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The Vanua Trust of Laucala Receives its First Allotment of Giant Clams

The Vanua Trust of Laucala Receives its First Allotment of Giant Clams
Representatives from Ministry of Fisheries, Matagi Island, Civa (Fiji) Pearls Limited and the Vanua Trust of Laucala holding a baby giant clam on Matagi Island on July 12, 2018
July 18
11:00 2018

The partnership between Civa (Fiji) Pearls Limited and the Douglas Fam­ily of Matagi Island is happy to an­nounce that they have given their first al­lotment of giant clams from their hatchery to the Vanua Trust of Laucala.

A project that started in 2016 is now pro­ducing around 25,000 giant clams juveniles every three months destined for the export market.

The hatchery is producing four species of clams (Tridacna Maxima, Tridacna Noae, Tridacna Squamosa and Tridacna Derasa).

A portion of the production is destined to reef rehabilitation projects and for the de­velopment of the resource through the tra­ditional fishing rights owners.

The hatchery is situated in Qamea Island and the coastal communities of Qamea and Naqelelevu will benefit from this long-term project by receiving yearly allotments of clams for their development.

Last week the Vanua Trust of Laucala re­ceived its first allotment during a ceremony hosted on Matagi Island in the Northern Division.

Present was representatives from the Va­nua, the Vanua Trust of Laucala, Ministry of Fisheries officers, Roko Tui Cakaudrove, the Douglas family and Civa (Fiji) Pearls Limited owner Claude Michel Prevost.

Vanua Trust of Laucala chairman Jone Fifita Rakesa said he saw the trials of the start-up three years ago.

“Now we see the success and we can see the baby clams,” Mr Rakesa said.

“We are very excited by the potential it of­fers to our people.

“Partnering with private companies who want to develop the resource in a sustain­able manner with us is the way forward.

“They have a good knowledge that they are willing to share for the long-term benefit of all.

“We are the custodian of this resource and we must, for the sake of our children, de­velop it while protecting it.

“Aquaculture is a solution where we not only take from the sea, aquaculture is a so­lution where we plant, develop and harvest in a sustainable manner,”

Civa (Fiji) Pearls Ltd owner Claude Michel Prevost said they are happy to follow up on their promises to deliver to the local coastal communities their share of this commodity.

“We are happy to see this happening. We think that it is important for companies who benefit from the development of this resource to include the traditional custodi­ans in the development of this resource.

“The development of aquaculture is in its infancy with few players. The Ministry of Fisheries is sending signals that it wants to develop aquaculture and this is great news.

“We need more investors, capital funding, training and a legal framework to protect the farmers of the sea.

“A lot of work needs to be done but the good news is that every actor now recognis­es the challenges and the huge potential in aquaculture for Fiji.”

The Vanua Trust of Laucala is the legal body representing the three Yavusa, namely Nasovu, Qaraniya’u and Naqelelevu.

Representatives of each Yavusa make up the Vanua Trust of Laucala.

One role is to work with an investor that wants to use our qoliqoli and other develop­ment purposes.

It oversees one of the biggest Qoliqoli ar­eas in Fiji. Markets targeted for these com­modities are the aquarium trade, reef reha­bilitation market, high-end foodies market, decoration shell market both for export and inshore markets.


Civa (Fiji) Pearls Limited was founded in 2006 by two Canadian expats Claude Michel Prevost and Danielle Belanger.

Lured by the extraordinary colours al­ready in production in Fiji, Claude and Danielle began their own pearl production in 2007 with a subsequent first harvest in 2010.

Most of this production is currently ex­ported to Europe, with a small amount retained and available from partnering re­sorts here in Fiji.

The pearl farm is situated on the wind­ward side of Taveuni.

Spread over 55 hectares in the pristine environment of Wailoa Lagoon, the farm enjoys a constant flow of pure water to pro­duce these gems of the sea.

Edited by Mohammed Zulfikar


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