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Systematic Spinster Keeps Track Of Shopping Details

Spinster Jeshween Prakash is a systematic person that everything she does is done in an orderly way. And that includes shopping for her family which consists of her elderly parents
25 May 2018 11:02
Systematic Spinster Keeps Track Of Shopping Details
Jeshween Prakash (left), with her mum Vinay Prakash at Shop N Save supermarket in Nabua, Suva on May 23, 2018. Photos: Taraivini Seru

Spinster Jeshween Prakash is a systematic person that everything she does is done in an orderly way.

And that includes shopping for her family which consists of her elderly parents and her.

Apart from keeping her surroundings neat and trim, she also keeps track of everything from paying bills, cutting of the lawn, medical checks for her parents, rubbish collection to mention a few.

“I like to be organised, keep track on the things I need to do, what and when to buy and prepare what are needed at home for me and my parents,” Ms Prakash said.

“Keeping track allows me to save money, time, get the best and fresh supplies, eat healthy and keeping a healthy mind.

The timid 35-year-old of Nabua looks after her elderly parents with financial support from her older brother who is working at Tavua in the western division.

“Before you can make a realistic grocery budget, you have to have a realistic idea of what you spend,’ Ms Prakash said.

“Whether you use a spread sheet word document, or just paper and pencil, it is helpful to itemise your expenses as that assists you track everything  you consume,” she said.

Fiji Sun caught up with Ms Prasad at the Shop N Save supermarket in Nabua this week with her mother Vinay Prakash.

As her parents’ carer, she said before preparing her shopping list, it was important to draw up a budget.

“I track my monthly income. Some people track weekly; it’s a personal preference,’ she said.

“I’ve found it’s easier to stick to a monthly grocery budget. Having a rough idea of what we’ll be eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner assists me shop for our monthly ration and consumption.

“I’m learning to tell myself – If this, then not that,” I shop for groceries here. There are certain items that I prioritize like fresh foods.

“Towards the end of a month, I stocktake items inside our cupboard and fridge. I will cross out unnecessary items and focus on what must be bought.

“New inclusions like new flavour of tea, juice, optional toppings for meals, and desserts are on hold.

“This is a basic tip but it can make all the difference in the quality of items you buy and the amount of money you can save.”

Ms Prakash also compares prices before shopping.

“I used to shop at the grocery store closest to our house but it was more expensive.

“We have expanded our budget, and  transitioned to a larger, cheaper store much further away, since then I have begun shopping at three different stores, with a separate list for each,

“I always compare prices; some items are cheaper in the international aisle, or the yogurt in the organics aisle, for example, might be on sale when my usual yogurt selection isn’t.

“Pick the stores that are most efficient for your shopping, familiarise yourself with your options, and plan well ahead before stepping out.”

She does her shopping for the convenience of her parents.

“They are not getting younger, their preference for food differ from me. I make sure that whatever they need in terms of food, toiletries etc. is on stock.”

Ms Prakash shares her favourite recipe.

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