Letters To The Editor 6th July, 2018

Look North Dr Ram Raju, Nadi I would like to support the points raised by Ram Bajekal, managing director of FMF, on going North to hedge Fiji’s tourism industry as
06 Jul 2018 10:00
Letters To The Editor 6th July, 2018

Look North

Dr Ram Raju, Nadi

I would like to support the points raised by Ram Bajekal, managing director of FMF, on going North to hedge Fiji’s tourism industry as reported in the media lately.

“Hedging” is a new term and I found this quite interesting when he presented this at the recently held Fiji NZ Business Council meeting held at Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva.

Mr Bajekal urged tourism stake holders to study the concept of the island of Ko Samui of Thailand, which is flourishing in tourism despite natural disasters and political unrest in that country.

There’s certainly a lot of merit for us to embrace and follow this fine example, which is not difficult to implement here in Fiji because it sounds very practical and feasible.

An “open sky” policy for the Northern Division will certainly help boost tourism and other productive activities in the North.

For that to materialise though we need an international airport for the division.

This has been mooted in the past and Seaqaqa was studied as a possible area to be looked at.

However, the current Labasa or even Savusavu Airport could be expanded and upgraded to international standards without too much expenditure.     

The North certainly has a lot to offer and the “Friendly North” has the potential to attract not only tourism, but many other developments and opportunities.

Due to lack of opportunities and expiry of land leases many “Labasans” migrated and sadly abandoned their homeland.    

I’m sure many will be tempted to return if we can emulate Ko Samui and an open air policy as Mr Bajekal clearly advocates.

Let’s not just talk North or look North as Mr Bajekal says, but “Go North” and embrace open air or open sky policy.

Chocolate day

Neelz Singh, Lami

Well, here it is guys July the 7th, the one we’ve all been waiting for!

World Chocolate Day, sometimes also referred to as International Chocolate Day.

While many health conscious people stay away from chocolate because of its calorie count, some studies have shown chocolate acts as a stress reducer.

Among the different kinds of chocolates, dark chocolate is reported to be the healthiest.

OBSERVE – Enjoy some of your favourite chocolate today.

HISTORY – Within our research, we were unable to find the origins of World Chocolate Day.

World Chocolate Day is celebrated annually on July 7.  This is a day to indulge in your favourite chocolate, whether it is chocolate milk, hot chocolate, a chocolate candy bar, chocolate cake, brownies or something covered in chocolate.

Pick your favourite one’s today – or hope you might get it as a present.

Wise decisions

Kirti Patel, Lautoka

The politicians are going steadfast on elaborating about their manifestos and campaigning all around.

So many freebies are going on, however people, please make wise decisions.

Don’t get carried away with the free things. I do not appose to the current Government, but all I have got to say is things can change in the span of time.

Getting carried away with all the goodies is just going to influence our decisions in terms of voting, which will be for our country.

We can appreciate the good things we get, but should always realise the consequences of it as to whether it will be good in the long run or not, and how effective things are going to be for us.

For those who are taking advantage of all the free bees or help that the very needy are supposed to be getting should always spare a thought as to how important it is for us.

Do we really need it? Are we doing the right thing? Can this be used elsewhere in the right way and right time?

There are many people still out there whose inner conscience don’t let them take advantage of all goodies that is and should be for the needy people who really are being affected. Some people can be so selfish.

Let’s hope we can strive to make a difference by making some wise decisions and doing the right thing.

Desperate man?

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva

On one hand he describes himself as a changed man and now everything suddenly looks Chinese to him.

Isn’t this a sign of a desperate man?

De facto partners

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

Any kind of  approved leave obligates the employer to support the employee by wages while on leave.

The revelation in this newspaper that entitles de factor partners (Fiji Sun 4/7) to such leave is further liability to employers.

Maybe we should have 7s leave soon.

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