Letters To The Editor, 10th May, 2018

Spare parts Edwin Sandys, Suva I had called in at an auto spare parts division in Vatuwaqa on Monday at around 12.15pm. My vehicle, a Toyota Super Deluxe, was involved
10 May 2018 11:23
Letters To The Editor, 10th May, 2018
Auto spare parts

Spare parts

Edwin Sandys, Suva

I had called in at an auto spare parts division in Vatuwaqa on Monday at around 12.15pm.

My vehicle, a Toyota Super Deluxe, was involved in an accident and I needed a price quotation for the damaged parts.

I needed to get two quotes on parts and then insurance company selects the cheapest and proceeds.

A young boy had served me and rang the guy in charge and told him of my request for a quotation.

They spoke on the phone in Hindi.

The last I heard as I understood the comments, the young boy had asked the other come and see me.

Obviously the reply was no.

I was then asked where had I purchased my car from and I replied, Sakura.

Then the boss said, if I had not purchased my car from them they would not sell me any parts.

He also said that it was a waste of time giving quotes for insurance because they wasted their time.

I then told the young lad I will be escalating my complaint as they have a spare parts business and only sell them to selective customers.

I also told him I had bought a wheel drum a while back from them and there was no talk of where I bought my car from.

Surely the owner probably does not know about this and would be furious because he brought in a large amount of spare parts, which sat unsold in their office.

Later, I was approached by a man whom I think was a security guard telling me that the manager had wanted to see me.

I went back in and was told to sit down because the manager was busy.

Then I told the mechanic who was outside ready to work on a quotation thanks, but no thanks, and that I would go elsewhere and get my quotation because they were not the only spare parts company in the country.

I managed to get my two quotes – no problems – and have submitted them as well.

However, we need to crack down on companies such as these to address their staff members about customer service.

If they have an auto parts business as advertised they need to service all and any customer, and not a privileged group.

Super Rugby opening

Ronnie Chang, Nadi

Word around international rugby circles has it that at least South African teams are contemplating Super Rugby competition in the new season.

It is said they are attracted to rugby in Europe. As one chapter closes, another will surely open.

This is great news for all ardent fans, supporters and followers of South Pacific Island rugby.

Fiji, Samoa and Tongan Rugby Unions must now seriously brain-storm and prepare putting together our strongest side to compete in Super Rugby.

Wouldn’t it be grand, in my lifetime, to finally witness our very own South Pacific rugby gladiators take on the might of both, the All Blacks and the Wallabies, and dethrone them from the perch of their long and historical superiority.

Toso, South Pacific Rugby, toso.

Jao South Pacific Rugby, Jao.

Go, South Pacific Rugby, go.

Drasa Avenue street lights

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

Jogging in the dark along the Drasa Avenue Road yesterday morning, it finally dawned on me that the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) cannot, I repeat, cannot fix the street light problem along this road.

Sad, eh!

If I’m correct, this ongoing problem was adopted when they took over the maintenance of street lights from the Lautoka City Council.

If I may offer a solution to Mr Moore, the FRA chief executive – mate, solar powered street lights is the answer.

Velovelo humps

Narayan Reddy, Lautoka

The reply by Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) regarding the humps near the Velovelo Bridge cannot go unchallenged.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to prove that when you move or drive at a speed it gives the vehicle buoyancy, so to speak, meaning the bridge will not take the full weight of the passing vehicle.

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