Letters To The Editor 24th June,2018

Who is next Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori The statements made by Sitiveni Rabuka on Australia’s 60 minutes programme against Chinese loans and aid to Fiji shows the sign of a very
24 Jun 2018 14:14
Letters To The Editor 24th June,2018

Who is next

Timoci Gaunavinaka,


The statements made by Sitiveni Rabuka on Australia’s 60 minutes programme against Chinese loans and aid to Fiji shows the sign of a very desperate man.

It also shows the desperate attempt by the Australian media to falsify facts and insult our intelligence.

Sixty Minutes could have easily got all the facts about Chinese loans and aids to Fiji from our Ministry of Economy in the ethics of fair reporting, but no, they choose to get the opinion of the least qualified person to talk about our economy.

Under Rabuka’s watch, we lost our National Bank and the people of Fiji are still paying for it today.

The $210 million used to bail out NBF was taken from revenue that was supposed to be used to pay Government loans. Those pending loans are still being paid today by tax payers.

Off course China Railway will need to bring its own workers, who are qualified to work on their various projects around the country, to ensure that they are completed within budget and on time.

There is no room for “Fijian Time” in their projects and the previous records set by the Public Works Department (PWD) under various Governments had showed us that.

The bulk of the loans made by the FijiFirst Government today go towards Capital Development like roads and infrastructure.

This attracts investors who have boosted our revenue every year and is the sign of good governance.

Just 10 per cent of the money Government loaned comes from China, but Rabuka builds it up to look as if we took 70 to 80 per cent of our loan from China.

I once asked a friend of mine who works for an Architect Firm that planned the development of a Resort in Nadi on why did the developer bring in labourers from Indonesia instead of using local labourers in Fiji.

He stated that in Fiji, a group of labourers would be hired to do the block laying, another group for the plastering, a separate group to do the carpentry, another to do the plumbing and another group would be hired to do the electrical.

With the Indonesians, the same group does all.

At times, the Indonesian group may suggest some structural changes to the original plan that after being reviewed by the architect and engineers confirm that the proposed changes can save a lot of money, but still produce the same or better results.

This justifies the use of foreign labourers and challenges our engineering institutions to restructure their programmes so they can meet current and future market demands.

The statement by Rabuka on Australian 60 Minutes TV programme clearly proves one thing.

Rabuka and SODELPA have never changed from their racist, narrow minded and out of date ideologies.

First it was the Indo-Fijians, then the Muslims. Now the Chinese. Who is next ?

Rabuka’s Rhetoric

Tukai Lagonilakeba,

Namaka, Nadi

Leading up to our National Election the SODELPA leader Sitiveni Rabuka, who proclaims he will be our country’s PM should they win the 2018 election.

But, he sounds like a lost desperate soul in his many non-factual ranting’s and childish claims relevant to our FijiFirst Government leadership and performance.

The latest being his unwarranted provocative baseless attack on what our government owes those many World Financial institutions including our Chinese debt through the Exim Bank of China.

That is a direct personal attack on a Sovereign country, a Super Power with a Superb Dynamic Economy and a World Authority much bigger than Rambo’s Koro from Cakaudrove.

It is shameful and very sad indeed, the former PM is an independent Fijian loser.

He is a very frustrated old Fijian, who is getting the wrong signals or information from some of his old foes, who are still part of the civil service.

China stood by Sitiveni Rabuka and the then RFMF leadership and ranks during his irresponsible unwarranted 14th May 1987 Coup and the Republic of China have still not abandoned their loyalty to this country.

This bloke is not grateful lost. He owes big time an apology to China and its honest hardworking people because they do not deserve such criticism.

It is normal practice for any sovereign country throughout the world to have an application for loan through those many Internationally renowned rated and well-known International banks. But, only on the condition the country’s economy is robust, sustainable and compliant.

For as long as they can be convinced we are in a position to repay with our PMs leadership respected in the International arena, the Commonwealth and the UN on an all-time high.

Our Fijian economy has never been so better positioned post-Independence with very high Foreign Reserves.

This includes our $100 million Green Bond and collectively with our other major industries that contribute positively and it is still growing contrary to the Rabuka rhetoric together with the former Reserve Bank of Fiji Governor and leader of the lowly rated Unity Fiji Party President and leader Savenaca Narube.

I personally feel that all in a nutshell these unrealistic negative characters and attitude will work against Rabuka because he will run out of steam very soon before election proper starts.

He is so out of line in his nonsense and it is unchristian of him as a Methodist Church elder.

For someone who also preaches the Gospel from the many Pulpits around the country and during his overseas tour, he is unable to establish the facts as a responsible former Prime Minister.

Is this guy serious?

He does not have the required leadership for our modern Fiji, he is gone and I personally feel Sitiveni is struggling to keep up with the pace from the many signs of old age.

There is a time for everything Rambo.

Vinaka Vakalevu to the Minister for Economy Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum for setting the record straight although it is their own Political agendas and right to negatively downgrade the excellent performance of the Fijian People’s Government.

Mouth filter

Dharmendra Kumar,


The power of words places an enormous responsibility on us to guard carefully what we say both to and about others.

Most of us can remember either words of praise that encouraged us to keep going and do better or words of criticism that made us feel hopeless and want to give up—even though those words were spoken many years, even decades ago.

As we reflect on the power words have had in our lives, we should also consider the impact our words will have on those who hear them.

David wrote, “Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer” (Psalm 19:14).

The more care and consideration we give to our words before speaking, the more likely we are to say things that are helpful and uplifting.

We must never forget that God is measuring every word that we utter.

“ Set a watch, O LORD, before my mouth; keep the door of my lip”.

In other wards David was saying put a filter in our mouth before we speak

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