Letters To The Editor 4th July,2018

Thank you Fiji Sun Amrit Singh, Nausori It has always been an honour to contribute to the Letters to the Editor column on a daily basis. I try to make
04 Aug 2018 11:24
Letters To The Editor 4th July,2018

Thank you Fiji Sun

Amrit Singh, Nausori

It has always been an honour to contribute to the Letters to the Editor column on a daily basis.

I try to make an effort daily to do this
because it has become a part of my life and it enhances my English writing skills.

But for some reason Fiji Sun publishes my letters and the Fiji Times doesn’t.

It is an act of bias from the Fiji Times.

I have sent many letters to the Fiji Times
letters column, but they hardly get

Thank you Fiji Sun for always publishing my letters on a daily basis and being fair to young and keen writers like me.

In my opinion, the Fiji Times only favours letters from its old ”via tree”.

Opposition get message

Anil Prasad , Suva

I really like the way the Attorney-General handled the personal attacks made on him by the political party reps at the public budget information sessions.

He dealt with it professionally, focused on the subject matter and had a sense of humour.

For me this indicates that he is comfortable with himself, does not carry any malice, is humble and knows his material extremely well in a highly intelligent manner.

My advice to the opposition parties who are sending in their troops, please don’t do so because you are getting demolished and it’s embarrassing.

Why don’t you rather than attacking the A-G and PM just talk about your policies and what you can do for Fiji and all Fijians.

Q and As for political party

Julius Kamali, Samabula

To give voters a better understanding from potential party leaders over the next four years we need to clarify the following, some of which are contentious.

Will the name Fijians be reverted? Will scholarships no longer be equally distributed? Will landowning money be reverted to chiefs, Will GCC be reverted?

Will qoliqoli rights be introduced? Will George Speight and Shane Stevens be pardoned, so they can live their reformed lives?

How will the huge shortage of yaqona farming be addressed? Will marijuana be legalised with necessary legislative controls, so we can start exporting to complement the ailing sugar industry?

How will the Suva-Nausori corridor traffic problem be addressed in the next five years with record number of new car registrations on a daily basis?

I think the issue of minimum wages, while very important, is only the tip of the iceberg. If political parties can clarify their views on these issues, voters will have a better understanding before they vote.

SODELPA youth shamed

ET Smith , Davuilevu

I was at Rishikul College last night. Someone from the crowd asked Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum about SODELPA and National Federation Party’s minimum wage rate issue.

He politely said he was not there to campaign but to talk about the budget. However, he was kind enough to answer what was asked of him.

Next minute, what happens? I see the SODELPA youth team rock up.

They came after Mr Sayed-Khaiyum gave his presentation, armed with professional cameras, the works.

That was pre-planned and really a sad display of how the Party is operating.

They should not have politicised the budget roadshow, no one else did, they did.

They politicised it and personalised it. They should hang their heads in shame.

Stalking the AG

Senaca Nabutu , Davuilevu

If SODELPA youngsters have burning questions to ask the Minister for Economy, can they do it in their own time?

Stalking the Minister and asking same question at different places makes them look silly.

World Rugby Report

Abendra Ram Tahal, California, USA

I would like to thank the Fiji Rugby Union (FRU) for promising to review and release a full report regarding the Fiji 7s’ loss in the World Cup Sevens in San Francisco, USA, a couple of weeks back.

Having said that I hope the total review process would be carried out by an independent panel with no ties to FRU.

This would give a very transparent and true cause for the poor performance.

There is no other way to bring peace and closure to the diehard fans.

The performance at the World Cup by the Fiji team really brought down the morale and standard to a new low and left the fans heart broken.

The inputs into the production process are reflected by the performance of the team players, which depend on such factors as inherent ability and talent, physical characteristics, form, experience and fitness.

The Fiji team seemed to have lost the game momentum in the first three minutes with New Zealand’s aggressive speed offence.  The team morale, co-ordination and enthusiasm were lost and players looked frustrated and tired.

It seemed the coach had very poor training sessions. The tackle, offence and
defence were very poorly displayed.

The coach should have reviewed and reset the game play in the second half to New Zealand’s surprise.

The coach’s contract is to be very thoroughly reviewed as this is a very crucial turning point for FRU.   

Fiji has great players, potentials and high hopes for great success in the future history’s records.

We just want answers

Sharda Singh, Nasinu

I was excited to take part in the 2018-2019 national budget awareness session which was held a stone’s throw away from my house near Rishikul College.

I went in early, took my seat and had all my questions jotted down as the Minister continued with his presentation.

I did not get a chance to seek clarification because some guy who had been at USP a day before decided he should get another go at asking his question.

I later went up to the Economy staff and they and Mr A-G were good enough to give me the clarification I needed.

Long story short, I now know they are affiliated with a political party but this stunt they pulled deprived people like us who wanted to ask genuine questions. Don’t do this.

It falls flat on your face and is irritating to people like us who just want their questions answered without any political bias.

Showing their type

Parmesh Prasad, Nausori

Did the SODELPA team travel down to ask the same question they had asked at an earlier session?

Putting up a show for a new audience?

Toilet facilities

Dorsami Naidu , Nadi

Nadi is the Jetset tourist town soon to be City  and gateway to Fiji, but it seems that the people running the affairs of the Council have no notion of how to make the town cleaner and safer.

Can we start with our toilets, which seem to be the filthiest in the country? No wonder I see people using the backstreets to  defalcate and relieve themselves in the backstreets.

Charging people 20 cents for the use of the facilities is a silly idea because it probably costs more to pay the attendant more than the money earned.

It would probably work out cheaper to make it free or charge an economical sum though I am in favour of the former.

Also why keep the town open overnight if you are making these facilities inaccessible to people at night.

If it is felt that people are abusing the facilities than education would be the answer.

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj

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