Learning To Arise From Failure: Manoj’s Story

Manoj had prepared extremely well for the entrance exam to acquire admission into the most reputed Business Management College in Fiji. As the proverb goes, he had burnt the midnight
12 May 2018 11:05
Learning To Arise From Failure: Manoj’s Story

Manoj had prepared extremely well for the entrance exam to acquire admission into the most reputed Business Management College in Fiji. As the proverb goes, he had burnt the midnight oil and studied very hard.

Preparation for the exam

On the day of the exam he seemed highly confident and it was with the same confidence he walked out of the examination hall. “So how was it?” Rajiv, his father, asked him.“Dad! I feel I have answered almost all the questions correctly and I feel I am going to get a very good grade” Manoj excitedly responded. Three weeks had passed by and it was the day of the results. on.

Result of the exam

Manoj enthusiastically went to the office where the results were being displayed.There were three ‘lists’ on a wooden board mounted upon the wall. The first list was of the ones who had scored the highest marks.The second was of those who had passed the exam and the final list was of the ones who had ‘failed’. Manoj was a bit taken aback to see that his name was not on the topper’s list. He felt a bit disappointed about it but immediately began searching for his name on the list of those who had passed. To his utter shock he could not find his name on that list too! He walked up to the college administration officer and complained to him about the absence of his name in both the ‘lists’.

The administration officer looked at him and then looked at the third list.“My dear Sir, have you checked all the lists on the board?” he asked Manoj. “Manoj, almost felt numbed by this question. “Actually Sir, I haven’t!” he answered in a nervous tone. “How can I be on the third list” he asked himself in anguish! “Sir, I think you must check the third list as well and I will surely help you if your name isn’t on any of the three lists” the administration officer assured Manoj. Quite reluctantly Manoj walked to the place where the third list was and began looking for his name with the earnest hope to not find his name on it. After all, this was the list of those who had failed.


Reaction to the failure

He dejectedly started looking at all the names one after the other and then, to his complete astonishment he saw his name right there on that list. He could not believe what he was seeing. Manoj had failed and this meant that he could not get admission into that college. Heart-broken he returned home.Looking at his expressions and his overall body language Manoj’s father as well as his mother realised what may have happened. They went into his room and consoled him for a long time.However, the failure seemed to have affected Manoj very badly. He had become extremely depressed and non-communicative with his family as well as his close friends.

Three months had passed and his condition had worsened to such an extent that he had even lost a lot of weight and had become quite weak physically. Manoj had stopped going to the gym as well and seemd to spend his almost entire time sitting in his room quiet and depressed.


Arise from failure

Another two months had passed by and Manoj’s situation had worsened further. Something had to be done and had to be done very quickly.

It was a Sunday and Manoj’s father suggested that all of them so out for lunch to a newly opened restaurant. Quite expectedly Manoj seemed disinterested but then reluctantly agreed on the affectionate insistence of his younger sister.

As they sat at the table and were waiting for the food an elderly gentleman walked towards their table and introduced himself. “Hi Rajiv, remember me? We were studying together in the same engineering college almost 30 years ago.

I saw you and immediately recognised you”. “Oh my God! You are Ganeshan right? This is like a pleasant surprise to me. So amazing to see you and that too after so many years!” Rajiv responded.

He then introduced his entire family to Ganeshan and then requested him to join them for at least a drink.

“Yes, I will but only for a drink as I have some friends waiting for me at the other table” Ganeshan began conversing with everyone but the only one who seemed silent and subdued was Manoj.‘Hey buddy, is everything ok with you. You seem upset about something” He asked Manoj. Immediately Rajiv tried to change the topic.

“So Ganeshan, where have you been and what have you been up to?” he asked. “That’s a good question but my answer may not be very inspiring” “Why is that” Rajiv asked in an anxious tone. Ganeshan responded, “Well, I stay in New Zealand.

“However I had applied for the post of a Senior Professor in one of the top the universities here in Fiji.

“I passed the first round of interviews but despite all my preparations and the attitude of confidence I completely failed in the final interview.

“I was not even given a proper reason for being rejected.

“So I have to return to New Zealand and will be without a job for a good period of time”

“To the surprise of all those people seated at the table it was Manoj who almost sprang out of his chair in astonishment.

“Dear Mr. Ganeshan, you have just been rejected and have to go back with only failure in your hand and yet here you seem excited and happy.

“Are you not feeling disappointed or depressed about what happened?” he asked.

Ganeshan was surely surprised by the sudden response from Manoj but he looked towards him and then responded in a calm tone“Yes!The reality is that despite all my preparatory efforts, my high levels of self-confidence with which I answered all the questions put forth to me by the interviewers I was still rejected.My dear friend, I know I failed; but I am not a ‘failure’.This thought has always been my philosophy.


Failure is negative process

Failing is a very negative and a disappointing process but it also is a process of ‘Improving and getting better’ and that is exactly what I plan to do.I will again apply for the same post but will prepare far more effectively and assiduously and will sit for the final interview with a higher level of self-confidence.

By getting dejected, by brooding over a failure and letting time go waste is neither in my attitude nor in my life’s principles.

I believe in the philosophy, ‘What matters is not the Boxer inside the ‘FIGHT’; but the FIGHT inside the Boxer’.

Hence I will never give up on a failure.I will go back to New Zealand and while travelling I will positively think about what may have gone wrong and how I could work upon my weaknesses” I hope you will do the same!”

Saying this Ganeshan mischievously winked at Manoj and after wishing everyone well he walked towards his table.

The food was yet to arrive and in that time as all were waiting Manoj looked towards his dad and smiled. “Dad! thank you for that!” he said. “Thank you for what?” his dad asked. “Dear dad, all

I can say is that Mr. Ganeshan’s words have made me think a lot and I have understood something very important today. I have realized that it is not a crime to fail and that what is more important is to become a fighter and not give up.

I too will start re-focusing upon the next exam and will aim to not just pass it but score the highest and for this I will work harder and smarter than before. Dad, I feel that

Mr Ganeshan coming here to our table and talking about his own experience was part of a plan to make me learn something important.I must say that the plan has worked dad” from that day onwards Manoj had transformed himself completely.He would wake up early, go to the Gym, eat happily and interact with his friends regularly.He also began studying with enhanced focus and determination.

Today, Manoj is in his final year of his MBA from the same college which he had failed to get into in his first attempt.

Well friends,I believe there is surely something positive and inspiring for us to learn from Mr Ganeshan and also from Manoj!

I believe it is time to further develop our positive attitude and become stronger to arise out of any type of failure’ albeit in our professional or our personal life!



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