Letters To The Editor, 25th May 2018

Great clarity, Compol Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi I salute the Commissioner of Police for coming out in public to inform and reassure the Fijian public that there is no special speed
25 May 2018 13:03
Letters To The Editor, 25th May 2018

Great clarity, Compol

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

I salute the Commissioner of Police for coming out in public to inform and reassure the Fijian public that there is no special speed limit for any Fijian. These include drivers of all Government vehicles and those who drive our country’s President, Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and any senior Government official on duty.

As we all know special preference is only given to vehicles in an emergency like the ambulance, the National Fire Authority and Police.

I would like to state that Government vehi­cle drivers are always abusing the road code rules.

These Government vehicle drivers will overtake in areas forbidden on the roads they speed like it is no one’s business except them; they park on the roadside with no regard for other road users which is disre­spectful and rude.

I would suggest the Commissioner of Po­lice provide a toll-free number where the public can report on these dangerous road users at any time where the Police patrol is not in sight.

It is now great and very encouraging to see the many Police motorbikes and patrol vehi­cles on our roads daily.

A big vinaka vakalevu to our Government and the People’s Republic of China for the donation of these vehicles’ to the Fiji Police Force because safety and security is the core role of our Police.

Stood down

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

We must thank the Ministry of Foreign Af­fairs for investigating the alleged Visa scam involving the chief protocol officer.

It’s a sign that ‘what is good for the gaggle is good for the geese’. Everyone must be treat­ed the same no matter who or what you are.

Teachers and discipline

Arvind Mani, Nadi

The chief executive officer of National Substance Abuse Advisory Council, Manoa Senikarawa, made the claim that teachers face issues with class management because they are not taught how to discipline stu­dents.

He said if disciplining students was not taught, teachers often fall back to how they were disciplined while growing up and sometimes that leads to corporal punish­ment.

As a former teacher, I can state that noth­ing is further from the truth.

If teachers are not smart enough to have learnt from their own experiences and can­not discern the right from wrong, are they fit to assume such an important responsibil­ity?

Teachers have absolute control over what goes on every day within the four walls of their classrooms. Regardless of the outside forces, regardless of home lives, regardless of what is or is not going on in the front of­fice, it is the teacher who controls what goes on every day in the classroom.

But why don’t students just behave? Well, the fact remains that we teach children and children do child-like things.

They don’t make adult-like decisions; they don’t do what is necessarily right or best for them; they like to push our buttons and they are not, mostly, self-motivated or self-disciplined.

That’s why they need teachers!

A speaker was addressing a group of teach­ers and one teacher raised her hand and said: “Well all those things you are saying are fine, well and good. And maybe your sug­gestions would work with some students but you don’t understand. I have no parental support, and it’s impossible to teach these students when their parents are not backing me.”

The speaker asked a simple question, “So you say that if an orphanage opened next door to this school tomorrow, you could not teach those children?”

A hush fell over the audience and over that teacher.

They might. But they are still reachable and teachable.

Just as reaching the summit of the moun­tain before you can stand on it, and just as have to reach your vacation’s destination be­fore you can do your sightseeing, you have to reach a student before you can teach him/her.

Each student brings his/her own set of issues, his/her own dreams, his/her own strengths, his/her own shortcomings, his/her own abilities, and his/her own lack of abilities.

But we believe that each child is someone special.

Each child deserves a chance, and then a second one and a third, and a fourth.

Each child deserves a teacher who believes in him/her.

When the student knows that a teacher be­lieves in him/her and cares for him/her and builds his/her self-esteem, there will be no discipline problems.

And if teachers cannot do that at all times, then they must seriously ask themselves, Is this the right profession for me.


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