How To Build Your Personal Brand?

When you hear the words MacDonalds or Disney I imagine certain images come to mind. When you go into a MacDonalds restaurant you know what to ex­pect, the type of
28 Apr 2018 11:00
How To Build Your Personal Brand?

When you hear the words MacDonalds or Disney I imagine certain images come to mind.

When you go into a MacDonalds restaurant you know what to ex­pect, the type of food, the speed of service, all hallmarks of MacDon­alds.

When you go to the cinema and see that a Disney movie is showing, you know it’s going to be a family movie of a good quality.

It’s what you expect from Disney.

It’s the power of their brand.

A brand is valuable to a company. According to Forbes magazine the MacDonalds brand is worth $40.3 billion and Disney is worth $43.9 billion.

Every company has a brand,you as a leader also have a brand and it’s important you know how to build it.

As a leader you have a brand, even if you are unaware of it.

Everyone else knows your brand.

It’s what people say about you when you are not in the room.

It’s these discussions that form your brand and it’s the quality of your brand that determines how people interact with you and whether you get that promotion or pay rise.

You need to build your personal brand in order to become success­ful.

Step One: Find out what your brand actually is?

How would the people you work with describe you?

Is it different to how you would describe yourself.

If so, in what way would the two perspectives differ?

These are the first questions you need answered if you want to build your brand.

Ask yourself who do you know, who’s opinion you would respect and in turn, would they respect you enough in order to tell you the truth.

In order to become a better leader, you need to hear about the person people perceive you to be and that person will be different to whom you actually are.

Some feedback will be difficult to hear, which is why you need to give people permission to tell you the truth and embrace that truth even if it’s the truth you didn’t want to hear.

Step two: Have clear values?

Every successful leader I have ever met have one thing in com­mon and that is they all have clear values.

They stand for something.

Have a think about not only the kind of leader you want to be, but also the kind of person you want to be as better people make better leaders.

Once you have these values then they need to be transparent in eve­ry decision you make.

Values need to be a lens through which all decision making is seen through.Never forget that people will judge you based on what you do, rather than what you say.

So if you want your values to be­come clear then they can’t remain words you have to back them up with action.

Step three:Do what you say you will do?

A brand is built on the simple principle of clarity.

Ask a group of people to tell you about some of the world’s greatest brands and the chances are that the comments you get back are very similar, because you know what you are going to get.

In order to build you own per­sonal brand you have to say what you are going to do and then do it, and not just the big things but the small things as well.

As an example,if you say you will get back to someone by a cer­tain time then make sure you do.

This is the only way to estab­lish clarity and then and only then trust is built and that forms the foundation of your personal brand.

Step four: Promote your brand?

This may seem an awkward task for many people as self promotion is not always a desirable quality but a brand means nothing unless people know about it.

The two brands I mentioned above.

MacDonalds and Disney spent over $3 billion in 2017 on advertis­ing and promoting their brand.

For you personally you need to navigate the line between brag­ging and humility.

The best way to do this is to put yourself in a position where you are needed, and then allow your actions and results to speak for you.

This means, if people need help, don’t wait to be asked, just go ahead and help them.

If there’s work to be done or a problem to be solved be proactive and find the solution.

If you can become the type of per­son that others can rely on,then your personal brand will become valuable.

The key thing to remember is that your brand exists no matter what you do.

People will always have an im­pression of you.

Some may be accurate and some may not be but these impressions are important,because they in­fluence how people interact with you, how they judge you and how they value you.

If you want more out of your ca­reer then you need to follow the lead of many successful compa­nies and to take control of your brand.

Make it clear what you stand for and once you become the leader you want to be then others will value you as such.


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