Letters To The Editor 4th July,2018

Neglected Parents Arien Vikash Kumar, Lautoka. No doubt this 2018 -2019 National Budget is totally focused on building stronger families and a stronger Fiji with the special inclusion of Parenthood
04 Jul 2018 11:41
Letters To The Editor 4th July,2018

Neglected Parents

Arien Vikash Kumar, Lautoka.

No doubt this 2018 -2019 National Budget is totally focused on building stronger families and a stronger Fiji with the special inclusion of Parenthood Assistance.

Now the  Government is going to assist parents from the day a child is born, then further assist them for their education right from Pre-school till Tertiary. After so much investment in a child’s upbringing, both from the parents and the Government, the question here is that what is the guarantee that the same child will support his or her parents in their old age?

If one can give any guarantee that no child will not neglect his/her parents in future, then I can also guarantee the closer of Old People’s Homes in our country.

When a husband, wife and child separates then we say it’s a family breakdown, hence the child should be compensated and can claim maintenance on their parents till he/she reaches a certain age.

What do we call it when parents are neglected by their children and end up on the streets or old people’s homes.

Is this separation not a sign of family breakdown?

Why isn’t there any law where neglected parents can also be compensated and can claim maintenance from their children for separating them from their own families and making them homeless.

When a child ends up in some problem, parents are charged for negligence. But when a child neglects his/her parents in their old age, why are they not charged also?

The reason why I am saying this is because I know some parents going through this and just surviving with the hope that things will get better one day.

Many parents won’t end up on the streets or old people’s homes if there is a law enforced where they(parents) can also claim maintenance from their children for being neglected or separated by them.

Some can argue with me saying the elderly are getting Government assistance through Social Welfare. But, what about the love, care, support and the homely feelings for the elderlies? Where will they get this when they are ditched by their own families and loved ones?.

Like the $1000 parenthood assistance, I think some assistance should also be given to the families with low income earners who are somehow supporting their elderly parents or grandparents at home.

This will assist them to continue supporting the elderly and make them feel wanted at home.

SODELPA structure

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

I’m concerned that the centralised party structure of the SODELPA Party consists mainly of local notable people who are supported by their families and the vanua.

The analysis by Nemani Delaibatiki(FS 3/7) reflects branch parties represented by families and vanua provincialism. All aspects of the party seem controlled by a few.

Candidates calibre

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva

Leader of the Opposition, Ro Teimumu Kepa raised the question: How will SODELPA run the next government if they cannot even pay their workers.

Then a provisional candidate from the National Federation Party was taken by Police in an alleged rape and assault case.

It concerns me, to see the calibre of candidates contesting the 2018 elections, the respective political parties must appoint candidates with integrity and good credibility.

Credibility and ability has to be every party’s prerequisite when choosing candidates. Leadership is not about the next elections, it’s about the future generations of Fiji.

For the voters, a responsible choice involves thinking about the consequences of your choice in years to come.

Rural millionaire

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

This is an excellent concept which should be encouraged in all our Maritime Islands and remote rural villages.

All our iTaukei youths must be encouraged by the Government, with some added incentives to assist the kick off by the utilisation their fertile land to maximise on their earning capacity.

This will also curb the urban drift to an extent where they will holistically contribute to our GDP responsibly.

A great story indeed was in the Fiji Sun on Monday July 2, on Page 15, from the Island of Gau at Sawaieke Village.

It is very encouraging and uplifting to see them solesolevaki or collectively toil their land for better productivity and yield.That is the practicable way forward.

Government assistance is very much appreciated and thank you to the Minister for Agriculture Inia Seruiratu and the Commissioner Eastern Division Luke Moroivalu for your unwavering support shown to these maritime island dwellers.

Despite the distance of these islands from our main urban centres, I do personally hope our caring FijiFirst Government can assist these Fijians by providing a ship to go and buy direct from their doorsteps to assist and lessen their burdens, alleviate poverty and make life easier for them.

Organic farming at its best from these islands and the rural areas should be at the forefront of our Government’s development plans for all our rural and island villages throughout Fiji and at the same time this is an excellent positive incentive for all our female and male Fijian prisoners in rehabilitation programmes.

World Cup

A Shariff Shah, Savusavu

Messi and Ronaldo has proven beyond all doubts that “being a hero is the shortest profession a man can have”. To me Maradona will remain as the greatest of all time. Period

Best ever

Floyd Robinson, Toorak

Without a doubt it would be hard to dispute the fact that the 2018 FIFA Soccer World Cup is perhaps the best to date.

The matches are so competitive and exciting leaving some fans on the edge of their seats. The number of scores in each games and the resilience of some teams to fight back demonstrates resilience at a level perhaps not seen before.

Matches have gone down to the wire, being decided through penalty kicks. The upsets continue and the 2018 World Cup is only getting more exciting.

What a heartbreaker it was as the handsome lead by Japan was gradually overcome by their opponents.

In summary, there is no guarantee except playing to the final whistle.

Meanwhile, I would not be surprised if France qualifies to the semifinals at least, but do not count Russia out.

The hosts are revealing themselves as sleeping giants. More surprises are likely to happen in the coming days.

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