Letters to the Editor, 31st July, 2018

Hindu – Muslim Vijay Madhavan, Suva   The Hindu – Muslim issue is not new to NFP. Remember when Mr S M Koya led the NFP to victory in an
31 Jul 2018 12:07
Letters to the Editor, 31st July, 2018

Hindu – Muslim

Vijay Madhavan, Suva


The Hindu – Muslim issue is not new to NFP.

Remember when Mr S M Koya led the NFP to victory in an election, but was denied the Prime Minister’s position because his own party did not give him the chance? I believe Mr K C Ramrakha and Mrs Irene Jai Narayan put  paid to that. (Hindus – Muslims).

NFP than spilt into two factions.The  FLOWER (Hindu) led by KC Ramrakha  and DOVE (Muslim) led by Mr S M Koya.

The DOVE Faction put up Senator Jai Ram Reddy against Mr S M Koya in the Lautoka constituency.

I believe Mr Reddy was promised the leadership of NFP if he defeated Mr Koya.

He was not expected to win, but when he did, I believe, he demanded to be the leader of NFP.

And I recall, in one election, when I was helping in the NFP shed, at the Suva Grammar School polling station, Mrs Narayan came to the shed and made a statement that shocked all the helpers in the shed.

Her statement was “No Muslims are going through my shed in Toorak”.

Some things never change.



Yaqona over alcohol

Taitusi Sokiveta, Phoenix, Arizona


I believe that the consumption of yaqona does not cause stroke.

The American Chemist changes the liquid form of yaqona into solid and it becomes pills called Kava Kava.

If you have high blood pressure and you always having stress or anxiety attacks often elevating your blood pressure The American Doctors will write up a prescription.

You take it to your local pharmacist or herbal medicine store and pick up the Kava Kava pills.

I have seen it in operation with people with high blood pressure and anxiety and who have taken the Kava Kava pills to calm them down.

Yaqona consumption on a large scale will require you to exercise a lot the next day. This can be in the form of perhaps walking three to five miles or going to your farm and sweating it out.  You need some form of physical activity to let the yaqona out of your pores.

The only thing is double and a change of body odour when you start sweating. That’ the only problem with too much consumption.

Now alcohol is a different story. Too much alcohol causes cirrhosis of the liver colon, stomach and esophagus cancer.

Alcohol also damages your urinary tract, stomach. Bleeding that can cut open your stomach resulting in sudden death.

Alcohol is the main cause of road fatality here in the United States.

People who consume alcohol a lot and they stop become what they call a Dry Drunk Syndrome.

They go crazy with a flare up of bad temper. Anger sometimes accompanied with violence and families receive the brunt of this behaviour because they are the closest to being alcoholic.

But yaqona does not harden your arteries. Yaqona is a safe exercise but continue physical activity and if you are 67 like me, do walk a lot.


Art of fabrication

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva


A lie is no good unless people believe it.

Anybody can tell a lie that is obviously a lie, but the real art of telling a lie is to make it believable.

Lying comes in many forms. Some people exaggerate or stretch the truth to make something look more attractive.

Others “spin the truth” by presenting “selected” facts that support their position. Withholding key facts is also lying.

The art of fabrication is gifted to a select few. Big or small, lies are lies.

In the next few months these gifted people will come out of their caves and it’s easy to identify them.

Every person on the planet has probably lied at some stage, but these are a special breed of people.


Traffic congestion

Norman Yee, Nadi


Talk of NZ sharing the 7s series reminded me of the usual traffic congestion into Nadi Town where, recently a writer expressed concern about the traffic congestion at the Temple end of Nadi Town.

However, the Denarau end is just as bad or worse. Even by midday on some days when I travel to town via Martintar the jam started from near the Orphanage into town.

I wonder what’s it like during the mornings and afternoons.

One evening a 10-minute ride took me about half an hour to reach town.

If we get to win to host the HSBC 7s at Nadi, I shudder at the thought of the huge traffic jam that will no doubt occur.

Any thoughts by our city fathers on resolving this matter?

Perhaps, another access and bridge  to link up with Prince Charles Park would  be a big help.

Something needs to be done anyway.



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