Greymouse 13 Years Still Going Strong

In 2002, a Customer Service wizard, Mari­sa Wiman, and an IT Geek, Kelvin Davis, crossed paths with a dream. Ms Wiman, with an imaginative mind, had an idea to establish
10 May 2018 11:00
Greymouse 13 Years Still Going Strong
The Greymouse Investments (Fiji) Limited team on May 9, 2018.Photo: Maraia Vula

In 2002, a Customer Service wizard, Mari­sa Wiman, and an IT Geek, Kelvin Davis, crossed paths with a dream.

Ms Wiman, with an imaginative mind, had an idea to establish a company in Fiji.

The idea first came to her when she had the chance to train and work with some people here.

She wanted to bridge the gap between unem­ployment and companies looking for a cost-effective workforce.

That awareness motivated her and Mr Davis to pursue their entrepreneurial journey.

Now 13-years-old, Greymouse is still growing strong as ever

With sheer courage, determination, resilience to vulnerabilities, they decided to establish an overseas outsourcing company with the trad­ing name Greymouse.

The original business model of Greymouse Investments (Fiji) Ltd is to provide customer service and IT support to the Australian mar­ket.

With its inception in May 8, 2005 in Fiji, Grey­mouse started with only four people in the team – Kelvin, Marisa, Clinton (Kelvin’s son) both of them are in Australia, and Rozeleen in Fiji.

Rozeleen Goundar was Greymouse’s first IT support person with just one desk, one chair, one phone.

That was it for the ‘grand’ opening.

Slowly, Greymouse employed more people in the company – changing their lives by getting them out of poverty.

Due to the growing number of clients with specific needs, Greymouse offered an array of services – from IT support, it now offers ac­counting and bookkeeping, admin tasks, data entry and call management support to clients.

Being aware of the evolution of business needs, Greymouse Philippines was born in September 2013.

Originally planned as a support group for Greymouse Fiji, the Philippines team has grown to include the bulk of the IT Depart­ment, Marketing Department and Personal As­sistance Department.

Since then, Greymouse has created the ser­vice business for entrepreneurs giving them capability to expand while remaining profit­able.

From small to medium business, owners can then experience freedom and cash flow in their lives, by connecting them to valuable skilled re­sources overseas.

At present, Greymouse employs almost 70 people and has now turned into a solid busi­ness system dedicated to help people in poverty through transformational employment whilst providing a wide range of off shoring services to different clients from all over the world.

Greymouse also gives back to the Fiji commu­nity as part of the social responsibility.

For example, Cyclone Evan relief books and clothes to orphanages etc.

About the owners

Kelvin and Marisa are advocates of alleviat­ing poverty through transformational jobs.

They believe that people working for their hopes and dreams make them consummate professionals. The success of Greymouse is built around its highly motivated human capi­tal.

The power couple behind Greymouse would rather talk about the “why” of the business than dwell on its success story. And for good reason.

It was when Marisa saw how employment can drastically change the lives of people living in poverty that she and Kelvin decided to do some­thing to help the situation.

They started to develop a virtual business at a time when BPO (Business Process Outsourc­ing) was still an emerging industry.

Partnering with Greymouse is not just about increasing profits and streamlining business processes.

It is about helping people, of maximising un­tapped human potential to create value.


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