Let’s Talk Agriculture Development

Feng Liu is the Publisher/Director of the only Chinese newspaper in Fiji. The Chinese Daily is printed weekly by the Fiji Sun. The views and opinions expressed here in the
18 Jun 2018 10:00
Let’s Talk Agriculture Development
Growing food locally and tapping into world markets.

Feng Liu is the Publisher/Director of the only Chinese newspaper in Fiji. The Chinese Daily is printed weekly by the Fiji Sun. The views and opinions expressed here in the article are those of Feng Liu and not of the Fiji Sun.


In my previous article, we quoted an old Chinese saying that it is better to teach them to fish than to give them fish. Today, we will cite this truth to discuss the development of Fiji’s agriculture.

As we all know, Fiji’s economic development cannot be separated from agriculture; agriculture should become an important part of the national economy because Fiji has the superior conditions for the development of agriculture.

First, Fijians have the foundation of traditional agriculture, and some crops have been exported; Second, there is a large area of fertile land available for cultivation.

However, at present there are large areas of idle land and a large number of people do not fully play their role. This is a big waste.

Some people may say that planting is not a problem and sales are the biggest problem. How do we solve this problem?

If we say that our agricultural products can be exported in large quantities then what else do we use for sales? I think the export problem can be solved.

Fiji has unique advantages and it is the cultural and economic centre of the South Pacific region. We have many friendly countries actively supporting us. This is a rare historic opportunity for the development of Fiji. Can we ask these countries to change the form of funding and turn it into or partially become another type of assistance? That is, let these countries import our agricultural products such as dalo, cassava, ginger, etc., and give preferential prices. That is, to export to these countries?

Our agricultural products, such as taro, cassava, ginger, etc are given preferential prices. It should be said that this is the most needed financial aid for Fiji, which is conducive to the development of the country and will lead to the improvement of people’s quality of life.

In the world, Fiji is a small island nation with a small population and a small land area. But Fiji is an important country. For this, there are many well-to-do rich countries that are helping and supporting us, and God is blessing us. I think that Fiji is a special country, because the people here are different. Their blood is filled with tenacious sports genes. They have won the Olympics 7s rugby championship and have always been the best in this field.

Although our country is not rich, we are not weak, underdeveloped and overly dependent on the developed countries. We have to also have choices and requirements in dealing with foreign aid. Of course, the more assistance, the better, but these aid must be beneficial to the development of the country and the growth of the people. The assistance we want is to build and strengthen Fiji faster and better, instead of developing our external dependence and inertia. We need fish to solve the immediate problems of eating, but we also need to develop our own fishing ability to solve long-term problems of food and the survival of future generations.

Last year’s census statistics showed that the average age of the Fijian people is 27.5 years. This shows that our country is still young and is in a period of development and growth. Fijians need growth and progress not comfort and enjoyment. Although Fiji is small, but with the wise leadership of the Fijian Government and the efforts of all Fijians, it is entirely possible to become a sports power and an economically affluent country. This should be our goal and a goal that suits our national conditions.

We should also see that Fiji’s agricultural products are internationally popular. Because Fiji is located on fertile land, our agricultural products are natural, green and pure. This is in full compliance with the food standards and needs of developed countries, and it is entirely possible to create an international brand of Fiji agricultural products.

In the development of agriculture, our Government plays a decisive role. We must first negotiate with the friendly countries that want to help us discuss the preferential policies for agricultural exports, and we must also seek the funding of these countries for planting technology, processing equipment and export standards. The organization of agricultural production, planting or processing could best use villages as production units, which is conducive to the formation of large-scale planting or processing, and this will have an immeasurable effect on the future development of the villages and their ability to enhance resistance to natural disasters.

The people’s self-reliant spirit has is strong including their capacity for hard work on a communal basis. As their living standards continue to improve, the country will continue to be strong. We need the government to guide people to embark on a path of development that is self-supporting and self-reliant in line with Fiji’s national conditions.

These days, the world has entered the era of network development. New knowledge and new technologies are changing with each passing day, and natural disasters caused by global climate change increasingly have adverse effects. All of these pose a serious challenge to us if we fail to grasp Fiji’s opportunities to develop and grow rapidly. God does not want to see such an outcome.

I have always believed that the Flying Fijians who are blessed by God will surely succeed and have great success on the rugby field and in agriculture as well.

Please, believe that this wonderful world will never be lacking in Flying Fijians!

Edited by Naisa Koroi




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