Letters To The Editor, 10th June 2018

Vunivalu row Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva With all due respect, I believe it is common sense that when it comes to filling a chiefly vacancy, the eldest is given the first
10 Jun 2018 11:47
Letters To The Editor, 10th June 2018

Vunivalu row

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

With all due respect, I believe it is common sense that when it comes to filling a chiefly vacancy, the eldest is given the first choice and if he or she declines then the next in line is given the offer.

I am not superstitious but we hear of stories in Fiji where deaths and sickness follow those who are installed a chiefly title, where the rightful holder of that position have been bypassed.

I believe the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs should have in their books the rightful person who should be installed even though the vanua may have someone else in mind.

It is my prayer that the right person will be installed as the new Vunivalu of Bau.

7s spirit

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva

Sevens rugby builds a sense of brotherhood and that is why the Fiji Airways 7s team is so successful. You may ask yourself this question, why does Fiji has so much barrier to brotherhood and progress?

The simple answer is that we put our racial differences aside and join into a genuine brotherhood.

Racial and ethnic hatred is a sin and we need to label it as such. Racism is a sin precisely because it keeps us from obeying God’s command: “Love your neighbour as yourself”.

Imagine how dangerous it is for a political party to seek its stronghold not based on ideology or policy strategies, but on ethnicity. The idea of strong national cohesion will be weakened.

It’s time to secure the future by changing the rules of ‘old politics’ of place and ethnicity to one of inclusion and national patriotism.

We must unite our nation with brotherhood because if we don’t then we leave thousands of our people behind the walls of poverty and only a few will climb the ladder of prosperity.

We have an incredible choice to make Fiji a nation united in genuine brotherhood. We must be loyal to our country and never compromise unity for our own people for political gain.

I believe in the brotherhood of all man because in union there is strength. Having my brother to my left and my brother to my right Fiji will no doubt be a strong nation. Let’s create a brotherhood like the Fiji Airways 7s team.

Baber Critics

Kirti Patel, Lautoka

To all the critics of Gareth Baber, you have gone mute so it seems. It was not long ago when Baber was appointed coach and Fiji lost out in winning the title in the last series. Some people just started jumping the gun.

Some started comparing him to Ben Ryan not realising that it was not the coach but the idea of winning that was so infused in all at Ben Ryan’s time that anything otherwise seemed to be a nightmare.

Everything takes time. Today many people are praising the present coach. While it is true results speak for itself, self-reliance, understanding and patience is vital in many situations.

To our 7s stars and Gareth Barber, you have made us so proud.

We thank you for your hard work and dedication. We appreciate your efforts and we are right with you regardless of a win or loss. Paris 7s here we come! Toso Viti (let’s go Fij!)

A feather in cap

Pranil Ram, Nadi

I believe winning the Sevens Series and the Paris tournament this weekend will be just like adding feather in cap. However, the task is not an easy one.

With such a difficult pool every game will be just like a final. Teams are going to target us. A lapse of concentration could cost us the game. We may be the most consistent team in the series by winning five leg tournaments but all could be nullified should we not achieve the desired results.

I firmly believe that our whole series is on the line.  A win is also going to boost our chances of winning the Sevens World Cup which is just around the corner. Let’s hope and pray that the best happens. Go Fiji Go!

7s vs soccer

Shah Shariff, Savusavu

Our good Fiji Football Association chief executive officer Mohammed Yusuf in Thursday’s paper said he expects 3000 to 5000 people to cross the gates daily during the BOG.

I am not at all surprised given the present state of soccer.

He knows it all too well since he was also the national team manager and knew what soccer and the crowd was like in retrospect.

Thousands more used to cross daily through the gates.

Can he tell me why there is a reduction in numbers since he and president (Rajesh Patel) always say that soccer is very much developing and on its right track .

Mr Patel is very quick to give praise to Fiji Airways 7s captain Seremaia Tuwai and his team. Thank you. But the difference between 7s and soccer in this country is beyond comparison.

Brilliant writing

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

Traditional leadership is based on the leadership where power is in the hands of a single person and his empire and is governed by fundamental laws of the vanua and its powerful allies.

It can be despotic and onerous for some even in these times of democracy. Can we combine traditional leadership with modern liberal democracy?

Nevertheless, authorities have to legitimise their existence if such a combination is going to cause instability.

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