Customer Service! Attitude & More ( Part Two)

Understanding the relevance and importance of customer servicing is what we explored in the previous column. Today, we will try our best to discover the most effective and positive ways
09 Jun 2018 10:00
Customer Service! Attitude & More ( Part Two)
Mayur Kalbag

Understanding the relevance and importance of customer servicing is what we explored in the previous column. Today, we will try our best to discover the most effective and positive ways to enhance customer servicing and along with it customer satisfaction!

Observe and Respond

One of the important aspects about servicing a customer is to be able to effectively observe, confidently communicate and accurately understand the needs or requirements that a customer may have!

You will be surprised to know that even the manner in which a customer walks into a shop and looks around and enquires about the products can provide the a customer service executive a clear and fair understanding about the customer’s different levels of interest in actually buying the product!

In all this, the attitude as well as the ability of a customer service executive to be able to keenly ‘observe and subsequently ‘respond’ to a customer plays a vital role in enhancing customer satisfaction!

So what is it that we must be observant about a customer? The answer is multifold.

To start with we must observe the customer’s body language, intonations in verbal communication along with facial expressions as these could be effective ways to understand a customer’s attitude of being interested in the product or not.

There are also instances where customers may look quite lost and confused and observing this through their body language is also extremely important in helping the customer service executive to make a positive or negative impact upon the customer.

I wish to explain this with an example.

There was a ‘big’ sale of perfumes and some other luxury products going on at a large shopping mall and I decided to visit it along with two other friends.

As we entered the mall I found myself almost like I was in an ocean of people.

It was extremely crowded especially as it was a Sunday and also because most of the products were being sold at extremely high discounts. I was keen on buying a couple of perfumes for myself but was unsure where counter for it was. My other two friends too seemd to face the same dilemma.

They were looking for some branded watches but just like me they too were unable to locate the counter for it and to add to this they were visiting this particular shopping mall for the first time.

The three of us were not sure what to do when all of a sudden I heard a voice. “Good Day to you Sir! Is there something you are particularly looking for?

It was a lady and she was speaking to us and that too with a pleasant smile on her face.

“Yes, I would like to check some perfumes and my friends here are keen on checking some watches” I responded.

“Sure” saying this she called another colleague and requested her to take my two friends to the ‘watch’ counter which apparently was on another floor of the mall. I was personally taken to the perfume counter by the same lady and even upon reaching the counter the lady did not leave.

She was right there trying know about my specific choice of fragrances. It was at that time she was called by another of her colleagues. “Sir, if you don’t mind, I need to go to my counter but be rest assured one of senior colleagues who looks specifically after the ‘Perfume section’ will surely attend to you. That day not only did I buy the perfumes but also a pair of jeans.

‘Proactive attitude’ and not

reactive attitude

I believe there is a lot to learn from this particular customer service lady executive who genuinely assisted me and my two friends at the shopping mall.

Firstly, she was alert to the fact that I and my friends were unsure and confused and she noticed this through our overall body language and facial expressions.

We looked ‘lost’ and she had spotted that. The next thing she did was to act on her observations. There are a lot of Customer Service or Sales executives who, despite seeing that some customers may need assistance, will turn a blind eye or will wait for some other colleague to assist them. In this case though the situation was positively different.

The lady customer service executive walked towards us and began assisting us and this itself, in a way, was very comforting as well as satisfying. We felt there was someone to take care of us.

She also went a step further by asking her colleague to take my friends to the watch counter and then she herself led me towards the perfume counter.

There is one important term that all of us can learn from this person and the term is ‘proactive attitude’ and this attitude begins with the attitude to Observe and be Alert towards the customers and their needs!


To enhance customer service always begin your communication with a SMILE.

I have come across many sales and customer service executives who look either bored or disinterested or dispassionate or upset and even stressed.

There could be genuine reasons for feeling such negative emotions but when customers are around us we as customer service executives must never show these negative emotions on our faces.

We must develop the ability to not let our personal emotions of stress, anger etc. to be seen by the customers.

Customers always like those sales and service people who look and sound extremely interested and enthusiastic in serving them.

Remember we must, that a smile is the reflection of a positive and a proactive attitude and we must try our best to carry it on our faces especially while interacting with customers.

Knowledge of your product

I remember asking a customer service executive about the configuration as well as some specifications about a branded Laptop.

For at least a minute he looked completely blank and then suggested that I speak to his senior. Unfortunately even his senior could not answer my questions.

Finally the manager of the shop had to be called and only then was I satisfied with his answers. Just being positive and enthusiastic in attitude is not enough to satisfy a customer.

Along with the attitude what is as important if not more is strengthening and deepening product knowledge.

Always remember the deeper and wider the knowledge about the products the higher will be the confidence with which you will be able to interact with a customer. Accurate and complete knowledge about a product can deeply satisfy and positively influence a customer in his decision making.

In my next and concluding column I will be focusing upon a few more extremely important aspects and qualities of customer service and satisfaction!


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