Letters To The Editor, 9th June 2018

Ratu George is the best choice Taitusi Sokiveta, Phoenix, Arizona It would be in everyone’s wisdom to select Ratu George Kadavulevu Cakobau Naulivou as the Vunivalu of Bau. This chief
09 Jun 2018 15:08
Letters To The Editor, 9th June 2018

Ratu George is the best choice

Taitusi Sokiveta, Phoenix, Arizona

It would be in everyone’s wisdom to select Ratu George Kadavulevu Cakobau Naulivou as the Vunivalu of Bau.

This chief will bring all the chiefly clans together and there will be no major family disputes if he is the head of the realm, as Vunivalu of Bau Island.

When I was a kid on Bau Island, I just knew that Ratu George is a good guy. He did not show off and was really down to earth.

He is the kind of chief that you can get along with.

He has a down-to-earth manner and is really understanding to those at the grassroots level.

He is a man of ethics, justice, he is fair, he showed no favouritism and is not into back stabbing.

He is a person you can take your problems to and he will listen to you regardless of what background you have.

The way society is today with all its problems we need a good leader who can connect with the villagers, the town and lead in a multracial society.

He has no bias against any ethnic group which makes him the best choice for Vunivalu.

Merit first

R. Prasad, Suva

I am what many would consider a young teacher within the teaching profession.

I have seen many of my colleagues who have been in the system a year or two before me giving up faith that their leadership capabilities would be recognised.

That was before this minister. Now we know that regardless of our age, if we are capable, we will be given the chance to be head teachers and principals of schools as soon as we prove ourselves.

Just because a person has been in the system for 20 years, it does not automatically mean he or she is most capable.

I do not mean any disrespect to those who have been in the system for decades, but it is only fair that younger teachers are given a chance.

Leading team

Ram Singh, Nausori

I read the Fiji Sun religiously and am a fan of this column. A few letters were written praising the teamwork of Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama and the Attorney-General Aiyawa Sayed-Khaiyum and I decided I too should weigh in.

For a person who has seen the events of 1970s, lived through 1987 and is still around to tell the tale, I agree that we have not seen such teamwork between two leaders. Their mutual respect and mutual trust is evident every time they are seen together. This brotherhood that exists between the two is remarkable.

No wonder there are attempts to break this team. This is what our country needed for decades. It is so unfortunate that people have not been able to see the good this two have done for us and our future generation.

I want to tell them today, this 87-year-old grandfather salutes you. I salute their courage, I salute their vision for Fiji.

UNIFIL Celebration

Isireli Bolaniveimau, Lautoka

Let me begin at the outset by saying that when the Supreme Creator opens the door of opportunity eventually nobody can close it. Credit goes to the think tank which spearheaded the 40th anniversary celebrations of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

In hindsight we should not forget the Malayan “ai matai”, first battalion Fiji Infantry Regiment, Far East Land Forces, which for a time was commanded by none other than Lieutenant Colonel Ratu Penaia Ganilau.

The same Ratu Penaia was later knighted and became Fiji’s last Governor-General and first President.

As part of his duties as Head of State he visited the Fijian contingent to UNIFIL, which bore the name of his battalion in Malaya. Foreign Affairs Ministry Permanent Secretary Ioane Naivalurua will officiate at the celebration at Lautoka’s Churchill Park on June 11.

Here’s hope that the final session concluding at the Grand Pacific Hotel on June 16 will be an awesome ending because the Supreme Creator will certainly shower his blessings to our nation of Fiji continuously.God bless Fiji.

Our Ratu

Dhirendra Prasad, Lautoka

I was saddened to hear the sad news of the passing of Tui Noco. A great leader of his calibre would be a real challenge to find.

History has been created by him for accepting descendants of Girmityas as Luvedra Na Ratu. We will always be grateful to you sir for this great acceptance. You will always remain in our hearts and the respect for your humanism characteristics would never diminish.

Who says you are gone? You are still among us through the love and affection for our existence. Rest in peace my Ratu and rest assured that we will be law-abiding and responsible citizens. You will be remembered in the history of Girmit although it is almost 140 years.

Childhood Stories

Floyd Robinson, Lautoka

Will events of global significance influence our fairytale or childhood stories?

For example, the famous “once upon a time there was a king and queen and they lived happily ever after again”.

This could change in time to come. With sea level rise washing away coastlines in low-lying islands, this may change to “once upon a time there was a king and queen who had less land and moved further inland looking for more land and water”.

With so much rights focused on lesbians, transgender and   homosexuals, who knows the next story may be a “once upon a time there was a queen and a queen or a king and a king who lived happily ever after”.

Even more, with the advent of social media there could a story on “Once upon a time there was a King and Queen who loved Facebook or Twitter”.

Whatever one’s views, the world is changing and it’s only a matter of time before the fairytales and storybooks in the shops or online change as well.

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