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Letters To The Editor 29th May 2018

Letters To The Editor 29th May 2018
Writer comments on the stories published in the Fiji Sun.
May 29
12:38 2018

The truth on cane

Mohammed Rafiq,  Former executive

officer- Fiji Cane Growers Association, Labasa


The Opposition normally criticises the Government and promises to give $100 per tonne of sugar cane once they come into power.

It’s a normal routine, never mind how much the Government does for its people the Opposition would manipulate things to suit them.

Thanks to the Bainimarama Government for improving the life standard of every Fijian and making our country a modern Fiji.

We should be careful of these hypocrites and do the right thing for the interest of the nation.

Given below is the breakdown of money received by cane farmers per tonne of cane. This is on average basis.

If a cane farmer has got approximately 10 acres of land and in that 10 acres of land he manages to produce about 250 tonnes of cane on average basis, then the Government subsidy he receives per tonne of cane on an average will be:

  • In one acre if eight bags of fertilizer is used therefore in 10 acres it would be 80 bags. Price for fertiliser is about $45 a bag, of which $25 per bag is paid by Government. Government subsidy for 80 bags is $2000 and per tonne it translates to $8.
  •  The 250 tonnes one has produced and has planted, only half hectare cane, then one would receive $1000 which means another $4 per tonne to your income.
  •  If a farmer uses approximately $700 worth of weedicides in 10 acres then he receives subsidy of about $500 which is $2 per tonne.
  •  For 2016 season the farmers received $82 per tonne and if you add $8 per tonne for fertiliser, $4 per tonne for planting of cane and $2 per tonne for weedicides then the total average price per tonne of cane was $96.

Those who planted more cane and used more fertiliser would have got more than $100 per tonne.


Levuka weightlifters

Dharmendra Kumar,  Suva


Levuka weightlifters are the backbone of Fiji weightlifting but that does not mean they dictate terms in the appointment of the new weightlifting Fiji head coach.

Athletes must remain athletes and they are not expendable. I sincerely believe that these athletes must be disciplined.

No athlete must hold weightlifting Fiji to ransom. Instead a ‘talanoa’ is the best option to sort things out.

A Commonwealth Games gold medal is not enough to justify your irresponsible action. Let’s not encourage this



Amenatave Yaconisau,  Delainavesi, Lami


A beauty contest normally promotes the culture and values of its country.

But not with the current one that promotes other values except for the comb (iserukau).

Almost all models don’t use iseru kau and promote the artefacts and values of western countries, except one or two.

I don’t expect them to be half naked in grass skirts but where are the jaba and isulu-ira and the hindu sari and hairstyle for which this country is known for. Promote us please.


Missing Person

Tim Howick-Smith,  Lami


Readers who live in the Nasese area of Suva may well have noticed a gentleman who used to sit outside the Nasese Bakery – with his creamy coloured dog. His name is Isireli and he calls his dog Shane.

For some weeks now Isireli has disappered and no one that I have asked knows where he has gone.

I was also concerned about his friend Shane who no doubt misses Isireli. Shane is, pending Isireli turning up, being well looked after.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Isireli could you kindly contact me on 9221463 or Thank you.



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