Letters To The Editor 21st July,2018

Bring It Home Dan Kumar, Auckland The Fiji sevens squad has been selected for this month’s Rugby World Cup Sevens (RWCS). Fiji coach Gareth Baber has named a side which
21 Jul 2018 12:04
Letters To The Editor 21st July,2018

Bring It Home

Dan Kumar, Auckland

The Fiji sevens squad has been selected for this month’s Rugby World Cup Sevens (RWCS).

Fiji coach Gareth Baber has named a side which includes six of our gold medallists from the Olympic Games in 2016.

Many would debate that this is one of the best sevens teams selected for the RWCS.

I believe it’s way too early to even start comparing them with successful teams of the past.

After all, they have yet to accomplish anything together. Only time will decide if they can achieve what the great Fiji sevens teams achieved in 1997 and 2005.

The most notably omission was Eroni “The Sledgehammer” Sau.

It was a shocking decision that left many who follow and play the beautiful game speechless.

He was just awarded the rookie of the year by World Rugby in this year’s series.

According to the Mr Baber, Eroni Sau was not in top form recently.

His stats and performance paint a different picture altogether. According to the World Rugby Sevens series website, his stats were 185 total points (11th overall), 37 tries (4th overall), 138 tackles made (3rd overall), 56 clean breaks (3rd overall) and 58 matches (5th overall). Sau could have easily made the starting lineup for other national teams.

I hope this decision was not a personal one by our coach from Wales.

We have a bus, semi-trailer, beast and an octopus in the team.

Why not add a sledgehammer?

I believe we are missing an important tool in the shed. Hopefully, it doesn’t cost Fiji a World Rugby Sevens title.

If so, those responsible should not only face the axe, but also the sledgehammer from Fiji Rugby Union.

After all, losing the World Rugby Sevens Series title, Commonwealth Gold and World Rugby World Cup Sevens title in the same rugby calendar year is not good enough for a team such as Fiji!Bring it home. Go Fiji go!

Road To Gold

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

As we count down to the Rugby 7s World Cup, I believe all Fiji 7s fans will be praying for Fiji to add the World Cup 7s gold medal to its first Olympic Games 7s gold!

Preparation for the Olympic Games gold medal had our Olympians sweating it out at the Sigatoka sand dunes, but not our current 2018 World Cup 7s team.

Our boys play their first game on Saturday at 3.53pm against the winner of the game between Japan and Uruguay and judging from Japan’s Olympic Games 7s performance, I believe Japan will meet Fiji.

The Fiji 7s team normally starts slow and Japan has an advantage having played a game, but we know that our boys will be on fire to defeat Japan.

The win will qualify them to play in the quarter final at 10.54am on Sunday against either Argentina or Canada.

Should we win, then the semi-final at 8.02am on Monday will be against either Australia or France.

If our Fiji 7s team makes it past the semi-final, they will most probably play one of the big guns who have remained standing, either South Africa, New Zealand, England or the host USA at 12.49pm on Monday.

Let us continue to give God the glory, whether our boys win the World Cup 7s gold or not and remain united as a nation.

Let us continue to pray for His will to be done in the coming General Election for a Government that will continue to move Fiji forward to greater heights.

Go Fiji go!

Local soccer

Sukha Singh, Labasa

After a whole month of World Cup soccer I think I’ll not be watching anymore local soccer for a few years. But Raymond Stodart’s soccer commentary is much better than the commentators at the World Cup.

Careless Talk

Dharmendra Kumar,  Suva

I read a story about an elderly man whose hearing had declined over the years to where he could hardly understand what those around him were saying. Finally he went to the doctor and got a hearing aid.

When he went back after a month for a checkup, the doctor asked how his family members liked being able to be heard when they spoke to him.“I didn’t tell them about the hearing aid,” the man replied. “I just sit there and listen. So far I’ve changed my will three times!”

God tells us in His Word that our speech should be wisely balanced with grace and salt coming from our tongues.There are times to correct and times to praise and times to instruct.

There are no times when it is right to gossip, to murmur or to be critical with a harsh spirit. Many times we speak carelessly and thoughtlessly, not taking time to consider the impact of words we use on those who hear them.

We need to choose our words with great care because they have power in it. It can impact peoples’ lives in a positive or negative way.

Ratu Dovi Road Nadera

Satish Nakched, Suva

Through the announcement of the new Budget it was noted that there was an increase in the expenditure.

A good portion of that will go towards easing congestion and increasing the capacity of the road system.

The roads have been massively expanded and upgraded to provide new levels of access and far greater mobility to the general public. (Infrastructure Service Sector 2018-19 Budget Kit).

I believe that it is an opportune time now to complete the Ratu Dovi Road from the Reba Circle junction up to the Laqere end.

This project came to a halt some time back without any explanation as the widening and creating double lanes would eliminate traffic congestion and we all believe that was the original intention.

At that time the taxi bases were asked to move inwards to make way for the development.

The lamposts were marked and identified for shifting which did not eventuate.

Every morning due to the bottle-neck at Nadera the vehicle queues can be kilometres long and also in the afternoon and the time wasted can be enormous.

This creates many negative effects such as stress and is a non-productive activity for most people that may have an impact in the regional economic health.

The stopping and starting in traffic jams burns fuel at a higher rate than the smooth rate of travel on the open road.

This increase in fuel consumption costs commuters additional money for fuel and contributes to the amount of emissions released by the vehicles and negatively affects the health of the people.

This heavily used single lane portion must be completed in this budget and I believe that it will delight the motorist and improve the traffic flow.

We would welcome a response from the Fiji Road Authority.

Parent’s Nightmare

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

The recent discovery of cocaine in Fiji and high amount of marijuana collected through raids by our Police Force recently in the north worth at least $4 million is reason for concern.

Imagine cocaine reaching our young children and those in the early teens.

Whatever way one may describe this growing concern, it is every parent’s nightmare.

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