Report: DPP Will Only Appeal Acquittal Of Fiji Times, Arts And Waqabaca

DPP Christopher Pryde confirmed that there were four grounds of their appeal which they have already filed, awaiting notice from the Fiji Court of Appeal. The Director of Public Prosecutions
06 Jun 2018 11:00
Report: DPP Will Only Appeal Acquittal Of Fiji Times, Arts And Waqabaca

DPP Christopher Pryde confirmed that there were four grounds of their appeal which they have already filed, awaiting notice from the Fiji Court of Appeal.

The Director of Public Prosecutions will only be appealing the acquittal of the Fiji Times, its Publisher Hank Arts and column writer Josaia Waqabaca and not that of Fred Wesley and Anare Ra­vula.

DPP Christopher Pryde confirmed this yes­terday and also said there were four grounds of their appeal which they have already filed, awaiting notice from the Fiji Court of Ap­peal.

The case of sedition was filed against the Fiji Times and four others based on a column by Mr Waqabaca which was published in the Fiji Times’ vernacular paper Nai Lalakai.

The column which has since been trans­lated by the High Court in Suva officers is reprinted here in full.

Edited by Percy Kean



Yesterday the 26th of April, 2016, a petition was given to the Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum by the iTaukei Volunteer Group and was an ultimatum to choose be­tween:

  1. To conduct a National Reconciliation to resolve issues that is now being experienced by the Indigenous Fijians which will cause social and political instabilities, and the Judicial imbalances in the near future: Fur­thermore to adopt the Ten Commandments as a guide.
  2. If he does not like it then take the second option of resigning, from all his Ministerial Posts and do the honorable thing to leave our shores, the Indigenous Fijians and never re­turn.

This is confirmed by a report filed by the renowned Judge Former Queens Counsel Justice William Roberts Marshall in which he clearly stated that Khaiyum should be in­carcerated in Rotuma and that there should not be any contacts made to him.

A copy of this petition and its evidence has been forwarded to the President, Prime Min­ister, and Chief Justice, Commander of The Fiji Military forces, Commissioner of Police, to our Religious Leaders and Foreign Ambas­sadors and to all the 201 Leaders of our dis­tricts which includes our chiefs.

Further it was also mentioned in the peti­tion, if Khaiyum leaves us to run away to his country, Asia, we the Indigenous Fijians would struggle to clear debts which would also be a burden to our future generations.

If they are not able to do this after we have passed on then our country will be taken away from them before their eyes.

For that, they will try to rely on this but it will be too late, and they may try again but their efforts will be unsuccessful and they will only be left with the mistakes and the time that we have wasted today.

Muslims are not owners of Fiji.

These are the group of people that unlaw­fully entered the countries one of which is Bangladesh in India. Where they murdered, raped its women, torture its children until they rule and own it.

We must never forget that there are places such as Serua, Lodoni, Namena, and Da­wasamu which also covers the 14 chiefly provinces of Fiji which have been taken away from us. This is one of the risks that will be experienced by our children if we continue to be neglectful.

It is of no use discussing things and issues about the Maori and the Abo which we are experiencing the same risk and its impact on us.

We were never at war.

We were taken overseas for war, where we were well and highly paid, where UN laws were created so that we can listen to foreign­ers, they create laws in our country in or­der to own our land due to our laxity.

Khaiyum was requested to step aside in for the Indigenous Fijians to correct the errors which have been confirmed by Justice Marshall that he should be incarcerated in Rotuma as of today.

It was requested for him to consider the In­digenous Fijians, to give us the freedom to resolve major issues that could lead to the complete elimination of our future genera­tions like what the Muslims did in Bangla­desh until they made it their own.

The depth and clarity of those problems was disclosed every week from October 2014 until now. It’s more like cooking on open fire where the pot must feel the heat from the firewood, so that it is tasty when the content is fully cooked.

The ingredients which have been readily prepared would signify that we know how to cook. There are many ways to cook nowa­days: Lovo, stove, gas or firewood.

As to the change of the Government: it can be through coup, elections or by the order of the creator who is unseen.

This is what we are about to witness: we should have a clear conscious towards it, confidence, consider every one as it our God’s promise to be fulfilled. Therefore, we must fully devote ourselves.

The ignition of that fire we’ve been do­ing nowadays have already been delegated by The Creator to its people and its time: it would be very difficult to hinder these order that has already been set out by our God for us.

I would like to remind our chiefs of the old districts (the 201 chiefs); a copy of petition and Justice Marshall’s Judgments regarding Khaiyum’s wrongdoing has been sent out to you. I would like to acknowledge those of you who were present at the FTA Hall on Satur­day, 23/04/2016.

Thank you for making our first meet a suc­cess, we will meet again on a scheduled time. May your families be blessed.

To all the readers of “Nai Lalakai” may you all ponder this: God has said that 1000 years to us is equivalent to one day or 24 hours to Him.

To sum it up it would be probably 500 years is 12 hours; 42 years one hour; nine months 0ne minute to Him our Great Lord the source of our strength.

Therefore, it is appropriate that we respect ourselves for we already know now a few things that should be enough for us at this pointing time.




INTERPRETERS: Joji Waqata, Nimilote Waqa, Nanise Vulawa, Eseta Cakau, Asenaca Bale, Mara Cakobau.


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