an approach that gives students no inducement to do any serious thinking about sexual activity and its risk.

The impact of this campaign is to turn sex into something casual and a matter-of-fact.

In trying to teach our young people to be responsible, we have adopted an irresponsible, playboy- style philosophy of sex.

The only controls on sexual behaviour we promote are utilitarian: Don’t get pregnant, don’t get AIDS. Here, have a condom.

The truth is that we adults have abdicated our responsibility for moral training.

We’ve given up.

We can’t stop teenagers from having sex, the arguments go, the only thing we can do is help make it safe.

Just 30 years ago parents could pretty much control their children’s access to unwholesome materials.

Society co-operated by protecting kids from explicit sex, violence and drugs.

But today society no longer co-operates.

It is just the opposite.

Everywhere movies are a problem while through other media children are also fed a steady diet of rape, murder, suicide, abortion, incest and you name it.

And with the rapid increase in divorce and two career families, there’s been a sharp drop in the number of time parents spend supervising their children’s activities.

The result is that children are no longer protected from the corrupt and dangerous side of life.

In fact, some scholars say we are losing the very concept of childhood as the special and protected place in the life cycle.

It may mean rethinking our priorities so we spend more time with our children.

It’s time we gave our children back their childhood.

What educators say is true: kids do need to be prepared for the real world.

But that means being armed with the truth and sound moral principles.

Edwin Markham said: “We have committed the Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12) to memory. Let us now commit it to life and life for our children.”

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