Letters To The Editor, 21st June, 2018

Great move by the Peoples’ Government Tukai Lagonilakeba,    Nadi I wish to thank the Minister for Housing, Urban Development and Squatter Resettlement Parveen Kumar for the completion of another
21 Jun 2018 10:59
Letters To The Editor, 21st June, 2018

Great move by the Peoples’ Government

Tukai Lagonilakeba,    Nadi

I wish to thank the Minister for Housing, Urban Development and Squatter Resettlement Parveen Kumar for the completion of another 420 lots from the mataqali Vunamaoli landowning unit from Saunaka Village, Nadi, in the Matavolivoli Stage 2 Housing Subdivision at Votualevu.

Apart from the above there is the Legalega Housing, Votualevu Housing and Public Rental Board, Malawai Housing, Matavolivoli stage 1 Housing, Malawai Housing, Savunawai Stage 1 and 2 Housing, Ledrusasa Housing, ATS Housing, Valenimasima Settlement, Kartaram Estate, Bayview Heights and the Carerras Subdivision, all these are only five minutes’ drive away from the Nadi International Airport, and they are the most densely populated area in Nadi.

A big vinaka vakalevu (thank you) to these itaukei landowners, the Turaga Ni Mataqali Yavusasivo Ratu Isaia Saukuru, the Turaga ni Mataqali Vunamaoli and the Turaga ni Mataqali Vunaivi – all from Saunaka Village for giving up your land to facilitate the demand for housing as investment increases in Nadi.

I would like to call upon the chief executive officer for Housing Authority of Fiji with the iTaukei Land Trust Board south western manager to please get those empty lots owners in all these subdivisions to clean up their overgrown vacant land parcels which are also household rubbish dumping grounds for those senseless irresponsible Fijians.

Some of these lot owners have never bothered to build homes on their land the past 15 years and these all fall within the Nadi Town Council boundaries, should they not be penalised?

But I am personally informed that they have all breached the terms of their land leases conditions, but who is responsible here?

The Matavolivoli Stage 2 Subdivision is now complete and many applicants will have started getting their 99 years Residential Lease titles after the signing of their Sales and Purchase agreements and I would like to request the authorities concerned to please get these recipients to cut the overgrown grass on their lots.

I have sighted one of the offer letters for the above subdivision recipient and I believe all those that have been given the green light to own their first lot and home have had their $10,000 first homeowner government grant included in their offer letters much to their surprise after the assessment by HA.

For those who earn less than $30,000 annually the grant will have a positive impact on their lives and is God sent, it is a real blessing for them as it will be the first time in their life they are given the opportunity to own a property for their own individual families.

It is a great move indeed by the People’s Government.

Go Fiji Go

Wise Muavono,    Lautoka

It was sad to see that the two Flying Fijians matches in Suva were not at full capacity. It cannot be the ticket prices because the Super Rugby is always at full capacity. So much for patriotism.

So come on westerners, come out in numbers this Saturday and support our Flying Fijians tackle the Ikale Tahi.

I will be there with my white bucket and don’t be shy to ask for a bowl.

Areh, Go Fiji go.

Good Samaritan

Zane Young,    


I read an article in the Fiji Sun (20/06/18) titled “Kindness is always the best policy” and was totally touched by it.

Two years is truly a long time to be separated from a loved one over a disagreement.

To you Mr Api Tuitubou, you were the angel sent on that particular day by the heavenly father to reunite a family that thought they had lost each other!!

God bless you Sir!

Rabuka’s hypocrisy on human rights

Timoci Gaunavinaka,    


Sitiveni Rabuka and SODELPA today claims that the Bainimarama Government is putting too many restrictions on people’s basic rights and instilling fear to the people.

NFP’s Biman Prasad has been recorded by the media for making similar calls too.

Never in the history of our beloved country has restrictions on human rights had been locked so tight compared to the time of Rabuka’s governance and SODELPA and everyone in the opposition knows this very well.

The Opposition are “hood-winking” each other on this issue today knowing that more than 60 per cent of voters in this country are below the age of 35 which means they were not yet born or not yet in school to know what Fiji was like when Rabuka ruled.

After the coups of 1987, Rabuka tried to impress the Great Council of Chiefs (GCC) and the Methodist Church by installing the “Sunday Observance Decree” that forbids almost everything on Sundays.

All organised sports were stopped. No commercial activities.

You cannot go and relax in a bar or eat in a restaurant. Even cinemas were barred from showing movies on Sundays.

Major soccer events like the Battle of the Giants that were usually played on Sundays were banned and have to be rescheduled to weekdays, and so were others minor sports like snooker.

But Rabuka and his group of clergy would still watch the finals (quarters, semis and final) of every Hong Sevens which Fiji is playing in on Sundays.

These restrictions were not imposed just for a few months or a year. They were imposed for a number of years from 1987 to 1995. 

Imagine the impact and the repercussions such a stupid law had on our national economy under Rabuka’s governance?

Individual rights of Fiji citizens were still “hand-cuffed” every Sunday.

During the eight years duration of Rabuka’s Sunday Observance Decree, not a single noise came from Biman Prasad who today pretends to be a champion on human rights.

Well respected iTaukei academic the late Dr. Ropate Qalo in his disappointment questioned the quality of Rabuka’s leadership after these events.

This is the same Rabuka who is today claiming that the Bainimarama Government is putting so many restrictions on the people’s individual rights and freedom.

Help needed in Naitasiri


Taitusi Sokiveta,    

Phoniex, Arizona, US

It is a great blessing for the people of Nasaibitu Village in Nayavu, Tailevu, with their new walkways and drainage systems.

However, is there a possibility for more charities for other low-lying villages in the Wainibuka district with each village providing the labour like Wailotua No. 1 and Wailotua No. 2 villages.

This also includes Malabi, Naveicovatu, Nasautoka, Nasau, Naivicula, Naiqia and Naibulini villages.

During heavy rainfall, all these villages get very muddy walkways and driveways entering their villages.

The only exceptions are Nayavu, Natokalau and Dakuivuna villages because they are located on higher grounds.

If you think that the Hibiscus Festival on a rainy Saturday at Albert Park in Suva is muddy, well Wainibuka is much muddier including Wainimala in Naitasiri and it could last for weeks.

I recall while attending Wailotua District School in 1966 – 1967, when it rains heavily the whole week, the Wailotua River rises 90 feet high and it becomes a very big lake, than the water stays stagnant because the Wainibuka River travels downstream at an unbelievable speed during heavy floods.

It will than take three to four weeks before the lake water subsides then the whole place is left with mud.

The worst part I can clearly recall is the foul smell.

It would last for weeks. You can even smell it at night when you are in bed and in the classrooms.

When farmers uproot their taro tops, the crops are rotten and it is like walking in a newly planted rice field knee-deep.

With concrete walkways and a good drainage system, it will help all the low-lying villages in Wainibuka and other parts of Naitasiri.


Amenatave Yaconisau,    

Delainavesi, Lami

The analysis by Nemani Delaibatiki on the University of Fiji (Fiji Sun 19/6) suggest that our higher learning institutions are not spared from scrutiny.

It’s management should understand the changes expected of them.

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