Tamanitoakula Soars High In Male Dominated Sector

  Marama Tamanitoakula is a determined woman. After more than one and half decade in service Marama Tamanitoakula, now holds a managerial position in one of the country’s leading international
04 Jul 2018 10:00
Tamanitoakula Soars High In Male Dominated Sector
Marama Tamanitoakula.


Marama Tamanitoakula is a determined woman.

After more than one and half decade in service Marama Tamanitoakula, now holds a managerial position in one of the country’s leading international shipping agency.

Ms Tamanitoakula, 38, of Navukailagi, Gau, in the Lomaiviti group, started as a junior freights imports clerk 16 years ago.

She is now freight manager with Transam Fiji Limited.

Her responsibility is looking after the Customer Services department. This includes assistance with international communication and operational load plans relating to their ships. She oversees the company’s imports and exports documentation including cargoes transhipping via Fiji. With Fiji being the transhipment Hub of the Pacific, her major role is to see that all cargoes are accounted for.

“We also prepare cargo export load lists for our operations – this scope of work is very crucial as it requires our efficiency and skills on paying attention to details,” Ms Tamanitoakula said.

Ms Tamanitoakula did not dream to be in the maritime sector; it was her ego that brought her through to where she is today.

And she has no regrets.

“I love my job and it’s a fabulous career. I am truly in awe of the mentors we have in the industry, their tremendous experience and their willingness to give back to the industry they have built,” she said.

“I believe qualification is not given on a plate, besides we have to work hard for it. Even hours can be long but it’s worth the pain. Show interest in the career you have chosen, do the job well because one day you will be rewarded.

“Some jobs can make you feel like you’re not making a difference in the world but in order to be happy with your career path; you have to have a passion for it. If you don’t have any interest in what you’re doing, you will soon burn out and become trapped on a career path that doesn’t make you happy.

“Make you are physically and spiritually equipped.”

Her role models  include Edward Yuen now general manager of Williams & Gosling Ltd, James Bingwor, well-known staff at Williams & Gosling Limited & now a retiree, Solomoni Dokonivalu  also well-known figure of  Williams & Gosling  now a retiree and Joe Tawake who is still with the company.

Her sources of inspiration are her family and friends, reading other people’s success stories especially in the maritime, staying positive and getting inspired by her colleagues who do creative arts. Apart from these, she loves helping others. She volunteers as a helper – visiting and helping cancer kids from time to time.

She is a member of the Women in Maritime (Fiji) Association (FJ WIMA).

Ms Tamanitoakula started her primary education in Australia and returned to complete her studies at the end of 1988.

“I started working in 2001 as a Front Counter Receptionist at the then Berjaya Inn which is now the Tanoa Plaza in Suva,” she said.

Back in the early days, she looked after cargo manifesting with relevant authorities, assisting with passenger boarding etc.

In January 2002, she started her work career in the shipping industry joining Williams & Gosling Limited as a junior freights imports clerk and in April 2008 was promoted to freights supervisor.

As a manager now at Transam Fiji Limited she oversees the company’s customer services.

Her nomination to do training for Kiribati agency, took her training skills to another level.  This gave her more opportunities to travel.

“I was also requested to further my training knowledge in Auckland (twice) – this was to do with our company’s database “Interport” training. This had me focused with energy and vitality overall,” she said.

Though, she is planning to adapt a more rigorous lifestyle to attain more goals, she says the key is resilient which comes only with time and experience.

“I joined FJWIMA last month (June) getting involved is a bonus to our company seeing that majority are females in the workplace,” she said.

“This is an opportunity to empower other women participate in all sectors; improve their quality of life and their families.

“I want to continue to be part of the increasing involvement of women in the maritime sector,” she said.


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