Letters To The Editor, 23rd May 2018

Fijian guard Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi I am not a promoter of monarchical dominance, but your article on Peni Qio escorting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is impressive (FS 21/5).
23 May 2018 11:05
Letters To The Editor, 23rd May 2018

Fijian guard

Amenatave Yaconisau,


I am not a promoter of monarchical dominance, but your article on Peni Qio escorting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is impressive (FS 21/5). Keep up the good relationship.

Cherished Government

Isireli Bolaniveimau,


In the 2014 General Election I ticked 317 for my choice of preference in the elec­tion. My mind was expecting to have eve­rything plain sailing.

The fact remains that apart from the opinions from leaders of contesting par­ties I am adamant that the current Gov­ernment has ultimately brought the work.

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama proclaimed upon and it was true then as it is for today and indeed it has spoken more volumes far and wide. In a nutshell, the current Government alone or the FijiFirst Government, will be forever cherished for me personally.

Moreover, the 2013 constitution under­lines and presents the way forward for my country of birth.

New bus shelters

Satish Nakched,


It is great news that the Fiji Roads Au­thority has embarked lately to build 84 new bus shelters around the country.

We can see a few in the Suva area and the others are expected to be built within the next seven months.

This initiative is warmly appreciated by the general travelling public as a good percentage of the commuters rely on the public transport.

The bus shelters will add to commuters’ comfort and accessibility to bus routes and the areas that have been prioritised are mostly in front of schools, health cen­tres and busy intersections.

The new bus shelters has a Category 4 Cy­clone certification, designed to withstand tropical cyclones.

The new assets are an expensive struc­ture and the users need to be mindful to maximise the advantage and eliminate any abuse or report any unethical behav­iour should they notice any damages done to the bus shelters.

Some of the newest structure which is hardly more than two months old has signs of graffiti abuse.

The new bus shelter was designed by the Fiji Roads Authority and has viewing pan­els on the sides and the extended roof pro­vides a good protection from the adverse weather conditions.

Together with good seating the new bus shelters can accommodate a large number of people if need be. However, it is also noted with great concern that the current design has created a safety issue where the three support up-right pillars are angled at about 30 degree outwards to supports the rafters of the structure.

The angle of the projection on the pillars are about three feet from the base of the support pillars and easily can result in injuries if the commuters are not careful.

The three-angled support pillars makes it a difficult for the people either to exit or enter the bus shelters as this obstruction is a hazard and in line of an unsuspecting persons head.

The risk of the injuries may increase during the night because of inadequate lighting environment. As a precautionary measures and to avoid collision it would be advisable to paint the arms that are ex­tending outwards in white and red strips that will act as a warning device.

I believe the architectural drawings must be reviewed with the view to elimi­nate such risk that will provide safety and comfort to all the users for the construc­tion of the future bus shelters. Apart from that I would like to sincerely thank FRA for the good work of taking up the initia­tive to provide better bus shelters for the public.

Nausori Bus Terminal

Tomasi Boginiso,


I am appalled by the services at the Nau­sori Bus Terminal with the terminal for the Suva route in particular.

The buses don’t park at the actual spot. They seem to have moved further along the terminal.

On one particular day, the actual Suva route spot had been used as a parking lot by a bus company.

On another day, there were hardly any buses but a lot of passengers waiting.

I boarded one but there weren’t any other bus around until the moment we left to make a turn from the town end then a bus had parked there.

The terminal marshalls who dominated the area during its opening are no longer seen and only one notice has gained a bit of weight and is always seen in the bean carts and juice area.

The Nausori Bus terminal is so dirty as dust seems to be everywhere and the rub­bish being thrown everywhere and the juice area is so dirty that you wouldn’t even want to drink the juice.

Hopefully, the Nausori Town Council checks these area and get regular cleaners to do their job.

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