Multiple Stab Wounds ‘Caused Death’

The High Court in Suva has been told that multiple stab wounds caused the death of a 22-year-old woman in March last year. Suva businessman Timoci Lolohea is on trial
02 May 2018 11:33
Multiple Stab Wounds ‘Caused Death’
Timoci Lolohea being escorted for his trial to the High Court in Suva on April 30, 2018. Photo: Losirene Lacanivalu

The High Court in Suva has been told that multiple stab wounds caused the death of a 22-year-old woman in March last year.

Suva businessman Timoci Lolohea is on trial for the death of Elenoa Dicovi.

State witness and Head of Forensic Pa­thology for the Fiji Police Force Dr James Kalougivaki yesterday told the court that Ms Dicovi was stabbed 12 times and the wounds were close to her vital organs.

Lolohea, 56, is charged with one count of murder over the incident on March 20 last year at Nasilivata Road, Nadera.

Dr Kalougivaki conducted the post-mor­tem examination a day after the stabbing and said the concentration or the majority of stab wounds were located on Ms Dico­vi’s upper back area.

In his internal examination records, Dr Kalougivaki said Ms Dicovi’s lungs had collapsed and were smaller in size and shape than normal.

He said the first stab wound showed that it had penetrated the heart causing a great amount of blood to flow to the chest cavity and rupture the right side of the heart.

He said the injuries showed a significant amount of force was used with a sharp ob­ject.

Dr Kalougivaki said the first stab wound was enough to have caused the death of the deceased.

Lolohea’s representative Legal Aid law­yer Lisiate Qetaki, in cross examination, asked Dr Kalougivaki if the first stab wound showed it was oblique or slanted.

Dr Kalougivaki replied that the findings in his report spoke for itself.

State witness Police Constable Jale Koroi said he had been called to the scene on the day of the incident where he was advised that the owner of the house and another police officer had taken Ms Dicovi to the hospital.

Constable Koroi said a woman advised him that her house girl had been stabbed by her de-facto partner (Lolohea) and handed him the handle of a broken knife.

He said he looked for the blade in the com­pound at the crime scene and saw it on the flower bed.

The knife and the handle were presented in court as evidence.

Another state witness Varenava Sabua of the Criminal Investigation Department said on the day of the incident he was called to the Valelevu Health Centre where the stab victim was.

Mr Sabua said at the health centre he was advised that the victim was dead and he re­turned to inform his senior officers.

He said at the Police station he was given the broken knife and its handle, which he later handed to a female officer of the Fo­rensic Services.

State witness Naomi Tava of the Forensic Services said she was instructed to be an exhibit collector for the case.

She said on the day of the incident she was at the scene collecting bloodstain sam­ples from the crime scene.

Ms Tava said she then went to Valelevu Police Station and later to Lami Police Station where the suspect’s vehicle was parked.

She said she later lifted bloodstains from the steering wheel.

Ms Tava said it was on March 21, that they went back to the crime scenes and to Lami where they found another knife in the drain. This was uplifted and taken to the forensic lab with the first broken knife and its handle.

Meanwhile, another State witness police constable Taitusi Lualala told the court that during a caution interview Lolohea admitted warning Ms Dicovi that when­ever he would find her and her boyfriend, he would kill her.

Constable Lualala said Lolohea had said he was on a mission to find out if Ms Di­covi was to marry her boyfriend.

He said Lolohea also said he went to Nasilivata Street to check on Ms Dicovi and the whereabouts of her boyfriend and that he had two kitchen knives with him.

Constable Lualala added that the inter­view further revealed that when Ms Dicovi came out of the house, she refused to an­swer Lolohea’s questions and he stabbed her as a result.

The trial continues today.

Edited by Epineri Vula


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