Letters To The Editor 11th July,2018

Opposition jealousy Premila Singh Suva The Opposition’s obsession with the Attorney-General is very unhealthy. I suspect they are a tad jealous that he is able to do a lot more
11 Jul 2018 12:39
Letters To The Editor 11th July,2018

Opposition jealousy

Premila Singh


The Opposition’s obsession with the Attorney-General is very unhealthy. I suspect they are a tad jealous that he is able to do a lot more than all of those in Opposition combined.

They are also jealous that he and Prime Minister Bainimarama are respected and there is a clear cut hierarchy with FijiFirst. Maybe they are jealous that Rabuka and his niece Lynda don’t command the same respect within the SODELPA hierarchy.

Do I smell something burning in SODELPA camp? Smells like jealousy.

World cup

Amenatave Yaconisau,


How would you fancy an England-Belgium World Cup soccer final? But first the French must be beaten and that’s not an easy task. May the best team win.

Nadi rape

Ronnie Chang,


The rape of a 19-year old pastry chef from Martintar, who was taken from JetPoint shopping complex, is despicably deplorable, heartless; shameful and needlessly gut-wrenching.

What has happened to our society?

How much lower do we go?

Words are not adequate enough to truly express my utter personal sadness and anger that this cowardly act happened within the confines close to our places of residence.

Our very own neighbourhoods and public places are rendered less safe because of such dastardly cowardly acts.

Jail sentences alone are no longer adequate enough. They are a sheer waste of hard earned tax-payer dollars.

Human rights issues do not support caning as a potential deterrent. Besides, our Correctional Centres are grossly overcrowded.

The culprits must pay abundantly for their gutless acts of immeasurable shame and cowardice.

How will our lawmakers and law enforcers feel if their own fell victim?

Suggestion only: “Re-instate caning, forthwith.”

It is often said:  Justice delayed is justice denied.

Honourable PM and A-G

Dharmendra Kumar


I’m glad that Mr Karavaki finally called our Prime Minister and the Attorney-General as honourable men during the 2018 Budget debate.

The people of Fiji also know that, but I am glad it came out of a preacher’s mouth.

Mr Karavaki quoted: “For of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh” implying that the Prime Minister keeps his promise.

I also hope Mr Karavaki calling them honourable men is genuine and it’s coming out of his heart.

As for the Wainibia Wharf in Lakeba, Lau, the honorable man will certainly keep his promise because Mr Bainimarama is a Prime Minister for all Fijians, unlike previous Prime Ministers.

Knowing our PM he will deliver if he has promised, whether you call him an honourable man or not.


Tukai Lagonilakeba

Namaka, Nadi

Listening to the National Budget day one of debate, it is interesting to note how many times the SODELPA name is continuously repeated from the Opposition bench. When it is their turn, they hypothetically mention how they would govern and do a much better job than what the FijiFirst Government is currently engaged in.

Opposition MP Semesa Karavaki is never ashamed and irritating in his application of the Lord’s name. He consistently picks certain Biblical phrases to justify his own magniloquence.

I can vividly remember mid last year when he brought into the august house a motion of No Confidence against our PM Voreqe Bainimarama. However, at the same time, quoting from all chapters of the Christian Bible, to justify why on behalf of the Opposition leader Ro Teimumu Kepa in his personal conviction, that it is time for a change in God’s name.

He is on record where he pleaded to the extent and tried to convince the Government members that the Opposition would require their assistance to unseat the ever popular FijiFirst Government Prime Minister as it is God’s time. But the motion was defeated and thrown out just as fast and furious as it was allowed to be tabled.

MP Karavaki lambasted and castigated Government for not being able to fulfil some of its past promises from the last budget. It is uncalled for, unwarranted, childish and irresponsible from a Church Pastor like him.

All Opposition MPs must understand that from the natural disasters like flooding and cyclones, the country goes through every year, including the resettlement of coastal villagers inland due to rise in sea level, (although there is already an estimated budget to accommodate the damages incurred) our Government will have to prioritise the quick recovery. This is done by drawing more from other Government departments budgets without relying on aids and donations from all our offshore development partners.

Our National Election date will be announced at the end of our Budget debate this Friday and that is the Forum where God’s Will be Done as it is in Heaven.

Just as the majority of Fijians prayed to the Great Lord in the 2014 General Election to grant them a leader appropriate to lead them, so will the Lord again deliver to the wishes of the majority of Fijians again.

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