Does Everyone Have A Price?

  This is a statement issued by the Unity Fiji party leader Savenaca Narube. The views and opinions ex­pressed in the article are those of Mr Narube and Unity Fiji
16 Jun 2018 10:00
Does Everyone Have A Price?


This is a statement issued by the Unity Fiji party leader Savenaca Narube. The views and opinions ex­pressed in the article are those of Mr Narube and Unity Fiji party and not of the Fiji Sun.

There is a mantra that says that everyone has a price. This implies that anyone can be bought if the price is right. I think that this mantra is increas­ingly relevant for Fiji as we near the 2018 general election.

We know that this a defining elec­tion for Fiji. We have heard the cries of our people to lighten the heavy burden of their everyday lives.

The escalating cost of living is hurting them. Salaries are not keeping pace. It is a daily struggle to put food on the table. Jobs are hard to come by.

House prices are way beyond the reach of families. The cars are pil­ing up on our roads. The poor are paying their bus fares days before they catch the bus. The rich are getting richer.

In my assessment, there is fear, favouritism, victimisation, and widespread cronyism and nepo­tism.

We have heard the cries of the people who are shouldering the in­equity of adjustment imposed by this Government.

Workers have been dismissed without reasons. Some are endur­ing work contracts of three months or even shorter.

The morale of the civil service is rock bottom. And tragically, some of us are still living in tents more than two years after Cyclone Win­ston.

We have endured hardship, pain and suffering because of the choic­es that we have made. We are pay­ing a very high price for those deci­sions.

Like many of us, I yearn for a fair­er, freer, and just Fiji–the way the world should be!

I have watched with amazement the unethical practice of Govern­ment throwing money at us to cov­er up for its economic and financial mismanagement, wastage, injus­tices, vindictiveness, deception, and hidden agenda.

Vote buying

In my view, this vote buying should be taken for what is – an insult to our value of fairness and justice. Is this the price that we are paid to close our eyes and our ears to the injustice and the inequities? Aren’t we selling the lives of our future generations cheaply? Please remember, the Government is pay­ing us from our own money!

We are facing these problems to­gether irrespective of our ethnici­ties or where we live. Throwing money away is a short-term fix.

We know that their impact is tem­porary–here today, gone tomorrow kind of fix. It is like taking drugs. It feeds our habit and we crave for the next fix.

This is obviously not the solution to our hardship. In fact, it creates more problems than it fixes. I don’t believe that there is disagreement against this analysis.

People have clearly told us that they will accept what is given but will choose a team that has the necessary credentials to take the whole of Fiji forward in a new di­rection of tolerance, transparency, and accountability.

Yet, sadly, we hear people support­ing this vote buying tactic. I guess they have a price tag which may have been paid.

The answer to reducing poverty is good economic and financial man­agement. We must choose a team that is knowledgeable and experi­enced in these areas. That must be our answer.

Choosing the same old team will worsen our situation. Someone at some point will have to make ad­justments to pay for the excesses that this Government will leave behind. Is this the legacy that we want to leave behind to our grand­children or do we not care what we leave behind?

In our consultations across Fiji, the people’s thirst for change to something better is getting in­tense. They want a change that will give them hope, a political leader­ship which can unite everyone, a change that will bring us peace and happiness.


As we continue to meet with the people, they tell us that they want an alternative political choice at the next elections. They acknowl­edge that national unity can only be achieved by a political party that is truly inclusive.

The large number of undecided voters only a few months before the elections clearly reflect these sentiments.

I believe that Unity Fiji presents this credible alternative to the peo­ple. We claim to be credible because we will do what we promise to do.

We have people that have served our country with loyalty and dis­tinction. Unity Fiji will unite this country through a shared vision of “Unity in Diversity”. A united country is a peaceful and happy one.

The choice is ours to make at the polls. We can either accept our price tag and close our eyes to what this Government is doing to us or stand firm with our values of fair­ness and justice. My plea is that we must prove the mantra wrong and loudly proclaim that we cannot be bought at ANY price.



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