Letters To The Editor, 20th May 2018

Royalties Simeli Bose, Lautoka I am sure many landowners in Fiji will join me in welcoming the news and con­gratulating the Government for finally, after a long long time, set
20 May 2018 13:37
Letters To The Editor, 20th May 2018


Simeli Bose, Lautoka

I am sure many landowners in Fiji will join me in welcoming the news and con­gratulating the Government for finally, after a long long time, set the royalties on mining at rates very favourable to the owners.

We would be amiss on our part if we do not specifically mention, the Minister for Finance and Attorney-General, Aiyaz Khaiyum, for the lead role he had played in the preparation of the Bill and its passage through Parliament. Hon. Khai­yum we commend and thank you for this achievement.

He is right in saying that this has been on the table for a long long time, ever since independence.

Governments then did not have the com­mitment and the guts to do the right thing! The mining companies used to dictate to the Government what to do including pay­ment of subsidies.

Fiji like other British colonies in the Pa­cific like the Solomon Islands had this ar­chaic formula of giving peanuts as royal­ties with scant regard for landowners.

When Papua New Guinea adopted a more liberal formula, delegation after delega­tion of ministers and officials from Fiji visited PNG to see for themselves and see whether they could adopt a similar sys­tem. Alas, those trips became just expen­sive incursion trips at the tax-payers ex­penses as nothing came out of those trips.

Now this Government, the Acting Prime Minister and Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, in particular, can proudly boast that it was during his watch as Min­ister for Finance and Attorney-General that this historic landmark legislation has finally been achieved. In my humble view, this action speaks volumes of the FijiFirst commitment to improve the benefits that landowners derive from their resource.

So, congratulations and God bless, and as my nephew, Master Saimon Naivalu, the ever popular public announcer is fond of saying, “Wananavu”.

I have the feeling that at the rate the Gov­ernment is going, that we the people of Fiji should expect more to come in the future if they continue to govern. I am definitely looking forward to FijiFirst adopting the challenge that the former US President Ronald Regan used to say: “You aint seen nothing yet – Fiji!”

Rights protection

Amena Yaconisau, Delainavesi

I know the protection of civil rights is im­portant, but the laws of this country must protect us from recklessness.

I know the law is impartial and will pro­tect the State and people’s interest rather than challenge it. How else can we have obedience? Equality and Liberty for all!

Equal standard

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva

Differences in age, race, education, or background sometimes matter.

However, God does not treat us that way. He judges justly, without regard to who we are or where we come from. He expects the same from his children.

God demands that we use the same stand­ard in treating others.

“If ye fulfill the royal law according to the scriptures, thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself, ye do well: but if ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors” – James 2: 8-9

The world around us is divided by many ways, and too often people are treated dif­ferently because of something over which they have no control at all.

We all stand equal before God and we all should be viewed by a fair and equal standard.

We must not allow anything that stops us from treating all people with equal love and respect to influence us.

Changing times

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

Viewing the news lately, it is obvious that we are living in a time of continuous changes.

Locally, out of the 79 new recruits in the Fijian Navy, six are female.

A new beginning it will be in the Fijian Naval Division and these females are part of history.

In terms of foreign relations, interest­ingly, the Russians have had a navy vessel visiting Papua New Guinea. Geo-politics in the Pacific appears to have shifted with super powers like Russia, China and USA having a greater interest in our region.

Walking past Kadavu House the other day, one noticed a rainbow colour flag fly­ing high.

International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOTB) it was.

Meanwhile, one looks forward to the much anticipated match between the High­landers and Chiefs but this time around the host team will be the Highlanders.

Sitting at the bus stand waiting for my bus, I could not help but notice the gener­ally disappointing behaviour of our pri­mary and secondary school children.

Like it or not, changing times is a reality we have to live with.


Shah Shariff, Savusavu

It is crystal clear now more than ever be­fore how much qualified is our A-G.

Even the so-called lawyer from the Oppo­sition doesn’t know the basic parliamen­tary rules and regulations….forget about the rest.

I just wonder if everyone was like our good A-G. Life in Parliament would be so easy and and productive.

School subjects

Ecelini Naivadra, Namadi

Not only should primary school math­ematics be reviewed, as communicated to the public through televised Parliamen­tary debates.

But, all primary school textbooks should be checked that their level of vocabulary is at the level of understanding of the dif­ferent age groups that use them.

Some examples seen seem to be close to tertiary standard.

And if standards are deteriorating in some subjects at both primary and second­ary level, a contributing factor could be infrequent visits to schools by subject ad­visors because funds have run out.

Appropriate provision in the next Na­tional Budget to address such a situation should be considered, if necessary.

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