How To Discover Your Inner Motivation

I was recently asked a fascinating question which was “I know what I want but I just can’t seem to take action. What can I do to motivate myself?” I
30 Jun 2018 10:00
How To Discover Your Inner Motivation
Mark Wager

I was recently asked a fascinating question which was “I know what I want but I just can’t seem to take action. What can I do to motivate myself?”

I found this interesting as it reminded me of my earlier years as a coach when I spoke to people who had ambitious dreams but for some reason never ever took any action.

I remember the employee who disliked her work, disliked her boss and dreaded coming to work every day yet never ever applied for any other job.

I remember the wannabe author who dreamt of publishing a book but never ever sat down and wrote a single line.

These people frustrated me for not taking action but that was until I discovered why and then my frustration turned into sympathy.

The truth is that many people fall in love with their dream but only a few fall in love with the journey.

Whatever ambition you may have, whether it’s to find your dream job, to start your own business or to travel the world in order to realise these dreams it requires a significant amount of hard work, planning and precision and maybe even a bit of luck.

In simple terms, it’s a journey, a long and difficult one.

The people who succeed in life are the ones that fall in love with this difficult journey, because when times are difficult it’s this love that carries them through when those around them quit.

It’s easy to fall in love with the end destination because that is where all our desires rest but it’s the journey that we need to embrace, no matter how difficult.

J.K Rowling is the Author behind the Harry Potter series of books, the most successful children’s books of all time with more than 450 million copies sold worldwide, yet at the beginning J.K. Rowling was rejected by 12 publishers and while she was passionate about seeing her creation come to life, she was equally passionate about the writing process.

Writing was her passion, writing notes about the books on any scraps of paper she could find.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the successful movie star and former governor of California, first achieved worldwide fame when he won the Mr Olympia Body building title.

He went on to win it another six times quickly becoming the most famous and successful body builder of all time.

At one time he was in the gym lifting heavy weights, his fellow competitors saw him and expressed surprise that Arnold had a big smile on his face while he was performing this difficult task.

When he was asked why he was smiling, Arnold Schwartzenegger replied that it was because each and every time he lifted weights, it took him closer to his goal.

We all want more in life and the thought of having more is a very enchanting one.

Just the simple process of sharing with people what you want the future to hold for you gives you a warm feeling and a sense of hope but this hope you feel is unfortunately false.

Without action your dream will remain just that, a dream. Every fire begins with a single spark and your dreams spark lies within you waiting to be ignited.

If you truly want to live a better life then you need to stop thinking about the destination and start focusing on the journey.

Ask yourself what are the steps you need to take in order to go from where you are today to where you want to be.

This can be incredibly daunting as the journey will be long and it will be difficult to see how it can be completed so start with the smallest steps possible and aim to find the joy in each step. Just how J.K. Rowling found the joy in writing and Arnold Schwarzenegger found the joy in working out at the gym.

Follow the steps towards your own dream and find your passion in the journey.

If you want a better job but you don’t have the qualifications then find the joy in education.

If you want to start your own business then unless you truly love what you do everyday, you will join the long list of failed businesses.

If you are in a position where you clearly know what you want but you just can’t seem to take action and you are seeking motivation then the reason why you can’t find motivation is because you are looking in the wrong place.

Motivation is never found within “what you want.” The motivation you seek is waiting for you in the steps required to get there.

To be successful follow the examples of other successful people and don’t fall in love with your dream, instead fall in love with the journey.


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