Letters To The Editor 07/05/2018

Kasikasi Gay Maxwell, Sigatoka While the whales, sharks, dolphins, wahoo, walu, donu, turtles, kawakawa etc are working hard at their jobs and helping those affected by sadness, loss, trauma, cyclones,
07 May 2018 16:06
Letters To The Editor 07/05/2018


Gay Maxwell, Sigatoka

While the whales, sharks, dolphins, wahoo, walu, donu, turtles, kawakawa etc are working hard at their jobs and helping those affected by sadness, loss, trauma, cyclones, storms and floods, kasikasi are blowing bubbles while hiding in their shells.

Kasikasi blow bubbles and criticism, ridicule, hate, misery and stupidity – and one cannot help when hearing some of the stupid questions they ask if they missed out on their issue of brains when God was creating them!


Elizabeth Sokimi, Suva

The recent 2018-2019 National Budget consultations at the University of the South Pacific touched on the Toppers Scholarship.

As a tertiary student, I still believe reconsideration may need to be given to amending the eligibility criteria.

Government’s scholarship policy should perhaps be relooked at because some, if not many, scholarship applicants are likely redirecting their academic and career ambitions from what they are passionate about to what is available for scholarships.

With excellence and merit given the limelight by the Government, perhaps bringing other study fields and considerations back into the scholarship fold, even if with minimal allocation, could ramp up competition and reward the truly meritorious.

I laud the initiative to channel scholarships into national priority areas.

However, continuing to sideline other studies is hardly a fair fix.

As a law student, I wonder how long this policy of excluding law from the scholarship scheme will continue.

What would it take for Government to reconsider this policy decision?

There may be too many law students – a main premise for Government’s decision to remove law offers.

This may be the case, but it is unfortunate that there is an outright exclusion of law from scholarship schemes.

Can there be consideration for specialised law studies that are more aligned to Government’s priority areas?

I would suggest restriction over exclusion.

I believe if the scarcity is created for the “outliers” we just may see the best yet from some of the forgotten pathways.

Deputy PM’s Choice

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

The FijiFirst party is a trend setter in our country’s new democracy and political arena with its transparent nature from the standards it is setting in managing the affairs of our country, development policies and the Fijian economy, which is something the Opposition will have to compete with and take over from should they win the 2018 General Election.

The FijiFirst party had as many as ten women candidates in their last line-up during the 2014 election in complying with our 2013 Constitution and the Opposition parties seem to now think that this is the way forward in this year’s election.

A classic example is the many choices of acting Prime Ministers the FijiFirst party leader Voreqe Bainimarama or his deputy Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum can choose from during their absence offshore at any one time.

Faiyaz Koya, Mereseini Vuniwaqa and Jone Usamate are some of the many capable and very highly-qualified Cabinet members our PM can pick from at random, but imagine this scenario if the FLP, NFP, Unity Fiji Party or SODELPA all manage to win a combined majority to form a Grand National Coalition Government of Unity which they have always favoured, but having four political parties with all very different ideals and opposing policies it will a very interesting national event to witness the outcome.

I am pretty sure that they will elect a PM depending on the proportion of the seats they win including Cabinet ministers, but if any or either party is not happy with the selection of the Prime Minister and seat allocation of their Cabinet ministers they can always have the choice to cross the floor if they are not happy and negotiate with the FijiFirst party to form government should they command the majority.

In the instance whichever party member becomes the PM from the current Opposition, will he or she nominate evenly Deputy Prime Minister candidates from all the three or four coalition members?

I do hope they remain with their wits and belief that they can come up with and appoint our country’s first woman prime minister in compliance with our 2013 Constitution.

I am hopeful it will not be another situation similar to when the National Federation Party could not form a government in March 1977 after winning election.


Amenatave Yaconisau, Lami

The case of a woman ordained minister taking the Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma to arbitration is indeed worrying (FS 5/5).

Although it’s an employment-related matter, I am an admirer of the church and it seems there is no exception with such challenge that badly discredits the church.

God judges according to truth and does not favour anyone.

We have all sinned and come short of the glory of God, Paul said!

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