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Letters To The Editor 13th July, 2018

Letters To The Editor 13th July, 2018
July 13
10:49 2018

A fundamental Budget

Sailesh Singh

Cunningham Rd, Suva

I don’t agree with Professor Naidu that the 2018-2019 National Budget fails to provide support to those living below the poverty line.

But I agree that the amount allocated to the security forces is a bit over the top.

Naidu frets about national debt, quality of policies and programmes, overseas and local contractors, etc, – but his analysis and concerns are misplaced.

First, let’s cut the chit-chat and agree that Naidu’s viewpoint is clearly in line with those of the opposition.

Secondly, Naidu fails to analyse an important and fundamental aspect of the budget i.e. equipping those below the poverty level.

Arming citizens with tools to succeed is what makes the current Bainimarama government stand out.

Sure, I worry about the policies and programmes that provide equal direct welfare schemes to the Fijian community, but let’s also worry that no previous Fijian government ever did that.

Let’s worry about those who spend only a handful of quality time with their family and the rest of the day working for employers without any real benefits.

Let’s worry about those that are willing to do anything to stop progress.

Lastly, income inequality continues to grow and this budget makes an effort to pull people out of poverty.

There have been experiments to help people pull out of poverty by various organisations or governments in Finland, Italy, Uganda, Cambodia, India and now United States.

I say let’s sing praises because unless someone makes an effort we won’t know if it worked.

Be an encourager

Dharmendra Kumar


All around us there are people hurting. Sometimes that pain is noticeable, but often it is concealed beneath what seems to us to be bitterness, anger or a harsh spirit.

While we are responsible to respond correctly to the hardships of life, it is not unusual for even the best to struggle with pain and sorrow.

It is important for us to look beyond the surface to see what is causing other’s problems.

While some people are unkind and unpleasant, many times it is a result of a deep level of pain that does not know how to find expression any other way.

It is never wrong to be a kind encouragement to those around you. They may need it far more than you know. Be an encourager because the world has enough critics.

Supporting climate action

Spencer Robinson


A leaflet that I recently read re-enforced the importance of supporting “climate action” initiatives especially in the Pacific region.

This medium of awareness was titled “Climate Change Facts” and presented the following:

These are facts and are not in dispute.

1. The earth is warming.

2. Climate has always changed – but never this rapidly in human history.

3. Today’s warming is mainly due to emissions from fossil fuels.

4. Sea levels are rising.

5. The Arctic is melting.

6. The oceans are becoming more acidic.

7. Weather events are becoming more intense and frequent.

8. Small changes in temperature have immense consequences.

9. Climate change will impact people in many ways.

The above listings cannot be over-emphasised and thus requires effective teamwork as a nation and the Pacific as a whole to support and appreciate the various ‘climate action’ programmes.

Labasa – Savusavu Road

Shariff Shah


I must thank the FRA in keeping our roads intact and in shape.

It’s really a challenge when weather is not on their side.

People must learn to have patience. People must learn to be appreciative.


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